The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (2023)

While there are many ways to prepare your morning coffee, coffee cookers have always been loved for their simplicity, convenience, and ability to deliver rich flavors.

In this review article, we take a look at a selection of coffee machines from some leading brands and explore the best of the best cooking coffee machines available in 2023.

Whether you like the richness of an espresso, the smoothness of a latte, the richness of an Americano, the intimacy of a drip filter or the exotic aroma of a Turkish coffee, these kitchen coffee makers will be your trusted companion in the hunt for the perfect cup.

TL;DR – The Top Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023

  • LUXHAUS Moka Pot (9 Cups) Our #1 list of the best stovetop coffee makers. Sturdy and durable construction, 100% stainless steel body, cool-touch handles, compatible with all types of stovetops
  • IMUSA 6-Cup Cooking Stovetop Coffee Maker Inexpensive cooking coffee machines. Aluminum body for easy assembly and efficient preparation at an affordable price even for small pockets
  • Cook N Home 8 Cup Strainer Portable stovetop coffee maker. Stainless steel body with flat base for campfire use and easy portability to fit in a travel bag
  • CUISINOX Roma 10 cups The best coffee machine design. Fashionable appearance, mirror varnish, all stainless steel structure,Suitable for all electric stoves, produces a bold and rich coffee taste
  • Farberware Yosemite filter Easy-to-use cooktops for homeowners. Durable stainless steel body ideal for drip coffee, ergonomic design with clear knob, easy-pour spout
  • CopperBull Hammered Copper Turkish Coffee Maker The coffee machine for Turkish coffee lovers. Copper construction for even heat distribution, ergonomic handle and low learning curve
  • LuxHaus Pour Jug Best for pouring over coffee. High-quality stainless steel body, ergonomic gooseneck spout for accurate pouring, built-in thermometer
  • GROSCHE Milano coffee machine with 9 hotplate cups The best aluminum stove top coffee maker. durable construction, Compatible with gas and electric stoves, premium feel, silicone sealing gasket
  • Finding the Best Coffee Maker: Research and Testing Methods

    At Lux Haux, we take our coffee seriously. Our team understands the importance of thorough research and testing when recommending the best coffee equipment.

    In order to compile this list of the best cooking coffee makers 2023 and to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we devised a comprehensive three-stage research framework to ensure we didn't leave any gaps in the process.

    Research and Selection [Total Time Spent = 72 hours]:

      • Extensive online analysis:We scoured the top social forums where coffee lovers like to gather for a cup of coffee, including several Reddit posts on the best culinary coffee machines, to gain insights from real-life experiences and advice.
      • Consumer Comments:We carefully analyzed user reviews and ratings on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms to measure customer satisfaction and identify recurring issues people might have with their coffee machines.

      Test setup and actual testing [total time spent = 168 hours]:

        • Product acquisition:We've picked some of the most popular coffee makers based on the findings above. These coffee machines represent different types, brands and price ranges to ensure a diverse and comprehensive review.
        • Preparation parameters:We follow each machine's specific brewing parameters, such as equal coffee-to-water ratio, grind size, and brew time, to maintain consistency throughout testing.
        • Multiple preparations:Each stovetop coffee maker was brewed multiple times, allowing us to evaluate its performance in various situations and assess its consistency.

        Evaluation [total time spent = 48 hours]:

          • Brewery Performance:We rated coffee makers based on their ability to extract flavor, produce consistent coffee, and deliver expected results.
          • Construction Quality:We research materials, construction and durability to ensure long-lasting performance and wear resistance.
          • Easy to use:We evaluated factors such as assembly, disassembly, cleaning, and user-friendliness to determine each stovetop coffee maker's overall convenience and accessibility.

          We ended up ranking the coffee stoves based on our test results and findings and chose the best 8 of them to create our final list. We hope you find the review useful.

          So what are the best stovetop coffee makers on the market?

          Lux Haus Moka Pot (9 Cups) - Best Overall Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (1)

          we are proud to have done itmansionMoka Pot.You can use it to make espresso, latte, Americano, or even just a regular cup of coffee.

          The Lux Haus Moka Pot is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and stability in the hand. Sturdy construction ensures long life, allowing you to enjoy your favorite java shake without worrying about replacing your coffee maker every 6 months.

          The coffee machine also does a good job in terms of appearance. It has a smooth mirror finish that adds an attractive look to your kitchen counter. Say goodbye to storing your coffee maker in a cupboard after every use!

          We've had issues with other coffee maker brands where placing the handle of the maker on the stove gets too hot, making it difficult to pour the coffee. However, this is not a problem with the Lux Haus Moka Pot. Its heat-resistant handle was cool to the touch, even when we accidentally left the pan on a heat source.

          The lid design is also well thought out. It's not welded, but bolted to the top to keep it from falling out. At the same time, the spout is wide and round to prevent dripping when pouring coffee.

          The coffee filter basket has a spring for easy removal. It's a subtle addition that adds to the convenience, especially when it comes to cleaning the moka pot.

          Performance-wise, things get even better. The nine-cup capacity is perfect for serving espresso to a group or enjoying a large coffee on its own. (NOTE: Cup sizes refer to standard size demitas cups, not full size coffee cups.)

          The brewing process is also efficient. You can make a strong and delicious coffee in just 6-8 minutes. We found the coffee to be very espresso-like, although it lacked the crema. The pan is suitable for use on all types of cooktops including gas, electric and induction.

          The safety features of the Lux Haux Moka Pot are also worth mentioning. A secure screw cap and rubber gasket create a tight seal, preventing leaks or spills during brewing. This attention to detail ensures a hassle-free brewing experience and keeps your counters clean.

          Overall, the Lux Haus 9-Cup Moka Pot tops our list because we firmly believe it's the best!

          (Video) The Best Inexpensive Coffee Makers

          IMUSA 6-Cup Stovetop Coffee Maker - Best Cheap Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (2)

          The IMUSA 6-Cup Espresso Machine is the perfect choice for those on a budget, offering an affordable price without compromising the basic functions of a cooking coffee maker.

          We love the simplicity of containers. The simple design, seamless assembly process, and easy-to-use features make it accessible even to beginners.

          Like the Lux Haus, the IMUSA 6-Cup Espresso Machine can be used to brew almost any type of coffee you love. However, the aluminum body limits its use on induction hobs. If you have modified dishes in your home, you can solve this problem.

          The lid also feels shaky, and the coffee maker could be sturdier overall. But given the low price of $11, we can't complain too much.

          Despite its cheap price, the IMUSA Stovetop Espresso Maker can still make a decent shot of espresso relatively quickly. The brewing process took us about 5 minutes. We don't worry about the taste, it's bold and balanced, the way we like our coffee.

          Yes, we agree that the taste of coffee depends a lot on the beans, grind size and brewing method, but your coffee maker also plays a role.

          The IMUSA kitchen coffee machine is compact and won't take up much space even in a kitchen cupboard. Ideal if you live in a studio or studio with an already stocked kitchen.

          In short, while the IMUSA Moka Pot has some drawbacks and limitations, it's a solid, functional kitchen coffee maker that's worth the money.

          Cook N Home 8-Cup Filter - Best Outdoor Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (3)

          When hiking or camping outside, it can be a challenge to find a coffee maker that can make a great cup of coffee while being small, sturdy, and easy to use. However, the Cook N Home 8-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker breaks the mold.

          Except for the handle, the entire machine including the basket is 100% stainless steel. It's an interesting design addition, since most stove-top coffee makers use aluminum baskets. We're not complaining, though, as it made our coffee maker last longer.

          You have a flat base that allows you to brew coffee directly on the camp stove, or, if you're brave enough, over a campfire (with a few DIY tweaks). Coffee machines use the filter method to make coffee.

          Considering we recommend the Cook N Home for travel, we put the coffee maker in a travel bag to see how durable it is. The size is no problem, as it's smaller than the flagship Lux Haus Moka Pot, which is already stylish if you ask us. In terms of durability, the body and handle seem solid and unlikely to break, but the lid makes us a little skeptical.

          The cover is hinged to the filter so you cannot remove it. We found the rough handling of the bag to open it easily. It can snap if you apply too much pressure - although we tried without success.

          However, to be on the safe side, we recommend using tape on the container when packing your items. You don't want to have any trouble on the road. However, we prefer a removable cover.

          By the way, the brewery experience was a highlight. It took us about 13-14 minutes on high to start percolating and another 5 minutes to brew coffee on medium and full. Not the fastest brew, but not too long to wait on an outside setting either. The flavor itself is strong and delicious. No complaints here either.

          We especially like how far the handle is from the body. This keeps the handle cool even after a long brew.

          Overall, the Cook N Home 8-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a solid choice, especially if you're looking for a portable coffee maker for your adventures. It produces a rich and vibrant cup and is durable and compact enough to be portable.

          (Video) 5 Best Coffee Percolators You Can Buy In 2023

          CUISINOX Roma 10 Cup Moka Pot – Best Design Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (4)

          In the Best Design category, the Cuisinox Roma espresso machine stood out as a visually appealing and stylish coffee machine.

          The Cuisinox Roma 10-Cup Mocha Coffee Maker features sleek and stylish stainless steel construction, much like the Lux Haus. But at the same time, it just feels superior. The heavy stainless steel construction surprised us. It gives the product a durable feel while providing a mirror polished finish that exudes luxury.

          In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Cuisinox Roma also incorporates practical design elements. The inclusion of an induction base makes it stand out from most common cooking coffee makers. This feature allows Romas to be used on all cooking surfaces, providing homeowners with flexibility and convenience.

          The coffee brewed by the moka pot is full-bodied, full-bodied and full-bodied. The preparation time is not too long, about 8 minutes on average. Note that our first beer had a slightly metallic taste. But this was quickly resolved after a thorough cleaning.

          One thing we don't like about Cuisinox Roma is its high price. It is by far the most expensive coffee maker on our list. But if you're after quality, top-notch construction, and elegance, and don't mind spending too much money, Cuisinox is definitely a solid choice.

          Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Filter – Best Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (5)

          If you're looking for an easy-to-use stovetop home coffee maker, the Farberware Yosemite Percolator might be another great option.

          This coffee maker features a 100% stainless steel body, ensuring long-lasting durability and a polished look. You can use it on all hobs including gas, electric and induction.

          Like Cook N Home, Farberware uses filtration to brew coffee. This makes it a great alternative to electric drip coffee makers, especially if you prefer espresso. The filtration process allows for prolonged contact between the water and the coffee grounds, resulting in bolder and more intense flavors.

          The stainless steel electric stove coffee machine adopts humanized design. We especially like the clear knob on the filter cap. It allows you to monitor the brewing process and adjust the coffee strength to your liking.

          Likewise, the easy-pour spout ensures a smooth and seamless pouring experience. At the same time, the heat-resistant plastic handle provides a comfortable grip even when the filter is hot.

          The Farberware Yosemite Coffee Maker brews up to 8 cups of coffee. The company claims the pan is dishwasher safe. We ran it through a few wash cycles to make sure and had no issues. (P.S: Washing the pot by hand will be a headache, especially the inner ring)

          As for the overall design, we're a little disappointed. The coffee machine feels bulky, and if you're a fan of stylish coffee machines, you won't really like it.

          It's fine, just not the best overall.

          CopperBull Hammered Copper Turkish Coffee Coffee – Best Turkish Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (6)

          Fan of Turkish coffee machines? The CopperBull Hammer Action Turkish Coffee Maker is sure to thrill you!

          The coffee machine is made of high-quality forged copper. This increases its aesthetic appeal and ensures excellent thermal conductivity - a characteristic of exotic Turkish coffee machines.

          The CopperBull Hammered Copper Ottoman Stove is designed for the traditional cezve brewing method, featuring a narrow neck and wide bottom for greater control during brewing and easier development of the desired crema on top of the coffee. Meanwhile, the pan's ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, making frying a breeze.

          (Video) Best Stovetop Espresso Maker In 2023 - Top 10 Stovetop Espresso Makers Review

          During testing, the pot heated up quickly (in just over 3 minutes) and the heat was evenly distributed to ensure an accurate and consistent boiling temperature. While the coffee tastes great, using a coffee pot can be a bit of a learning curve. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it.

          We noticed that the color faded slightly after a few brews. While this may be an entirely unique case and we've just received a defective part, it's worth considering before making a purchase. Also, the CopperBull Hammer Turkish Coffee Maker is not suitable for induction hobs.

          LuxHaus Gooseneck Kettle – Best Stovetop Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (7)

          thisLuxHaus electric kettlePerfect choice for coffee lovers. It features a curved gooseneck spout that gives you complete control over the pouring process. This feature is critical for juicing as it allows for an intentional, steady flow of water, resulting in an even extraction of flavors and oils from the coffee grounds.

          The gooseneck jug is made of high-quality stainless steel for a sleek and modern look while ensuring excellent heat retention. Our LuxHaus jugs are shaped to maintain a constant temperature, ensuring ideal brewing conditions for your coffee.

          We offer kettles with built-in thermometers. It takes the guesswork out of monitoring the temperature of the water in your kettle, allowing you to measure everything accurately. Achieving the optimal water temperature is critical to brewing coffee as it directly affects the extraction and flavor profile of the coffee.

          Plus, the jug's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and balanced grip, eliminating worries about uneven pours during brewing.

          GROSCHE Milano 9 Cup Sovetop Moka Pot – Best Aluminum Coffee Maker

          The 8 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers of 2023: First-Hand Reviews! (8)

          If you like the natural luster of aluminum and are looking for a high-quality aluminum coffee machine, then the GROSCHE Milano coffee machine is a great choice.

          Made of food-grade aluminum, the GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Coffee Maker will immediately captivate you with its classic design. It works on both gas and electric hobs, but lacks the functionality of an induction hob.

          Unlike most aluminum coffee makers on the market, GROSCHE Milano offers an exceptional build quality. It can withstand everyday coffee grinds without breaking. During our testing, we didn't find any weak parts or fragile materials. The attention to detail is evident, and the company has gone the extra mile to give the Moka Pot a premium feel.

          You also get a silicone gasket. This again surprised us, as most manufacturers of aluminum coffee machines prefer to use rubber for the seals. In addition, the handle is designed with an anti-scald device to ensure that you will not touch the very hot handle immediately after brewing coffee.

          The average brew time for the machine is about 10 minutes on medium-low heat. Some people may find this preparation time a bit long. However, you can always adjust the heat for high octane. However, this will give your coffee a slightly bitter taste.

          Perfect for making espresso, latte or americano. However, for some types of coffee, you may need additional equipment.

          Other Notable Coffee Machine References

          Here are some other notable coffee makers we tried but didn't make the final list:

          Bialetti Express Moka Pot 6 Cup Coffee Maker

          Much of its popularity comes from the original stovetop espresso machine made in Italy. The Bialetti Express is sleek, stylish and durable. Its stainless steel construction gives it a professional look that instantly adds charm to any kitchen. The coffee maker delivers smooth, delicious coffee every time. The brewing process is fast and efficient, extracting the perfect balance of flavors from your favorite coffee grounds.

          Café Brew borosilicate glass jug

          The versatile Café Brew Stovetop Kettle surprises with its functionality and is a great choice for coffee and tea lovers. It's made of durable borosilicate glass for heat resistance and good looks. A clear view of the water level allows easy monitoring during brewing. Plus, the handy whistle feature notifies you exactly when the water has reached boiling point, ensuring a timely and efficient brewing process.

          Top coffee machines compared 2023

          Coffee machine

          building materials

          Preparation time


          Lux Haus Stovetop Moka Pot

          Stainless steel

          6-8 minutes

          9 cups

          Coffee Machine IMUSA Cooking Stove


          5 minutes

          6 cups

          Cook N Home Hole Punch

          Stainless steel

          15-20 minutes

          8 cups

          CUISINOX Roma Sovetop Moka Pot

          Stainless steel

          8 minutes

          10 cups

          Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Filter

          Stainless steel

          10-15 minutes

          8 cups

          CopperBull Hammered Copper Turkish Greek Coffee Maker

          wrought copper

          3-4 minutes

          full size single cup

          LuxHaus Pour Jug

          Stainless steel

          4-6 minutes

          5 cups

          GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Machine


          10 minutes

          9 cups

          What Are the Different Types of Stove Top Coffee Makers?

          Hot plate coffee makers come in a variety of styles, including moka pots, percolators, and cezves. Each type offers unique brewing methods, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy a variety of coffee flavors and styles. Additionally, you can choosealuminum and stainless steelmanufactures.

          Here's more information on popular types of stovetop coffee makers:

          (Video) ✅Top 5 Best Stovetop Espresso Makers of 2023

          • Moka Pot:These iconic espresso machines use pressure and steam to create rich, concentrated espresso. They usually consist of a lower water chamber, a middle funnel for ground coffee, and an upper chamber for final extraction.
          • filter:Percolators work by recirculating boiling water through vertical tubes, infusing coffee grounds and creating a rich flavor. They offer the classic, practical brewing method that coffee lovers love.
          • Cezves (Ibrik):These traditional Turkish coffee makers are perfect for making soft, aromatic Turkish coffee. Cezves have a long stem, narrow neck, and wide base that allow the coffee to boil gently, resulting in thick, unfiltered coffee.

          Are stove top coffee makers safe to use?

          Stovetop coffee makers are generally safe to use if used properly. However, following the manufacturer's instructions, taking care when handling hot surfaces and ensuring proper maintenance are critical to avoiding accidents. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure continued safety and optimum performance.

          Stovetop with coffee maker. Coffee Machines - What's the Best?

          Stove top coffee makers are often more convenient. Are you going on a trip? Great, put your coffee maker in the bag to avoid being overcharged at the coffee shop. The same cannot be said for coffee machines. They are bulky and usually left on the counter after installation.

          Plus, moka pots, percolators, and other kitchen coffee machines have a traditional "charm." Even today, the ancient experience of making these coffee machines still captivates many.

          Perhaps the biggest selling point of kitchen coffee makers is their affordability. They typically cost a fraction of the cost of their PCB-powered counterparts. Not to mention, they are more environmentally friendly if used on a gas stove.

          Yes, in terms of functionality, a kitchen coffee machine may not be able to make cold brew, latte, americano or cappuccino at the push of a button. However, with a little ingenuity and improvisation, you can produce results similar to these.

          How to Clean a Stovetop Coffee Maker

          A common method is to take the coffee maker apart and wash the individual parts in hot, soapy water. The stainless steel coffee maker is dishwasher safe, so that's also an option. For stubborn stains, mineral buildup or mold growth,Soak the parts in vinegar, water, and baking sodacan help eliminate problems.

          How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker for Your Home

          When choosing the right stovetop coffee maker for your needs, consider the following:

          serving size

          Stovetop coffee makers are available in a variety of serving sizes. Decide what best suits your needs. For example, are you looking for a smaller capacity coffee machine for personal use only? Or do you often have friends over and need a larger coffee maker that can hold multiple cups?

          brewery style

          Consider the particular style of coffee you like. Can be espresso, americano, latte, drip coffee, pour over coffee or turkish kavisI.Choose a brewer that is good at that particular brewing method.

          Heat Source Compatibility

          Confirm that a stovetop coffee maker is compatible with a specific type of stovetop, gas, electric or induction, to ensure proper heat distribution and efficient brewing. For example, stainless steel coffee makers are generally compatible with all hobs, while aluminum coffee makers are not suitable for induction hobs.


          Set a budget range and explore options that provide the best value for your investment, balancing cost with desired features and performance.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Stovetop Coffee Makers

          Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about cooking coffee makers.

          How many cups can a standard stovetop coffee maker make?

          A typical hot plate coffee maker is usually designed to brew 4 to 6 cups of coffee. However, the exact cup size may vary by coffee machine manufacturer and model. Some coffee makers may have larger serving sizes. Others may have a lower brewing capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the product specifications to determine the exact cup size for the stovetop coffee maker you are considering.

          Can you put milk in a coffee maker on the stove?

          Not recommendedPut the milk directly into the coffee machine with the electric hobStovetop coffee makers are designed to make coffee with water and ground coffee beans. Adding milk to the machine can cause clogs, be difficult to clean, and even damage the machine. It is best to heat and froth the milk separately before mixing it with the brewed coffee.

          How long does it take to make coffee with a stovetop coffee maker?

          On average, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to brew coffee in a stovetop coffee maker. However, this may vary based on factors such as the size of the coffee maker, heat source, and brewing power required.

          Which grind is best for a stovetop coffee maker?

          A medium to medium fine grind is generally recommended. This allows for optimal extraction and flavor. Avoid very coarse grinds as they will result in under-extraction, while very fine grinds will result in over-extraction and possible bitterness. Experimenting with different grind sizes will better help you find the best one.

          in conclusion

          Finding a reliable coffee maker can be a hassle, and choosing one from the many available can be even harder. Luckily, we've done the research and tested the top coffee makers to determine which ones are worth buying.

          After thorough testing and analysis, the Lux Haux Moka Pot stands out. It has just about everything, from impressive brewing speed and delicious coffee flavor to sturdy construction and user-friendly design.

          Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your parents or a reliable coffee companion for your home,Lux Haux Moka PotDefinitely fit the bill. Take a sip of gurai on your coffee adventures!

          (Video) ✅Top 10 Best Moka Pots and Stovetop Espresso Makers of 2023


          What is the #1 coffee maker? ›

          Best Coffee Maker Overall: OXO Brew 9-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. Best Value Coffee Maker: Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Brewer. Best Splurge-Worthy Coffee Maker: Ratio Six Coffee Maker. Most Versatile Coffee Maker: Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker.

          Which coffee machine is best for home? ›

          Best Coffee Makers For Home For The Perfect Brew (May, 2023)
          Coffee MakerServingsApprox Amazon Price
          Coffeeza Finero Next Coffee Machine1 CupRs 11,999
          Pigeon Brewster Coffee Maker4 CupsRs 1,291
          Preethi Cafe Zest31 CupsRs 2,499
          ‎De'Longhi Coffee Machine1 CupRs 16,315
          4 more rows
          Nov 14, 2022

          What is a stove top coffee machine called? ›

          The stovetop coffee maker, also called a moka pot, was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti and it is largely the same design that is still used for Bialetti's Moka Express model today.

          What is the difference between Bialetti Moka Express and Dama? ›

          Dama combines the technological perfection of Moka Express with a rounder, more compact and feminine design. Dama incorporates the eight sided top-pot while the boiler component is distinguished by a special “bell-bottom” styling.


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