Read your fortune on the lines of the bracelet on your wrist according to palmistry (2023)

Read your fortune on the lines of the bracelet on your wrist according to palmistry (1)

Bracelet lines, or wrist lines in palmistry, are where the palm and wrist meet. Usually people have about three rows of bracelets. However, few people have complete wrist lines devoid of dirt or marks. These lines say a lot about your life. From Health to Wealth illustrates an important part of life. Read in detail what the lines on your wrist bracelet say about you and the future.

Read your fortune on the lines of the bracelet on your wrist according to palmistry (2)

Bracelet lines on the wrist: meaning and details

The bracelet lines in a person's palmistry represent several things.

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First wrist line

The first row of bracelets illustrates the wealth and health of a person in youth, that is, before the age of 28. So when the wrist line is straight, thick, and intense, it represents optimal health. However, if the line is unclear, short and thin, this indicates that the person must have a thin body. But the good thing is that these natives don't catch diseases. In addition, if the line is broken and curved, people would develop late and have poor child well-being.

Second pulse line

The second line of the wrist in palmistry informs the natives of their wealth and health in middle age, i.e. before the age of 56. So if people have a straight, long, and thick line, they will have a healthy sense of well-being. However, the disease can rarely occur. However, if the lines are thin, broken or curved, then in the Middle Ages they can face health problems or terrible diseases.

Third pulse line

Possession of this lineage in Palmistry represents the wealth and health of the native in old age, i.e. after the age of 56. If the line were long, straight, and thick without breaks, the natives would have sound bodies and minds in later times. But if the line is thin, broken or curved, the natives may have a weak body and will have a hard time surviving in old age.

Fourth pulse line

Few people possess the fourth line. However, if the natives have such a line, it indicates a strong and solid knowledge of social existence. For some, a clear fourth wrist line also represents many children. This bracelet line also stands for longevity in palmistry.

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What all can you know about bracelet lines in palmistry?

Reading bracelet lines in palmistry is not that easy. However, people can always rely on the help of a handheld reader. However, some basic summaries you may want to know are as follows:


  • Natives with two full lines of bracelets on their wrist indicate a professional worker who believes in fate rather than determining their own destiny. Furthermore, such natives possess no enduring recognition or wealth.
  • Having three lines of bracelets on the wrist shows that the natives would have immense wealth, good fortune and health. Also, these people would have luck in their pockets and longevity would be all around them. In addition, these natives would gain a great position in life and gain recognition in every respect.
  • If, moreover, the natives had three bracelets on their wrists, but the first was broken or cut while the other two were long, thick, and clean, they would recover from even the worst diseases and enjoy a healthy well-being into old age. Age.
  • If the first line of the wrist is complete but the other two are cut or broken, the native lives to be around 28 years (an analysis of the other lines is also essential in these cases).
  • If all three lines of the bracelet on the wrist are clean, long and thick, then natives tend to live long, at least to their 70s. But these people would be cunning by nature.
  • Having all the fine lines of the bracelet on your wrist shows that you have a keen interest in expensive items and need to live a life of luxury. However, your achievements would be nil and you would be dependent on other people for chores and work.

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Special markings on the wrist lines in palmistry

Possessing these lines definitely has multiple meanings. But having certain markings reveals a lot about how someone is now or will be in the future.

Have small circles (islands) on the wrist lines

Having circles on the way to completing a pulse line shows that natives are energetic or loving. These people would become weak because of their erotic habits. When men have islets on their wrists, they are more prone to kidney disease. However, women with this sign suffer from heart or lung diseases.

But on the other hand, if there are circles on the first line of the wrist while the other two lines of the bracelet on the wrist are clean and thick, the natives would rejoice in their idle age of great happiness and health. Besides, their marriage and career would be good, and they would overcome even the most serious illnesses faster than others.

With wavy (chain) patterns in the wrist lines

The presence of currents or wave patterns in the first line with the other two light and bold lines indicates that the natives had a busy and not so good youth. Most of the time, these people were sad and felt mentally and physically depressed throughout the day. But on the other hand, these people also have a tendency to get whatever they want as long as they don't give up halfway.

Even if people have a chain or wave pattern in the first line and the other two lines are not well defined, they can have frail childhoods and diseases related to the kidneys, stomach and lungs. Such natives would have busy and short lives.

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Have a cross (X) on the wrist lines

If the first line of the bracelet is marked with X, the natives have a robust childhood, but their middle age and old age will be good. Fortune would befall such a native after middle age, and good health will be there if the endeavors are unending.

If there are several crosses in the lines of the bracelet on the wrist, then these people have health problems and diseases related to the kidneys. Cold feet and hands may also be present, and women may experience menstrual cramps.

Read your fortune on the lines of the bracelet on your wrist according to palmistry (3)

Have an arc (tilt) towards the palm

If the first line has an arch or inclines to the palm, it means that the native will be exposed to insidious diseases related to the reproductive system. Miscarriages can also occur. However, if the second and third lines are blurred or unclear, then there may be other women-related diseases in the person's life.

When the first line curves toward the palm, and the second and third are broken or curved, the natives can bring misfortune to their children. And if the first line is broken, the first child can be lost. However, if all three lines of the bracelet on the wrist bend towards the palm, this indicates that there are no children in life.

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With broken wrist lines (dashed)

If the thread of the bracelet is broken or torn into pieces, the natives will suffer from physical exhaustion for most of their lives. If all three lines of the bracelet are broken on the wrist, a person may suffer from problems like miscarriage, anemia, qi deficiency, etc.

Moreover, in such a scenario, there are great possibilities that the love life of such natives will seek its effect. But the analysis of other lines is important in these cases.

Have a star or triangle mark on the wrist lines

Those who have a zodiac sign on their bracelets will enjoy unexpected wealth and immense luck. A triangle sign also indicates that the person is talented, intelligent and lucky.

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