The Complete Guide to Shorts for Short Women (2023)

ShortsThey're very trendy, but they're not the easiest style if you're short like me (I'm 5ft 2in tall) or have short legs. The reason is that the inseam length of pants or jeans plays a big role in the length of our legs.

Normally, our legs only look as long as the inseam of the pants we wear. That means anything cropped short is likely to make your legs look shorter (trust me, I learned that firsthand!). That being said, you CAN still wear ankle-length pants even if you're petite. Here are my top tips on how to look good in shorts even if you're short.

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The Alignment

It's no secret that cropped pants can shorten the body, which isn't ideal if you're already short.

For this reason it is better to choose shorts with a slim fit.

Going for a fitted style gives the legs a tapered look, adding a few inches to the body.

However, you should avoid wide legs and baggy shorts.

Unfortunately, wide leg shorts are a double negative for petite women.

In other words, wide + short = legs that look wider and shorter.

best Style

Hehe Size

One of the essential keys to not looking shorter with cropped pants? Only wear high-waisted options. High-waisted shorts can actually be incredibly flattering on petite women.

By going for a higher waist, you visually lift your legs and make them appear much longer than they really are, providing extra length to counteract the cropped leg. In addition, high-waisted options will accentuate the narrower area of ​​your waist, making you look longer and slimmer.

flache Front

When choosing shorts for your wardrobe, pay close attention to these details and try to favor pants that are flat in the front. This keeps the legs from clipping around the hips and instead makes it one long, clean line down the length of the leg.

Avoid bulky bags

Bulky pockets and lots of "extras" in the hip area usually add, well... bulk to that area of ​​the body. The problem with this, especially with cropped pants if you're petite, is that adding volume over a cropped length won't do your figure any favors.

Instead, it tends to make the body look shorter and bulkier overall.

best length

Cropped pants are not all the same, which means they can vary in length. As you probably know, the length of a garment is an important factor to consider when you're short - shorts are no different.

ankle height

The best length for shorts is the thinnest part of the leg.

For example, let's say you have a pair of pants that are cropped around the ankle and lower calf region.

It can be difficult to find shorts on the shelf that are the perfect length for your body; Of course, this is nothing new for Petites. Don't hesitate to make custom made shorts!

This is such an important styling tip that it can make a world of difference in how flattering your shorts look. If you're unsure of the right length for your body, play around with it. Try pinning the pants at different lengths to see exactly where they need to sit for the most flattering look.

Avoid calf length

Stay away from a length that rests at the widest part of this leg area as it will widen and shorten the appearance of the legs. Instead, the pants should sit just above or below the widest part.

Avoid wide-leg shorts

Cropped wide-leg pants are very popular these days, but when you're short, they're not your best friend. Baggy pants alone can be quite a challenge for short women as they have a lot of volume and form a horizontal line at the ankle.

Therefore, the combination of cropped length and wide leg is likely to make any woman's legs look cut. If you're tall you might not mind, but if you're shorter than me, avoid wide-leg shorts.

best colors

Skin color

Nude pants are one of the best pants for petite women no matter the length. The reason for this is that the color of the pants can blend with the color of your skin, making it difficult for the eye to see where your legs end.

So if you wear nude shorts, these will balance out the "cut" effect of the ankle length of the pants! I love nude colors especially in spring and summer because they are so versatile and they go with literally everything in my closet. But of course you can also wear them at other times of the year, as they make your legs look less cut even with short pants.


Shorts come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and even patterns.

However, if you are short, it is best to stick to solid color options and avoid shorts with large patterns.

While patterned pants can be a lot of fun, they can also overwhelm a petite frame, which isn't a great combination if the pants are already cropped. Solid color pants keep it simple and flattering for a low body.

Above,the JordanThe shorts look amazing in this solid orange colourway.

how to comb

fitted tops

The tops you wear with shorts play as much of a role in how flattering the shorts are as the pants themselves.

Dressing a petite body is all about proportion and finding strategic ways to elongate the body.

Because cropped pants can naturally shorten the body, it's important that the tops you wear compensate for this. Rule of thumb #1 is to wear tops that are tight to the body and avoid tops that are too loose and shapeless.

While this is a good general rule of thumb for a petite woman, it's even more important when styling shorts.

Body-hugging tops ensure your shape and size are subtly enhanced and flattered.

High Heels

Most petite women rely on heels to add a few inches to their body, regardless of the rest of the outfit.

Of course, this is a trick that can definitely be used with shorts. Instantly lift your figure even in shorts with a high heel.

To get the most out of your heeled complement, stick to shoes that match your skin tone.

This gives the body even more length and ensures that the selected shoes do not cut into the legs in any way.

ashStylish platform wedges to add length to your cropped jeans.

shorter tops

The length of tops worn with shorts is also an incredibly important detail to pay attention to.

Tops can be cropped or just above the hips, as long as it's on the shorter side.

Cropped tops help play with the proportions of the shorts and create more balance in the body. Not to mention that this is a subtle way to accentuate your waistline that is also beneficial for flattering a petite woman.

Above,nataliaShe wears a crop top with the perfect pair of high waisted denim shorts.

Avoid robes

Since the goal is to balance the shorts, avoid long tunic tops. Wearing tops that sit on or below the hips lowers the waist and further shortens the legs, which doesn't pair well with shorts. Keep tops that fall above the area on the sides of your hips.

Shirt of the same color

Here's a little styling trick that can work wonders when styling shorts: pair them with a shirt of the same color!

Also known as monochrome dressing, this is an incredibly stylish and subtle way to enhance your body type and ensure your body doesn't look shorter in shorts.

Styling a top in a color that matches the shorts gives your body a columnar look. So instead of parting your body down the middle with a contrasting top, create a long line.

amyShe matched her monochrome shorts to flatter the figure.

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