This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (2023)

I LOVE the military boots trend for women. It's comfortable, it's cute, it's casual. It's a great shoe for mom.

In fact, since I got my combat boots, I've been wearing them almost every day of the week! Yep, they are that good, that comfortable, and that easy to style.

If you're still not into combat boots, let this post convince you. For all the above reasons. And because they are rude. Go ahead and remove those Doc Martens if you still have them!

Here, I'm sharing exactly how to wear combat boots in 2022. Yep, you can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with dresses... heck, you can even pair combat boots with skirts. That's how.

More than one video person? Check out my YouTube video below.

Boots look with jeans

No need to over complicate this look, you can wear combat boots with jeans.

This look is bold whether you opt for a high-waisted cropped flare or ajeans capri retos.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (1)

I paired mine with a basic jumpsuit and it's an easy everyday look. No fuss, no fuss!

Another cute way to wear combat boots with jeans is to tuck them in. Tip: This is a great way to work with the jeans you already have!

PRO TIP: Ideally, you'll want a little gap between the jeans and the boot. I would give you this same style advice if you were wearinganya littleankle boots with jeans. So take stock of your jeans and their lengths and go from there.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (2)

Do you tuck jeans into combat boots?

If you want to wear combat boots with skinny jeans and they don't cut, tuck them in. Ideally though, they aren't LONG skinny jeans where you end up with a bunched-up look.

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This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (3)

It really doesn't matter which cut of jeans you choose - combat boots look great paired with skinny, flare, straight, cuffed, basically anything!

If they are a little too long, tuck them in. If they are definitely too long, try a different pair of jeans.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (5)

Another trick you can try is folding your jeans. This way, you show off your ankle a bit and don't have to worry about the length of the jeans.

How to wear combat boots with dresses

If you're not sure what to wear with combat boots, try on a dress!

I LOVE combat boots worn with dresses. It's unexpected, bold and an easy look!

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (6)

try it with afrilly dress like this;the flirty feel of the dress is a nice contrast to the dirty boots. As this dress is a sweater-like material, it is a casual and relaxed look.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (7)

I also made combat boots out of everyday dresses. And this is also an easy way to transition into spring and summer fashion. Just pair your combat boots with short fall dresses - no tights or jackets - and you're good to go. More on that below!

Long dresses are made for cute boots

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (8)

If you have a long maxi dress with a cute big slit, try it with your army boots! It's fun, sexy, unexpected, and another one of my favorite ways to see it worn.

That's it floral amazon dress It's a super easy way to achieve this look (I have it in 2 colors!).

It's a bestseller and you can opt for a colorful fall print for fall/winter or pair this dress with white combat boots for spring/summer.

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This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (9)

Lexi deglow inc. wear yours in the winter with a stylish winter coat. He is fashionable and can chase after his beautiful little girl!

How to wear combat boots with a skirt

Skirt suits. Yes, you can even make these shoes out of your skirts! I think it's a cool girl look.

They look great with leather skirts, pencil skirts, and even midi skirts.

Try it with a black skirt and black tights; This is a fun way to wear combat boots from day to night.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (10)

I even matched my combat boots tothis leopard print skirt set; Again, it's a good play on textures, as we have a flirty, ruffled satin skirt paired with a grunge boot. But it works!

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (11)

I wouldn't wear combat boots with a full skirt; that's a little formal, fitting, and cute for a chunky shoe like this.

The Obvious: Legging Combat Boot Sets

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (12)

Probably one of the most obvious ways to style combat boots is with leggings.faux leather leggings, (hello, Spanx!) will be one of the best and easiest ways to use them. And you know I like easy outfit ideas around here.

Suggestion:If you go for the Spanx and are under 5'4", order a size small. Mine are NOT small and there is A LOT of bunching when I try to wear them with boots.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (13)

But let's get back to those legging sets. from Jessicaone day indigogoes well with faux fur + something really cutedoctor martens. And see? No agglomeration!

The combination of boots and leggings looks great with basically everything: tunics, sweaters, jackets, various layers. Pretty much whatever you want.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (14)

Don't complicate it. Combat boots and leggings are a natural choice. Wear a basic tank top and your favoritecadatillaand you're good to go.

But can you wear combat boots in spring/summer?

Because yes, yes you can! I mean, you wear looks with skirts and dresses, right? So yes, you can definitely wear them in the summer.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (15)

This set of shorts and boots fromTop knots and pearlsIt looks modern and elegant. Remember when I said all black never fails? That's what I mean!

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (16)

these bootsThey look great with shorts and high-waisted skirts. Think dirty and worn looks, they are super cute! And you can do it with your favorite band's t-shirt if you're into that kind of thing.

Not my personal cup of tea; You'll probably see me in combat overalls and boots, as I'm not one for graphic tees. BUT, I'll admit it's a cute look for a 20-something.

Speaking of 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings, and 50-somethings... YES, you can wear combat boots if you're in your 40s or 50s. They are SHOES and surely you remember how popular they were in the 90s.

I absolutely LOVED my Doc Martens which, yes, are back in style with every other combat boot. So have fun with this trend, I find it cute and fun for all age groups.

You might want to consider somewhite combat bootsif your spring and summer wardrobe is a little more pastel.

Show me the boots!

Unfortunately my exact boots are out of stock. BUT, I've rounded up a few good ones to try.

If you're not sure if this shoe trend is for you, you might want to dip your toe into a pair that doesn't have a huge, chunky sole.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (17)

This waterproof combat boot doesn't have huge soles and comes in 3 color options!

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (18)

Do you feel something classic? As I mentioned,doctor martensThey're back, and they're still so cute! They are comfortable, great quality and come in many colors as well.

This is how to wear combat boots in 2023 (19)

Another way to try this trend is to go the budget route and see if you like it;these amazon bootsthey are under $40! Also, they come in black and brown.

Even more style tips

  • For a more relaxed look, don't button them all the way up. I leave mine slightly undone.
  • Try a pair of tights when wearing your combat boots with break-in leggings.
  • An all black look always looks classy
  • Keep it interesting by mixing textures; try patent leather combat boots or leather boots with tons of texture in your outfit

Alright, tell me, what do you think of the combat boot trend? Let me know your favorite way to use them in the comments below!

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