Public Auction: Dixon Auction at Crumpton on May 31, 2023 (2023)

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Item 1-999 Furniture,

Items 1000-1499 Carpets,

Item 1500-2499 Outdoor,

Items 2500-3499 Lots of shelves,

Item 3500-3999 Mass Decoration and Wall Decoration,

Items 4000-5999 Antiques, collectibles and fine art,

Item 6000-6499 Silver,

Item 6500-7999 Jewelry, silverware and watches,

Items 8000-8499 Coins and coins.

batch # title

1 Victorian pine bookcase, hinge repair lower left

2 Antique shoemaker's workbench

3 (4) French country style armchairs

4 Pair of Kent Coffey Verona MCM Nightstands

5 (2) Ethnic painted hanging corner rack

6 Pair of Louis XV style marble cocktail tables

7 Carved gilt wood lion drapery

8 High Quality French Country Style Three Person Bedside Table

9 *NO STORAGE* Solid Green Marble Triple Pedestal

10 *NO STORAGE* Solid Green Marble Triple Pedestal

11 Vintage Painted Mudroom Storage Bench

12 (2) MCM Walnut Bedside Tables with Laminate Tops

13 Edwardian Marquetry Two Tier Folding Handkerchief Table

14 Pair of American Of Martinsville MCM End Tables

15 Louis XIV style walnut inlaid table

16 table with victorian marble lamp

17 retro coffee table

18 victorian walnut server

19 Depression Era Triple Library

20 Georgian Walnut and Mahogany Coffee Table

21 Victorian griffin foot sideboard with carved oak claws, some veneer missing

22 Vintage cedar box with scratched top

23 Kling Cherry Dresser with scratched top

24 vintage empire style dresser, small clothes

25 table showcase

26 Vintage Maple Dresser

27 Modern Metal and Laminate Consoles

28 Pair of MCM style teak bedside tables with scuffed finish and separate pulls

29 Modern Glass Top Metal Bar

30 Hollywood Regency MCM console, worn on top

31 retro table set

32 Vintage mahogany tea cart, as-is with wheels

33 Antique cottage pine box with cracks and scratches on glued back

34 NC Manufacturing Modern Vanity Tables

35 NC manufactures fashion underwear chest

36 Ladies Ladies Victorian Carved Desk

37 Cherry House Double Dresser

38 model wooden sailboat

39 Ethan Allen Cherry double bedside table with light wear on top

40 Ethan Allen Cherry Dresser, light wear

41 Retro Transformed Bachelor Chest/Desk

42 Modern Painted Wine Cabinet

43 vintage cedar box

44 vintage farmhouse table

45 Victorian marble walnut lounge

46 Victorian carved oak side by side desk

47 vintage kidney desk with one drawer

48 years old Antique Pine Quilted Throw Blanket

49 Depression Era Sofa Table

50 Pair of ethnographically carved elephants

51 MCM Walnut, as is

52 Vintage swallowtail copper barrel

53 Farmhouse Cherry Drop Harvest Table, Worn Finish

54 Henkel Harris mahogany dresser with light wear on top

55 Potthast Inlaid Mahogany Coffee Table

56 Pair of Asian flying lion sculptures

57 Server Sheraton Mixed Woods Farmhouse

58 Victorian mirrored chest of drawers in mahogany, lightly finished, missing a handle on the mirror

59 Chippy Painted Antique Farmhouse Cabinet

60 Thomasville Cherry server with light wear on top

61 MCM Kitchen Top Bookcase

62 Victorian oak dresser in old finish

63 antique coniferous wood blanket

64 Cochrane Maple Server

65 One Piece Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

66 Bassett MCM Dresser with Laminate Top

67 MCM Walnut Finisher, Chipping and Finish Variation

68 (4) Modern Adjustable Stools

69 Vintage Mahogany Server

70 Antique Mixed Wood Farmhouse Table

71 Antique two piece corner cabinet with damaged bottom

72 Sheraton Dovetail Single Drawer Chest

73 Vintage Gilded Wooden Mirror

74 Victorian marble walnut countertop with few chips

75 Giltwood Bros. Engraved Mirror

76 Vintage Engraved Camphor Tree Trunk

77 Victorian Marble Top Walnut Bedside Table with Carved Shells

78 Late Federal Mixed Wood Dresser, Unfinished Hardware

79 Sheraton Dovetail Two Drawer Farmhouse Desk

80 MCM Slab Top Cocktail Table

81 MCM Double bedside table in walnut, light blemishes

82 modern decorator ribbon server

83 Seely Pine Dry Cleaning Bar

84 Hollywood Regency MCM Bookcase

85 MCM Painted Bookcase/Linen Press

86 modern gilt mirror

87 Depression-era dresser, completed as-is

88 (2) Victorian oak, top damaged oak

89 C.H. Lears Baltimore Shaving Mirror

Post-90s Antique mahogany sideboard with light wear on top

91 Dr. Dimes Cabinetmade Two-Piece Farmhouse Cabin

92 Victorian oak bedside table, old finish

93 Italian style decorative bedside table

94 gilded mirror

95 Ethnic carved suitcase

96 Cherry server quality, some end up broken

97 Depression-era dresser with mirror

98 Style House MCM Dresser with Laminate Top

99 Newport style modern three-seater bedside table

100 vanity during the great depression

101 High Quality MCM Directoroire Style Nightstand

102 (2) Ethnographic Carved Trunk

103 Modern Siamese Pine Corner Cabinet

104 Victorian gilt mirror

105 Pair of Modern Cherry Nightstands, Damage On Tops

106 Cochrane Maple Server, Complete Corruption

107 Vintage luggage with navy painted trim

108 Quest Oak Table

109 MCM Painted Bookcase/Linen Press

110 Sheraton Dovetail Single Drawer Chest

111 Victorian Ladies Carved Oak Writing Desk

112 Original Farmhouse Pine Bookcase

113 High quality vintage maple server with stripes on one end

114 Cherry French country style three-tier chest of drawers, one drawer is a bit narrow

115 Victorian walnut marble countertop

116 MCM bookcase sliding door, worn

117 Danish MCM Teak Double Dresser

118 MCM Coffee and End Tables, Finish Fatefects

119 Depression-era painted dresser, as-is

120 Hollywood Regency MCM Bamboo Faux Gold Plated Mirror

121 antique oak bed

122 Pair of MCM Bentwood children's chairs

123 Style House MCM Double Nightstand with Laminate Top

124 Cabinets decorated in ethnographic colors

125 MCM Cabinet with lockable drawers

126 Bassett MCM Bodysuit

127 Art Deco White Kitchen Cabinets, Slightly Lost

128 Combination MCM Metal Stool or Cocktail Table

129 MCM Directoroire Style Three-tier chest of drawers

130 Pair of MCM style bar stools

131 Bassett MCM three-drawer bookcase in walnut, light scratches and wear

132 Modern Catalog Style Shelving

134 victorian oak bedside table

135 Caribbean style dresser, jingles and flags to the top

136 Georgia Welsh Workbench

137 MCM glass top set of three

138 Drexel MCM Bar Server

139 Antique Pennsylvania half shaft set

140 patriotic style armchair and coffee table with slightly raised eagle inlays

141 Farmhouse Farm Table Square Leg Pine

142 MCM table and six chairs, light wear

143 Lane MCM Kitchen Top Bookcase

144 Vintage Porcelain Countertop Kitchen

145 victorian oak wardrobe

146 Cocktail Table Ethnographic Brass Tray Up (Curved Tray)

148 Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Leather Lounge Chair, Minor Scratches & Scratches, Stains

149 Empire Style Mahogany Washing Machine

150 MCM stool

151 (3) MCM feces, slightly oxidized base

152 Georgian Mahogany Marlborough Side Table, Remodeled

153 (4) MCM feces, slightly oxidized base

154 Victorian marble walnut table

155 victorian steps, in fact

156 victorian steps, in fact

157 MCM flush door wine cabinet

158 *NO STORAGE* Mahogany Curio Cabinet Round Victoria Spike Leg Small Chips

159 victorian children's desk

160 CD cabinet

161 Victorian Oak Underwear

162 mahogany coffee table

163 victorian oak washbasin

164 French Empire Style Display Case

165 MCM brass lamp

166 modern kitchen work basket

167 aircraft wall decoration

168 Tuckaway Edwardian Mahogany Table

169 Recycled MCM coffee table

170 Cerruse style modern square table

171 Korea MCM Glass Top Coffee Table

172 Lane MCM Walnut table with two leaves and worn finish

173 Pair of Chinese porcelain vases

174 Bait Art Race Dog Smoking Rack

175 Maple Modern Farmhouse Server

176 MCM Two-Ply Copper Rod Cart, Bulk Pack

177 Victorian Oak China Cabinet

178 Globe Wernicke Mahogany Three-Tier Barrister Bookshelf

179 *NO STORAGE* Chinoiserie glass, as is

180 Victorian Mahogany Etagere, light blemishes

181 Korean style cabinet turned into dressing table

182 MCM style lights

183 Victorian marble table with walnut veneer, as is

184 MCM shelf, worn on top

185 French country style Drexel bedside table

186 TV dish

187 vintage green shelf

188 MCM Style Cocktail Table

189 United MCM Panel Desk

190 modern candle holder

191 Hollywood Regency French Country Dressing Table, Chip to top, Narrow Drawers

192 Final MCM board

193 Kroehler MCM Oak Dressing Table

194 Painted Hollywood Regency Chinoiserie Lamp

195 Depression-era front desk, as-is

196 Chinese porcelain floor vase, chips

197 Korean green painted coffee table

198 Pair of modern oak armchairs

199 table with modern lamp

200 MCM stool

201 MCM Service Cart

202 A pair of Pioneer Cs-77A MCM speakers, clean but untested

203 Modern Rustic Pine Chest Of Drawers

204 Stanley Farmhouse Pine Desk

205 Vintage stained glass lead chandelier

206 Giacometti style glass top coffee table

207 retro shelf

208 Stanley MCM Nightstand

209 Single MCM Headboard

210 Glenda Parker Table

211 Wicker tree trunk on an iron base

212 modern oak table

213 wicker side table, skirt

214 Wicker coffee table, scratches and scuffs

215 Macey Oak Antique Business Card Case

216 Maroon Victorian Chest of Drawers

217 pair of contemporary chairs

218 Living and built-in mahogany desk, unfinished material

219 Antique Original Painted Goat Cart

220 French country style armchair

221 Farmhouse Flowers Painted Farmhouse Desktop Pattern Bumpy

222 maple frame

223 Pine bedside table

224 MCM Floor Globe, some losses

225 Cherry nightstand, worn on top

226 MCM bookcase sliding door

227 Plant stand in rustic pine farmhouse

228 Pair of Thomasville Pine Nightstands

229 antique bench with metal base

230 Server Willett Cherry

231 Chinese blue and white porcelain umbrella stand

232 cork countertop

233 modern rustic pine side by side

234 vintage pine frame

235 Depression-era olive wood dresser, chip and scuff

236 vintage walnut shelf

237 MCM chest of drawers in walnut

238 Pair of bar stools

239 MCM Double Bedside Table in Walnut, Laminate Top, Small Chips

240 Depression-era walnut dresser with mirror

241 (2) MCM tubes

242 modern pine server

243 Antique Colombian Dictionary Holder

244 *No storage space* Victorian walnut cabinets, as is

245 Recycled Painted Trash Bench

246 Pine reception desk in cabinets

247 Modern Mermaid Wall Decor

248 Depression Era Sofa Table

249 MCM Branch Light

250 A pair of MCM lights

251 Pair of rattan glass tables, as is

252 (2) bar stools

253 MCM Double bedside table in walnut, light blemishes

254 MCM Metal Magazine Rack

255 Depression-era walnut dresser

256 Recycled MCM Hutch

257 retro shaving mirror

258 Drexel Mahogany Dresser

259 marble cocktail table

260 MCM Slab Top Cocktail Table

261 MCM style mango wood wine cabinet bar

262 Pair of armchairs in decorative style

263 MCM style mango wood wine cabinet bar

264 Pair of gilt-plated armchairs in French country style

265 (2) Brass lamps, etc.

266 MCM teak bookcase

267 Antique Rustic Oak Clerk's Desk

268 3-Tier MCM Style Living Edge Bookcase

269 Recycled MCM Style Magazine Rack

270 modern coffee table with beach decor

271 Recycling Painted End Plates

272 Recycling Painted End Plates

273 pine magazine rack

274 Upgraded quality MCM trimmer

275 children's folding table

276 MCM recycled wine cabinet bar

277 Cedar Children's Cabinet

278 dining table sofa painted modern farmhouse

279 Antique Metal Dental Cabinet

280 Upgraded Antique Farm Cabinet

281 Pair of Modern Braided Pencil Rattan Table Lamps

282 Modern painted chest of drawers

283 Connover Chair Co Federation Style Bench

284 MCM Style Brutalist Mangowood Dresser, top right back corner shrink crack

285 *No storage space* 3-piece bench set, as is

286 light, that's it

287 Pair of decorative style bedside tables, as-is

288 Ethan Allen Mission Style Coffee and End Table

289 rocking horse

290 Cherry House Pennsylvania House nightstand with one foot broken

291 Antique Embroidered Prayer Table

292 Painted chest of drawers

293 MCM Oak Cocktail Table

294 vintage oak bedside table with split top

295 rocking horse

296 Victorian marble top coat hanger, as is

297 Antique oak desk with water stains

298 Hancock & Moore Chesterfield Suede Leather Sofa

299 Pair of French Country Style Wire Door Nightstands

300 Limbert Mission Oak Rocking Chair

301 Antique foreman of the jury, wearing a seat

302 old farmhouse table with unattached top

303 MCM Drop Front Desk, hinges need adjusting, small debris and wear

304 Pair of MCM double wall coffee tables, as is

305 Pair of Hollywood Regency Black Lacquered Chinoiserie Coffee Tables

306 Hollywood Regency Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Table and Four Stools

307 Hollywood Regency Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Coffee Table, Corner Brackets Detached, Lost

308 MCM Bowling Pin Light

309 MCM vanity, light wear

310 farmhouse trash can

311 wooden boat model

312 Pennsylvania House Cherry Dresser

313 MCM underwear chest, finish

314 A pair of tufted Hollywood Regency chairs, as-is upholstered

315 Large modern industrial farmhouse dining room with metal base

316 decorative ladder display stand

317 A pair of vintage ceramic elephant garden stools, some potato chips

318 *NO STORAGE* Pennsylvania House Cherry Triple Mirrored Chest of Drawers with scratched top

319 Asian Porcelain Garden Stool

320 Dresser during the Great Depression

321 Asian Porcelain Umbrella Stand

322 MCM Decorative Arts

323 Art Deco Bodysuit

324 Hancock & Moore leather claw foot recliner with a bit loose action (you can't lean back without reclining)

325 Colonial Revival Maple Drop Table

326 Mission Oak Library Desk, As Is

327 Vintage painted corner cabinet, as is

328 Vintage painted corner cabinet, as is

329 MCM chest of drawers in walnut

330 Pair of MCM bedside tables, worn on top

331 pair of glass lamps

332 MCM chest of drawers in walnut

333 Bassett MCM Walnut

334 Antique white wicker floor lamp with small cracks

335 Victorian Oak Shuttered Kitchen Appliances

336 A pair of children's stair chairs

337 Depression Era Cedar Box with Worn Finish

338 Upcycled, scuffed and scratched sewing machine base coffee table

339 Victorian marble table, as-is

340 Antique brass and ceramic lined tree, a pair of missing parts

341 Partner's Top Bureau Plat Inlaid Louis XIV Quality Walnut Leather

342 antique sink

343 Vintage Gun Safe, As Is

344 Dutch antique traditional walnut cabinet

345 Two-Piece Mahogany Premium Secretary Desk with Locking Interior Doors

346 *No storage space* Trunk

347 MCM Dual Dresser, Finish

348 retro coffee table

349 MCM chest of drawers in walnut

350 pencil rattan batch

351 MCM Art Deco server, finish worn

352 Triple bedside table and bedside table in MCM walnut, light wear, damaged veneer

353 MCM Walnut Vanity Table, Laminate Top, Faded Veneer

354 Milling Road By Baker MCM Director Style Wire Door Nightstand

355 Baker Dropleaf Mahogany Table, Finished As Is

356 mannequin dress

356a Vintage Porcelain Countertop Kitchen

357 Gustavian Style Waxed Pine Bookcase

358 Victorian oak bedside table with original trim

359 *NOT SAVE* Pedestal mechanic, as is

360 light, that's it

361 Vintage chairs for sale at Bloomingdale'S

362 Pair of Asian porcelain vases

363 Vintage mahogany chest of drawers, slightly chipped and worn, one drawer won't close

364 French country triple bedside table and bedside table, finished as is

365 Pair of Asian porcelain vases

366 modern chest of drawers

367 MCM pair of rattan and wicker armchairs

368 Georgian Style Mahogany Lace Coffee Table

369 modern white sofa, small clothes

370 pair of contemporary chairs

371 Antique oak farm table, as is

372 Pair of maple coffee tables

373 Antique baker's bench, as-is

374 Pair of ethnographic floral coffee tables

375 Antique Industrial Factory Waste Rack

376 Vintage Mahogany Double Bedside Table

377 *NO SAVE* American Drew Breakthrough

378 Lea French provincial four-piece set

379 Pair of ladder back farmhouse chairs

380 Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bookcase

381 oak quilt cover

382 Taylor Made Mahogany Server

383 Hollywood Regency Chinoiserie Bar, minor nicks and blemishes

384 Combined chrome stool

385 Depression era server, as-is

386 (4) Oak stool

387 Depression-era sideboard, loss of veneer at one end

388 A pair of MCM libraries

389 Wooden Owl Baits

390 MCM dressing table

391 Pair of drum end tables, chipped and worn

392 MCM Triple Dresser Credenza, marked on top

393 MCM Driftwood Plant Stand

394 MCM bedside table

395 Pair of MCM laminate bedside tables

396 MCM Laminated Dual Layer Finisher

397 laminate MCM desk

398 Demilune Era Depression Era 边桂

399 rustic pine blanket

400 antique painted blanket

401 Children's carriage decorated with antiques

402 Construction Salvage Farmhouse Sheet

403 Women's Colonial Revival Mahogany Writing Desk

404 MCM Style Flatbed Coffee Table

405 Vintage camel saddle, as is

406 Recycled Sewing Machine Abutments

407 Witz MCM Basic Triple Bedside Table and Bedside Table, Finish Worn and Chipped

408 Ethan Allen Maple Three-Piece Bedroom Set

409 Korean Elm Hibachi Table

410 Recycled paint coffee table, scratches

411 pantry storage table, paint

412 MCM Tambour Door Coffee Table, As Is

413 table

414 Victorian walnut base

415 Artisan Crafted Kitchen Island Countertops

416 (2) Tool holder

417 Mudroom Cottage Made by Artisans

418 fish market decoration

419 lots of boxes and crates

420 Artisan crafted building rescue table

421 Industrial wind shelf

422 Nicoletti Italy leather armchair, clothing

423 *NO SAVE* Empire Dresser, as is

424 victorian bedside table

425 *NOT SAVE* Empire Secretary Desk, as is

426 *NO STORAGE* Art Deco Metal Hanger

427 Pine Storage Spanish Colonial Style Coffee Table

428 rustic pine bench with scratches

429 MCM style bentwood armchair

430 (6) Broyhill Brasilia MCM Dining Chairs

431 Chippendale Style Mahogany Table

432 A pair of painted lights

433 Quality Credenza Walnut Bookcase with some markings on top

434 *NO STORAGE* Curio pendant, as is

435 Oak table, as is

436 *No storage space* Antique store counter, as is

437 Antique Bentwood Hall Tree

438 Chinese carved coffee table

439 Indiana Curio Cabinet

440 victorian oak bedside table

441 MCM style black leather sofa and armchair

442 Combining postmodern nightstands, scratches and scuffs

443 postmodern lighting steps

444 *NO STORAGE* Mirror base, as is

445 Jacobs Style Ladies Reception

446 MCM Ethnographic Brass Tray Top Coffee Table

447 Bassett MCM Walnut Bookcase with Worn Finish

448 MCM Tiger Maple Coffee Table

449 MCM Walnut Credenza drawer with lock, finishes and minor imperfections

450 (4) MCM Industrial Chair

451 MCM Style Credenza with two drawers

452 art deco oak bedside table with mirror

453 Art Deco sliding door wardrobe, clothing

454 Victorian server, missing backsplash

455 Industrial Sliding Doors Barrister Library

456 (4) French country style rattan dining chairs

457 Painted MCM Two Piece Bedroom Set (Headboard with Built-in Nightstand) As Is

458 MCM teak coffee table

459 Art Deco Vinyl Countertop Kitchen Dining Table

460 MCM oak three tier dresser Credenza

461 MCM armchair, wear and tear

462 Black MCM Style Bench

463 depression server

464 Buffet during the Great Depression

465 Victoria Oaks Library

466 Pair of Spanish Colonial Pine Tables

467 antique original small cabinet

469 Depression-era expansion table six chairs, chips and wear and tear

470 Depression-era oak pavilion with damaged veneer

471 Painted MCM gentleman's dresser, light wear, one pull missing

472 Victorain Oak Claw Pedals

473 Pair of end tables in MCM walnut with marked tops

474 MCM electric fireplace, not tested

475 Mirror

476 *NO STORAGE* Antique marble steps, as is

477 (4) French Country Style Rush Seat Dining Chairs

478 *NO STORAGE* Vintage Gottlieb pinball machine, untested, glass peeling off, legs missing

479 Pair of lead stained glass windows

480 MCM Butlers Chest By American Signature Finished Ware

500 Pair of Welsh Elmwood Windsor chairs

501 (4) Hitchcock stencil Rush seat, debris and wear

502 Regency Inlaid Mahogany Toilet

503 antique with drawers

504 antique with drawers

505 Federal Mahogany Candelabra

506 Antique Pine Top Box Table

507 empire dresser, loss, drawer stuck

508 Sheraton Mahogany Dresser, Chip and Split

509 Sheraton's desk is a little tight with two draws and one draw

510 Antique Cork Farmhouse Wood

511 Georgian Mahogany Coffee Table

512 Regency Brass Bound Mahogany Slim, Veneer & Inlay Damage

513 Antique Galvanized Pine Farmhouse Dry Sink

514 (4) Neoclassical chairs, as is

515 Vintage Chest Mules

516 Vintage Pine Mule Box

517 *NO SAVE* Empire Dresser, as is

518 Antique/Regency mahogany deciduous dining table, good quality, light wear and veneer restoration, mildew on base

519 *No Savings* Cut the Classic Sideboard As Is

520 Gustav Green Pine Center Table with Frosted Top

521 Antique Pine Blanket

522 Marlborough Georgia Mahogany Restaurants

523 antique with two drawers

524 Antique Cork Farmhouse Jelly Cabinet

525 Antique reddish chest rug with mold damage

526 (8) Chippendale style carved mahogany dining chairs, seats need to be reupholstered

527 Antique original red farmhouse dry sink

528 (4) American style painted dining chairs

529 Antique Frosted Top Round Farmhouse Table

530 Oscar Bach style marble top console with chair

531 Folk Art Wooden Figures

532 Colonial Revival Inlaid Mahogany Game Table

533 Pair of century baroque armchairs

534 Stress Chairs and Footrests

535 Antique Mission Oak Flat Armchair

536 Antique store display case without shelves

537 asian porcelain

538 Antique Vernacular Pine Farmhouse Table

539 retro wardrobe

540 Recycled Painted Kitchen Tables

541 sailing rack

542 Ladies Victorian Walnut Front Desk

543 bedside display stand

544 Premium Cherry Lowboy

545 Craftique Cherry Bachelor Box/Server

546 rattan window seat

547 Drexel French National Partner Office, Minor Chips

548 vintage birdcage

549 Glass Top Cocktail Table

550 final table

551 Pair of Mersman MCM End Tables, Finished As Is

552 (6) Retro folding chairs

553 *no storage space* mirror + chair, as is

554 Mirror

555 Sheraton mirror, chips

556 Antique lead stained glass, bow

557 *No storage space* Carved bed, as is

558 Used Single Box Springs and Mattresses

559 Used Single Box Springs and Mattresses

560 Used Full Box Springs and Mattresses

561 mirror, so

562 Neoclassical style mirror, as is

563 *NO SAVE* pinball machine, as is

564 *No storage space* Kardiel sofa and chaise longue, as is

565 Pair of Windsor armchairs

566 Modern Farmhouse Bleu Farm Table with Drawers and Frosted Top

567 Great Depression Era End Table

568 Huntington MCM Nightstand

569 Old Fashioned Muffin Stand

570 Antique Galvanized Farmhouse

571 Mission oak bench, some worn wallpaper

572 Painted Depression Era Cedar Cabinet

573 Antique Oak House, As Is

574 MCM style chair and footstool

575 MCM Trestle Restaurant

576 Combining vintage ceramic elephant garden stools, pieces and lines

577 Walnut table, split

578 rooster weathervane

579 rattan coffee table

580 Vintage Maple Dresser

581 *no storage* curio cabinet

582 Vintage Cedar Box, complete damage

583 vintage fan

584 Cushman Maple Dresser

585 Matching table with Hitchcock stencil, scratches and scuffs

586 Cushman Maple Dresser

587 Victorian piano stool with loose joints

588 Wicker Bar Cart

589 Antique Cabinetta Camp Bed

590 antique baby chair

591 *NO STORAGE* Cracked Victorian marble table top

592 *No storage space* Pair of mahogany corner cabinets

593 Antique Sheraton washbasin

594 modern corner frame

595 *NO STORAGE SPACE* Antique country store display rack, missing door

596 MCM chrome armchair, as is

597 Oak Sewing Box

598 victorian oak vanity, missing towel rack

599 Kimball Office MCM sideboard

600 Pair of French country style wire bookcases with single door locks

601 *NO STORAGE SPACE* Antique baby high chair

602 wooden statue

603 Vintage grandma's watch, untested

604 MCM Wood Sculpture

605 (4) chairs, finishing

606 Final MCM board, as-is

607 Old Figure Eight Farmhouse Footstool

608 Antique Industrial Cart

609 *NO STORAGE* Wicker Cart

610 *NO STORAGE* Antique workbench

611 Regenerated Dyeing Comb

612 Catalog Quality Dresser Styles

613 pair of decorative elephant tables


615 *No storage space* Jewelry cabinet, as is

616 (6) Recycled painted chairs (1 does not match)

617 Hollywood Regency Black Lacquer Chinoiserie Room Divider

618 *not saved* The table is super unstable and will break if you pull it

619 Retro Microwave Rack

620 *No storage space* (2) Desks

621 marble cabinet

622 vintage cedar box

623 *NO STORAGE* Stressless chair and footstool, as is

624 Antique Hall Tree, loose

625 *NO STORAGE SPACE* Victorian marble walnut table lamp with cracked top

626 Colonial Revival Sewing Bench

627 *No storage space* Oak Microwave Rack

628 Vintage Farmhouse Maple Bench

629 vintage dollhouse

630 modern brass telescope

631 *NO STORAGE* Glass Rail Board

632 *No pantry*Large gilt mirror

633 Mirror

634 Mirror

635 Ethnographic Trunk Stool

636 Pair of Pennsylvania House Cherry Nightstands, missing a lever

637 Combined MCM, Chips and Wear Nightstand

638 Pair of gold-plated bases

639 MCM Tile Top Cocktail Table, As Is

640 Hollywood Regency MCM Bookcase

641 Beacon Hill Collection Coffee Table, Worn and Worn

642 MCM Catalog Style Bookcase

643 MCM style armchair

644 MCM chair and footstool, upholstery as is

645 MCM Style chair, as is

646 MCM linen wrapped coffee table, scratches and scuffs

647 MCM Teak Corner Bookcase, Potato Chips

648 Antique Oak Tri-Stack Bookcase

649 Hollywood Regency MCM Gold Plated Metal Coffee Table

650 Union National MCM Leaf Dining Table

651 Depression Era Linen Type

652 (4) Burke MCM Barstools, worn

653 modern console

654 MCM Campaign Style Triple Dresser Credenza, some handles are broken

655 (2) Light bulbs

656 Contemporary Oak Roll Top Table

657 needle stool

658 Edwardian carved walnut console table with loose top

659 Mahogany Game Table, As Is

660 Rivet trunk, chips

661 Eddie Bauer By Lane Nightstand

662 Vintage Maple Nightstand

663 MCM Style Teak Dresser

664 Modern Maple Nightstand

665 *No Storage Room* Modern Corner Curio

666 (4) MCM Ladderback Dining Chairs, Dirty Seats

667 Pair of MCM bedside tables

668 Lane MCM Tambour Door Walnut Credenza, marked top, light wear, handle missing

669 Edward Oak Bar Cart

670 Kincaid Dressel

671 MCM style lights

672 French country style bedside table

673 MCM Wine Cabinet

674 Rococo style coffee table

675 Vintage Maple Cabinet

676 Modern Demilune toilet

677 Modern Center Table, As Is

678 (2) Antique racks

679 Ethan Allen Maple Farmhouse Cottage

680 MCM Tile Top Cocktail Table

681 MCM oak table with four chairs

682 MCM Decorative Arts

683 *No storage* Depression era cabinets, locked

684 Mirror

685 MCM laminate end table, light wear and chipping

686 MCM double chest of drawers in walnut, sealed chest of drawers, marked top

687 Modern Cherry Silverware Cabinet

688 french country style desk desk

689 MCM dressing table

690 (2) Bulbs, scratches and wear

691 (3) bar stool

692 Drexel Cherry Triple Dresser Credenza

693 Pair the Robert Allen French Country armchair with an ottoman for a distressed interior

694 (4) Seagrass Swivel Dining Chairs

695 MCM mirror

696 MCM mirror

697 Modern farmhouse painted cottage, rest

698 French country style table and chairs

699 MCM style stacking stool

700 Reclaimed Pine Nightstand

701 asian trunk

702 ottoman, dirty

703 (6) MCM Imitation Bamboo Dining Chair

704 modern oak cabinet

705 Mirror

706 (4) Bar stools

707 Pair of rattan pencil stools

750 (4) Retro folding chairs

751 modern sunglasses

752 Pier One Pencil Rattan Mirror

753 *No storage space* Antique picture frame, as is

754 *No storage space* Mahogany bed

755 modern chest of drawers

756 sofa bed

757 old server

758 *do not save* Trunk, as is

759 *NO SAVE* White Door Workbench

759a Empire Walnut Stool

760 pair of modern bedside tables

761 french country style dresser

762 Vintage Cherry Wood Kneehole Table + Chairs

763 MCM Cherry Dropleaf Table and Four Chairs

764 MCM Walnut one-piece bookcase with wonky door

765 Colonial Revival Mahogany Claw Foot Desk

766 MCM Composite Bedside Table

767 Vintage Farmhouse Deacon's Bench

768 vintage mahogany dresser with stool and narrow drawers

769 (2) Chippendale style chairs, worn

770 Matching of MCM coffee table

771 *NO STORAGE* Breakfront Mahogany, a door stuck

772 pair of modern armchairs

773 Vintage mahogany chest of drawers with scratched top

774 Combine MCM Laminate, Chips And Wear Nightstand

775 Mahogany table, chips and clothes in rococo style

776 MCM Style Flatbed Coffee Table, Twisted

777 Pheasant taxidermy

778 Chest of drawers vintage mahogany

779 MCM style teak console

780 MCM Laminate Cedar Chest, Chips and Wear

781 Live Edge MCM Table

782 *NO STORAGE* MCM Laminated Triple Dresser, Chips & Wear

783 Antiques Jury President

784 Vintage mahogany bedside table with scuffed top

785 Great Depression Era Server

786 MCM Style Sculpture Table

787 MCM style sofa

788 Pair of Vintage Mahogany Bedside Tables

789 pair of light bulbs

790 Vintage Mahogany Server

791 *NO STORAGE* Antique Mahogany Triple Nightstand with Mirror

792 Room Divider Asia Coromandel Black Paint

793 Live Edge MCM Table

794 Lane MCM Cedar Chest, top as is

795 2-seat sofa MCM style

796 Vintage Porcelain Countertop Kitchen

797 vintage table and six chairs

798 Depression-era closets in China, locked up

799 *NO SAVE* Empire Dresser, as is

800 Vintage maple dresser, finished as is

801 MCM Style Library

802 Henredon MCM Walnut Inlaid Table with Top As Is

803 Globe Wernicke Two Stack Barrister's Bookcase, Chip Veneer

804 Vintage Maple Dresser

805 vintage cherry dresser, missing a pull

806 *NO STORAGE* MCM Breakfront catalog style

807 Empire Mahogany Shaving Mirror, Veneer Wear

808 Vintage Cherry Double Nightstand with Mirror

809 Assembled earthenware style MCM garden stool

810 MCM Directoire Style Cherry Triple Dresser Storage Cabinet, Missing Handle, One Door Locked

811 Pair of MCM style chairs

812 Pair of Efezeta stacking chairs, markings on the seats

813 (4) Rattan Swivel Armchairs

814 Antique three stack barrister bookcase with damaged veneer

815 Colonial Revival Mahogany Twin

816 antique oak table

817 (4) Fujigumi Folding Chairs

818 *doesn't save* vintage mirror

819 industrial style bench

820 MCM Metal House Factory

821 plaster relief

822 vintage chair

823 MCM Walnut, Chips and Wear Modular Shelving Unit

824 MCM Walnut executive desk with white laminate top

825 Pair of MCM style upholstered cube chairs

826 modern office chair

827 MCM Style Live Edge Table

828 *No Storage Space* MCM Bed, Triple Bedside Table & Nightstand, Dress & Chips

829 Bassett MCM Dressers, Chips & Wear

830 *No storage space* Table frame

831 Odder Aksel Kjersgaard Denmark MCM Rosewood Mirror

832 MCM dining table and six-leaf chairs

833 MCM teak dining table six chairs, seat damaged

834 Pair of MCM driveway coffee tables

835 Russell Woodard MCM Spun Fiberglass Children's Desk and Two Chairs

836 Lane MCM coffee table

837 MCM Chrome Desk Lamp

838 Matching of MCM coffee table

839 Pair of MCM armchairs with plywood seat base

840 Salterini Style Radar metal chair with footrest

841 MCM armchair

842 Matching MCM style chrome chair, some buttons missing, scratches

843 (6) Henning Kjaernulf For Vejle Stole MCM Teak Dining Chair

844 (3) Wegner chairs in MCM style, as is

845 Pair of MCM armchairs with defective upholstery

846 MCM Credenza, as is

847 MCM metal bathtub and chair

848 MCM chair

849 Lane MCM coffee table, chipped and worn

850 Bassett MCM coffee table

851 MCM stacks, clothing

852 MCM Walnut sideboard

853 MCM Chrome Chair

854 MCM Credenza Three Bedside Tables in Walnut

855 MCM Art Wall

856 Pair of MCM Lucite lamps

857 MCM teak bookcase

858 Brad. Furbo Denmark MCM Teak Magazine Rack

859 MCM teak bookcase

860 MCM original fabric stool

861 キομμό MCM Walnut Gentleman Dressing Table

862 Bassett MCM Walnut

863 MCM chrome and smoked glass Etagere bookcase

864 MCM footstool

865 MCM Hollywood Regency Wine Bar

866 MCM teak bedside table, finish scuffed and slightly chipped

867 MCM carved coffee table, coffee table missing glass top

868 Pair of MCM armchairs

869 MCM metal desk

870 MCM Chrome Plated Bar Cart

871 Pair of Milo Baughman Club Chairs

872 MCM style chair

873 MCM Free Form coffee table

874 Pair of MCM end tables, complete wear

875 (2) Play movie poster

876 Chair with MCM upholstery

877 MCM chrome armchair

878 Dixie MCM Triple Nightstand and Nightstand in Walnut

879 MCM lights

880 Natuzzi MCM pendant light

881 Walnut Dixie MCM

882 Burke MCM Molded Plastic Armchair

883 MCM Coffee Tables, Chipped & Worn Finishes

884 Vejle Danish MCM Rosewood Coffee Table Chair

885 Denmark MCM Teak Desk, Marks On Top

886 Pair of MCM walnut chairs

887 MCM smoking rack

888 MCM Gold Coffee Table, Finish Worn

889 Pair of bedside tables in MCM walnut

890 MCM lights

891 MCM style chrome footstool

892 Andy Warhol poster

893 MCM printing

894 MCM Abstract Painting

895 MCM Abstract Painting

896 MCM Abstract Painting

897 MCM Abstract Painting

898 (4) MCM black and chrome chairs

899 MCM header

900 MCM Metal Wall Art

901 Regina Agran MCM Wall Art

902 MCM Art Wall

1000 Spine 115" X 98".

1001 53" X 34' back

1002 Spine 60" X 36".

1004 Spine 30" X 23".

1005 Spine 60" X 40".

1006 37' X 24" back

1007 Spine 38" X 25".

1008 Spine 26" X 20".

1009 Spine 26" X 23".

1010 Spine 72" X 48".

1011 Spine 84" X 50".

1012 86' X 43" back

1013 Spine 62" X 42".

1014 Spinner 117" X 34".

1015 Spine 60" X 36".

1016 Spinner 108" X 45".

1017 Spine 55" X 39".

1018 Spine 72" X 46".

1019 Spine 30" X 23".

1020 Spine 32" X 23".

1021 Spine 92" X 73".

1022 Spine 38" X 24".

1023 Spine 93" X 67".

1024 Spine 36" X 23".

1025 Spine 96" X 67".

1026 Spine 93" X 66".

1027 Spine 75" X 51".

1028 Spinner 156" X 45".

1029 Spine 72" X 47".

1030 Spine 72" X 47".

1031 Oval Rug 103" X 75".

1032 Spinner wheels 122" X 31".

1033 Spine 72" X 48".

1034 Spine 124" X 86".

1035 Spinner 189" X 31".

1036 Spine 50" X 30".

1037 135" X 95" Rear

1038 Spine 132" X 99".

1039 Spine 120" X 98".

1040 145" X 110" Rear

1041 141" X 103" Rear

1042 Spine 90" X 64".

1043 Spine 96" X 65".

1044 Spine 87" X 49".

1045 Spine 115" X 70".

1046 Spine 129" X 98".

1047 Spine 72" X 48".

1048 43' X 32" back

1049 Spine 56" X 40".

1050 Spine 41" X 26".

1051 31" X 21' back

1052 26" X 24' back

1053 42" X 29' back

1054 Spine 70" X 50".

1055 Spine 100" X 65".

1056 Spine 77" X 50".

1057 Spine 89" X 61".

1058 Spine 89" X 62".

1060 Dog Bed/Pad 36" X 30'

1502 Vintage cast iron railroad stop sign

1503 Construction salvage iron railing 2pcs

1504 Various flower pots

1505 Outdoor Table and Chairs 3pc Metal Patio, Copper Bucket

1506 (2) Vintage wooden paddles

1507 (4) Vintage metal chairs with cushions

1508 5 Piece Vintage Iron Antarenni Table and Chair Set

1509 3 Piece Vintage Iron Woodard Patio Table and Chairs Set

1510 5 tier metal shelving unit

1511 Modern Metal Chair Black Strap

1512 Set of 4 wicker chairs, teak style base, trolley

1513 Metallic glass, countertops, gardens, trellises and more.

1514 Vintage wooden picnic tables and benches

1515 Pair of Antique Brass Andylons

1516 2 vintage bicycles

1517 Trailmate, tricycle for adults

1518 Plexiglass coffee table

1519 Mckenzie Childs Floral Watering Can

1520 Bakers Metal Shelf with Glass Shelves

1520a 2 τμχ vintage 35lb plow anchors etc.

1521 Lots of kid-sized WouldnT Adirondack chairs, metal buckets, birdbaths, and more.

1521a Vintage Eagle Weathervane Orienting

1522 (2) Vintage Brass Ship Portholes

1523 (3) metal base and chair

1524 4 galvanized metal outdoor chairs

1525 (5) PC metal outdoor garden table and chair set

1526 (3) Department painted wooden rocking chairs and tables

1527 Vintage, ChildS Wagon, Brass Chandelier, Pickaxe, Original Table, κ.λπ.

1528 Antique original wheelbarrow trolley and wheels

1529 2 marble iron bottom table

1530 Vintage cast concrete garden bench

1531 Many antique milk jugs, metal plant stands and hooks

1532 Vintage greenhouse display with salvaged windows

1533 Plenty of vintage galvanized washers and mounts

1534 A large number of antique ox yokes, columns, etc.

1535 (4) Glass Folding Outdoor Patio Tables

1536 Lots of carpentry trays, ceramic flower pots

1537 Lots of pottery pots, succulents κ.λπ

1538 (5) Vintage Pepsi Bottle Boxes

1539 Lotta Vintage Wooden Fruit Box

1540 Lots of Vintage Frog Gigs, tripods

1541 2 Metal Outdoor Planter Stands

1542 (5) Retro wooden restaurant signboard

1543 Incorporate a work light on a tripod

1544 Vintage bench in dirt bike style, upside down

1545 Vintage wooden wakeboards, paddles and more.

1546 Bulk whiskey crates, bell rings, baskets and more

1547 Antique metal yard barrow, iron wheels

1548 Vintage Well Pump + Decorative Modern Pump Display

1549 Two Tier Metal and Wooden Garden Shelf Resin Figure Rogers Brothers Plaster Statue

1550 Set of 4 Vintage Iron Outdoor Patio Chairs and Glass Table

1551 Collection of wooden and plastic castings and roosters, concrete bird statues

1552 painted corner cabinet, whiskey chest, metal stool

1553 (4) Pc Vintage, Outdoor Metal and Vinyl Chairs with Straps, Rocker Gliders and Tables

1554 Iron and metal stationary container, wooden ladder, projector trolley with wheels

1555 Bakers Metal Shelf with Glass Shelves

1556 Plastic children's chair, dog pot, metal plant hanger base

1557 (2) Retro metal cabinets

1558 Vintage Metal Nabisco Shelf Display

1559 Pair of straight-blade oars with paddle locks

1560 Lean Venture Wicker Sofa

1561 Cast Concrete Fawn Garden Statue

1563 the bench

1564 3 Vintage Wooden Rocking Horses, Trap Art Smoking Rack, Metal Kids Chair

1565 3 tier kitchen style metal shelf

1566 Flower shaped retro metal chandelier

1567 Plenty of raw butter churns, cast iron cauldrons, skillets, coolers and more.

1568 (10) Vintage chairs, upholstered bar stools and school chairs

1569 2 Poured Concrete Garden Pots

1570 2 Antique architectural window frames without glass

1571 5ft Terracotta Tomb Warrior Statue

1572 (2) Large old concrete pouring containers

1573 2 industrial base metal stools

1574 Vintage wooden propeller blades

1575 2 wooden oars, oars

1576 glass rattan table

1577 Outdoor terrace table and chairs 5pcs

1578 5pcs metal outdoor cabinets, tables, corner shelves, etc.

1579 Antique oak office chair, as is

1580 Metal Garden Trellis Yard Art With Bells

1581 Lots of cast iron corn pots, Naughty Nellie boots, jacks, old street signs, metal animals, cutouts and more.

1582 2 Vintage, Wood and Plastic Coca-Cola and Drink Me Soda Bottles

1583 Retro ship searchlight and siren

1584 Coffee table with marble iron base

1585 (2) Rectangular Metal Grille

1586 Knowlton No.1 Buck and Long, Wire and Wooden Bed

1587 many golf clubs

1588 Iron frame sofa bed without mattress

1589 Composite Outdoor Dining Area

1590 Iron scope on bracket

1591 Metal Tech 6ft Baker Utility Scaffolding Nib

1592 Lots of antique and modern wall lights, chandeliers and more.

1593 2 graphic weathervane directions, angel and horse

1594 Nautical Lot Ship's Wheel, No Glass Portholes

1595 Vintage 30 mph village speed limit sign

1596 Oh, and the Coca-Cola metal billboard.

1597 Metal Cambridge Creek Auto Quaker State Advertising Sign

1598 Pair of car repair ramps

1599 A pair of log machine frames

1600 3 Vintage Rotary Gigs and Planters

1601 Antique original wooden work box tin appraisal with perforation

1602 Craftsman 3 Gallon Air Compressor

1603 Vintage steamships Wheel and Binnacle dock

1604 Lots of boat spare parts, ladders, buoys, anchors, propellers

1605 Red Robin Burger and beer double sided billboard

1606 2 anchors

1607 Vintage A.P. Smith Co Cast Iron Fire Hydrant

1608 MCM style glass table

1609 Antique Forchnüer market scale with boom

1610 Large galvanized containers, pails, pails, etc.

1611 Bulk Gas Tanks, Smoking Racks, Bug AtomizerS and more.

1612 Lots of vintage metal, patio lounge chairs, metal tables, tray racks and more.

1613 Set of 5 Wooden Lobster Trap

1614 Lots of boat fenders, anchors, fishing rods

1615 2 τεμ. rolling trolley

1616 Original vintage wood and iron outdoor bench

1617 the bench

1618 Skateboard set, painted boat, paddle, tires, planter stand and vase

1619 Outdoor tables and chairs set of 7

1620 old architectural rolls of salvaged houses

1621 Metal Utility Pull Cart

1622 Wooden bench in a room painted with mud

1623 Outdoor metal patio table and chairs set of 5

1624 Al vintage metal outdoor patio table has a nice

1625 Vintage Metal Outdoor Patio Table

1626 5-Piece Vintage Metal Outdoor Patio Table and Chairs Set

1627 4pcs metal outdoor chairs and rocking chairs

1628 4 Pieces Outdoor Space Metal Chairs and Side Tables

1629 Set of 4 Metal Outdoor Patio Chairs, Seats, Side Tables

1630 2pcs Vintage White Painted Metal Outdoor Patio Chairs

1631 4pcs metal outdoor patio chairs with cushions

1632 Outdoor tables and chairs set of 7

1633 6 τεμ. Hampton Cove Outdoor Patio Chairs with Cushions

1634 Metal Base Outdoor Planter, Driftwood Bird, Bent Wood Planter

1635 2 bikes, Magna and Windstream

1636 metal hanging plant stand

1637 6 wrought iron fences

1638 Antique architectural salvage wooden doors etc.

1639 Antique architectural solid wood door, screen door

1640 Stained glass chandeliers and ceiling lights

1641 Blythe Wood Works Cedar Rabbit Cage

1642 Vintage cast iron hitch posts and fireplace grates

1643 Ocean Art Wood Carved Totem Pole

1644 Royal teak 9 piece outdoor table and chair set with extendable table and integrated leaves

1645 Outdoor royal teak captain's chairs set of 2

1646 Lot Glass Block Windows Nέο

1647 3 painted wooden chairs, Adirondack style

1648 Vintage MCM Glass Top Coffee Table with Brass Trim

1649 5 propane tanks

1650 Craftsman Toolbox on Wheels

1651 2 vintage salvaged window panels

1652 lots of bar fixtures

1653 outdoor garden bench metal and wood

1654 Vintage 7-Piece Outdoor Glass Table and Chair Set

1655 3 window air conditioners, working condition

1656 Vintage Women's Raleigh Bicycle

1657 Cannondale Kids Bikes

1658 Vintage Spaulding Blade Women's Bike

1659 Silver Canyon Lava MTB

1660 Audi A3 stroller with battery

1661 Batch of bicycles, wheels and bicycle parts

1662 Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer Outdoor Display

1663 Big signboard with hand drawn wooden red inscription

1664 Large Antique Embossed Baking Powder Girl Clabber Sign

1665 (4) Vintage MCM Style Fiberglass Molded Chairs with Cushions

1666 Vintage Double Sided Duroc Pig Advertising Sign

1667 coffee table glass top metal base

1668 2 Iron Outdoor Patio Tables, No Glass Tops

1669 2 vintage metal outdoor patio chairs

1670 2 folding outdoor sunbeds

1671 Invalid/Injured Walker W Brakes

1672 4 tools, chainsaw, compound miter saw, leaf blower, etc.

1673 Vintage Raleigh C 30 Bicycle

1674 Schwinn Cascade 21 Speed ​​Bike

1675 Schwinn Thrasher bike

1676 Trek 7200 Multitrack Bike

1677 300 lb air hoist, chains, gears, etc.

1678 Cast Iron Kitty Andy Long

1679 Sports Seats Folding Memorial Stadium

1680 Five tier metal bookshelf with glass shelves and cast iron garden art mushrooms

1681 (2) White painted wooden rocking chairs

1682 oversized ceramic jar decorated with red paint

1683 2 Vintage Patriotic Decorative Milk Jugs

1684 Vintage Metal Weatherhead Fuel and Oil Line Lab Box

1685 Vintage westinghouse metal cabinets, reclaimed, outdoor lighting and gas station style lampshades

1686 Vintage Wooden Lobster Trap

1686a Original antique, grinding wheel on pedestal

1687 As-is metal and wood outdoor garden bench with milk glass ceiling shade

1688 (2) Antique architectural salvage cast iron heating excellent

1689 Antique cast iron benches, Newel Post, electric meters, old door locks and more.

1690 (3) Vintage Butcher T-Shirts

1691 Marble slab from an old chest of drawers

1692 Large metal letters recycled from outdoor signs

1693 metal birdcage, wood and fabric

1694 Two-Piece Vintage Concrete Garden Statue and Pedestal

2000 Lot (4) of Bicycles, Schwinn, Sidewinder, etc.

2001 Lot, Werner Ladder, Sawhorse, Refrigerator, Saw Table and more.

year 2002 Lots, children, vans, art tables and easels, tricycles, κ.λπ.

Year 2003 (3) Paddle boards

year 2004 Larks, kayaks and supplies

2005 Metal patio carts, bikes, roof racks, chains, 25 gallon tub with sprayer and more.

year 2006 Plenty of water, toys, skis and wakeboards, life jackets

2007 Lot (3) Children's bicycles

Year 2008 (2) Giant Bikes

2009 Various fishing rods and tackle boxes.

2010 Cracksman Limited Edition Tool Chess.

year 2011 Polaris Pressure Washers

2012 Canoe Dagger and Romany Ses

2013 2 dining room servant racks.

2014 Planters, stands and outdoor tables

2015 wooden leg support, running board

2016 scaffold

2017 scaffold

2018 Various vintage tools

2019 2 wooden boxes and glass balls

2020 Three outdoor folding chairs

2021 Assortment of vintage fishing rods

2022 2 metal fire hydrants

2023 2 wooden boxes and 2 wooden boxes

2024 Various plastic containers.

2025 Antique desk.

2026 Various metal wheels and brackets

2027 Lot angle brackets, brackets, scaffolding equipment

2028 vintage metal scaffolding

2029 vintage metal scaffolding

2030 vintage metal scaffolding

2031 Metal outdoor set of 3 and chair with cushion

2032 2 8-pole clamp

2033 5 metal outdoor patio chairs without cushions

2034 many plastic bags

2035 Honda lawn mower, not tested

2036 2 plastic folding tables

2037 Grumman Aluminum Canoe

2038 4 Vintage Portable Heaters

2039 Large collection of antique corn shellers, children's chairs, glass, top tables, sausage presses, folding chair signs and miller lamps

2040 Plenty of glass coffee tables and cast iron cooking pots

2041 Lot Little Tykes Kitchen, ChildS Bike, Body Panels, κ.λπ.

2042 Batches, recovery containers, gas and oil containers, wires, pipes, etc.

2043 Lot Yard Tools, Scrap, Windows, Folding Tables, Tool Boxes, κ.λπ.

2044 Lots of bar stools, ramps, woven baskets, antique enamel tables, as-is

2045 Lots of dog crates, sprayers, old suitcases, metal, filing cabinets, folding tables, sinks and more.

2046 Lot Yard, Tools, Small Kennels, Homelite Mower κ.λπ.

2047 Nu-Vu Double Galley Ovens and Processors

2048 Lot Igloo Cooler, Ladders, Metal Boxes, Houses, Shutters, Grills and more.

2049 2 metal hangers

2050 Ashton Surfboard and Dekine Surfboard Bag

2051 Work bench wood top with metal drawer base

2052 vintage iron vise

2053 Lots of shovels, hands, tools, wrenches, toolboxes, etc.

2054 Lot Richard, Craftsman, Dayton, Wet Dry VacS, Vacuum Cleaner

2055 Tool box with wheels, 6 gallon air compressor, and more.

2056 Gun safe with key and military case

2057 Yard Plastic Tool Holder, Ryobi Pressure, Washer, Raccoon Trap Nose

2058 Duncan propane, grills, functions, speakers, popcorn, machines and more.

2059 Vintage and Modern Duck and Goose Baits, Herters and more

2060 Lot Blackhawk, Gcv Honda Pressure, Gaskets, Rear Holes, Excavators, Gas Tanks and more.

2061 6ft Werner Folding Ladder

2062 stroller

2063 mongoose bike

2064 Vintage fiberglass boat and 7ft wakeboard

2065 Wheelbase and Box

2066 Lifetime Fathom Paddle Board

2067 Trinity Bay Boat Company kayaks.

2068 Gannett Neck Kayaking

2069 2 anchors and life buoy

2070 Various garden decorations and planter stands

2071 Various flower pots and metal pergolas

2072 Sears Craftsman 33 Gallon Air Compressor

2073 8 plastic and folding tops

2074 Metal shelves and storage units

2075 Two Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chairs

2076 outdoor wooden rattan chair

2077 2 origami metal folding frames

2078 2 origami metal folding frames

2079 wire rack

2080 Snow shovel and sled game

2081 Vintage Duncan Parking Meters

2082 Cast iron fireplace at the foot of Anthem

2083 Vintage painted, cast, iron fishing boy, rodless

2084 Vintage wooden coca cola crate, water bottle and pitcher

2085 Marble 3 piece metal bistro table chair set

2086 Vintage wooden swing on a pedestal

2087 Antique and modern rocking chairs, piano stools, sofa tables

2088 antique saw and bow

2089 2 folding beach chairs

2090 many plastic bags

2091 pole canopy set Stilia W

2092 Schwinn Stingray Choppers Bicycle

2093 Husky Plastic Jobs Lock Box

2094 Trailer Hitch Storage Attachment

2095 Brass hydraulic snake

2096 fire extinguisher and anchor

2097 Perception Swifty 3.1 Single Kayak.

2098 lock vintage fishing rod

2099 steele weeder etc.

2100 Fish and blue heron camping wooden sign

2101 Lots of galvanized buckets, watering cans, etc.

2102 A lot of vintage car engine parts

2103 2 carts

2104 Suncast Utility Plastic Cabinet

2105 many refrigerators

2106 Slingland drums, Sears typewriters, chisels, and more

2107 Rod iron doors, lamps, coolers, etc.

2108 Lamps, vases, customization, toys, etc.

2109 Cast Iron Pans, Electric Blowers, Ndms Storage Boxes, etc.

2110 Chaos Bmx Bike and Viatmaster Rotocycle

2111 salvaged building doors

2112 Desk lamp, Coca-Cola bottle and trolley with radio flyer

2113 Wagner Hvlp Painter Sprayer, Bit and Box

2114 Glass table with 4 chairs and cushions

2115 marble table

2116 4 metal chairs with cushions

2117 2 wooden rocking chairs

2118 3 patio style chairs with cushions

2119 La Jolla Street Crusher and Mintcraft Bikes

2120 Wakeboards, chairs, pool ladders, etc.

2121 Heavy-duty workshop vacs, vintage tools, plant pots, and more

2122 raised flower beds

2123 raised flower beds

2124 raised flower beds

2125 Troy-Bilt Tiller

2126 Pots, Shelves, and Bird Statues

2127 various metal inscriptions

2128 metal outdoor whirlwind show

2129 Schwimmer Sting Ray Bicycle

2130 4 bikes

2131 Electric Log Splitter Five Ton Seismic

2132 Everlast Boxing Bag

2133 antique file drawer

2134 Unassembled Next Bmx Bike

2135 4 Chainsaw

2136 iron pot

2137 wooden wooden

2138 antique wooden sled

2139 newsstand

2140 concrete planter

2141 Everbrite Electric 的 7Up Sign

2142 Metal tanks, buckets and windows

2500 Batch frame printing, perforated tin lamps, ice bucket lamps, etc.

2501 A large number of vintage teacups, old porcelain plates, gold-rimmed preserves, etc.

2502 Large selection of vintage books, leather bindings and more

2503 Large collection of antique original cooking pots, cleavers, vises κ.λπ

2504 Antique oil lamps, framed cloth, face clocks, carved vases, etc.

2505 Lots of vintage chocolate molds, tobacco jars, vintage bottles and more.

2506 Large collection of vintage books, framed puzzles for kids and more

2507 Lots of vintage wooden children's toys

2508 Large selection of antique leather bound books, iron doors, framed embroidery and more

2509 A large collection of antique picture frames, stone tiles, framed art, oil lamps, etc.

2510 Large collection of antique/vintage books

2511 Batch cans, antique boxes, threaded shafts, and more

2512 A large number of antique stoneware pots, wooden bowls, woven baskets, framed paintings, etc.

2513 Large collection of antique painted porcelain cups, saucers, plates, framed artwork

2514 Bulk Wooden Bowls, Bag Boards, Sponge Bowls, etc.

2515 Lots of original baskets, metal mugs, old advertising boxes and more

2516 Lots of vintage/antique oriental decor

2517 Large collection of antique Victorian picture frames and prints, French porcelain plates

2518 Batch forming horse head statues, aluminum bowls, mayorca vegetable baskets

2519 lots of jewelry

2520 Vintage cake pans, kitchen scales and brass plates

2521 Large collection of cobalt blue decorative Rowe stoneware pottery and more

2522 Large jar of oriental ginger

2523 Tons of original pantry items, cutting boards, photos, and more

2524 Lots of antique stoneware, jugs, etc.

2525 Collect coins, banknotes, stocks, bonds and more

2526 Collect stamps, photo albums and more

2527 Lots of jewellery, stamps and ephemera

2528 Large collection of antique/antique blankets/quilts

2529 lots of jewelry

2530 Many woven rugs, blankets, etc.

2531 Great selection of vintage clothing and accessories

2532 Antique pyrography boxes, Spelter boy figurines, stone vases, oriental figurines and more.

2533 Bulk Silver Plates/Metal Trays/Dinnerware, Framed Artwork, Old Frames and more.

2534 Large collection of vintage license plates, beer logos, belt buckles and more

2535 Lot Folk Art Doll、Keg Bank、Ford Catalogue 等

2536 Lots of antique ceramic jugs, washing machines, coolers, lanterns and more.

2537 Large collection of antique stone tools, coolers, glass insulators and more

2538 Plenty of working duck bait

2539 Glass dishes, plates, preserves, etc.

2540 Antique oil lamps, printing plates, old radios, etc.

2541 Lots of antique sheet music, old yearbooks, etc.

2542 Collect old buttons, cutlery, silver plates, and more

2543 glasses photo collection

2544 Large collection of vintage/antique bottles

2545 Lot Of Little People Cabbage Dolls, Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls, and more.

2546 Collect shells, coral and more

2548 (2) Coca-Cola Bottle Sleeves

2549 (3) Coca-Cola Bottle Sleeves

2550 (3) Coca-Cola Bottle Sleeves

2552 Many leaded stained glass lamps and chandeliers

2553 Large collection of antique/vintage books

2554 Tons of vintage instruments, trumpets, xylophones, and more

2555 Large selection of antique luggage, suitcases and more

2556 A large number of wooden characters, celestial porcelain plates, lizard statues, ship clocks, etc.

2557 Lots of vintage military uniforms and more

2558 Lots of antique original hand tools

2559 Many vintage hand and power tools

2560 Collect Vinrage promotional boxes, cans, Garcia Vega cigar clocks, and more.

2561 Many violins and fiddles (as is)

2562 lots of vintage children's books

2563 collect shells etc.

2564 Lots of hunting decorations, puff phones, shooting boxes, Winchester calendar discs and more.

2565 many corning dishes

2566 many corelle dishes

2567 bird duck bait for many jobs

2568 Lots of MCM ice buckets, matchbox collections, Bruce Fox aluminum trays, and more.

2569 Lots of clam rakes (as is) oyster containers, signs, compasses, etc.

2570 Many vintage Christmas ornaments, decorations, Santa and more

2571 Many anchors, sea glass art κ.λπ

2572 many oriental decorations

2573 Plenty of wooden duck baits

2576 Lot Fenton Epergnes, art glass vases and more

2577 Great collection of MCM sets and mugs for mushroom jars, Hawaiian decorations, brass masks and more.

2578 Lot Jewelry Jewelry Necklaces, Bracelets and More

2579 many vintage baseball cards

2580 Plenty of embroidered pillows such as birds and loafers

2581 Lots of embroidered pillows with cats, dogs, lighthouses, and more

2582 Large collection of vintage framed art prints

2583 Collection of dog statues

2584 Large collection of vintage Hull art pottery, carnival glass bowls, flower pots κ.λπ

2585 Large collection of vintage rotary phones, microphones, cassette players and more

2586 *Will NOT Ship* Lots of vintage outboard oil, wooden ammo boxes, and more.

2587 Collection of vintage radio tubes

2588 Lots of retro games, kiss board games and more

2589 Lots of Fostoria Clear Glass Plates, Cups, Saucers, Jugs and more

2590 Lots of vintage/antique crochet, costume jewelry, etc.

2591 Ovation Acoustic Electric Guitar and Soft Case

2592 Large collection of vintage 19thc magazines, newspapers and more

2593 Collection of vintage military helmets

2594 Many metal boxes, case boxes, hardware trays, etc.

2595 Lots of vintage wooden wine boxes and more

2596 Collect vintage military gear, bags, prefect photos, and more

2597 Lots of antique/vintage stuff, add engines etc

2598 Heat-resistant glass chemical batches, etc.

2599 Lots of vintage electronics, radios, video systems, etc.

2600 Collect ancient religious memorabilia

2601 batch ephemera

2602 A large collection of antique statues, art glass, vases, chests of drawers and more

2603 Large collection of antique and collectible books

2604 Lot Swan Head Urn Lamp, Oriental Pottery Tea Set, Mirror

2605 Lots of books on sailing, seaside mysteries, etc.

2606 Lots of doggy boot brushes, yoga mats, Sunbeam cookware, and more.

2607 Lots of books on Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia

2608 Die-casting aircraft, Texaco wings and other series

2609 Die-casting aircraft, Texaco wings, Exxon Mobil and other series

2610 Vintage Dinnerware Sets, Wooden Boxes, Peavey Amp, Hershey Tin and more.

2611 many wooden footstools

2612 Bulk framing of printed matter, weather stations, wooden boxes, glass boxes, etc.

2613 Extensively sculpted lure bodies and heads

2614 many vintage hand tools

2615 Lots of vintage/antique items, wooden planes, skeleton keys, etc.

2616 Great collection of vintage dollhouses and dollhouse furniture

2617 Collect ceramic figurines, small coffee sets, glass coffee tables and more.

2618 Die-casting airplanes, toy cars, transport vehicles, etc.

2619 Many retro character glasses

2620 Large collection of vintage metal dollhouses, furniture and more

2621 Radio Shack Trs-80 Microcomputer System

2622 Collect Star Trek Books, Magazines, and More

2623 many game system controllers

2624 Vintage boxed racing toys, remote controls, model engines, and more

2625 Et Figures and Memorabilia Collection

2626 many die cast racing cars

2627 Lots of box race cars, model trucks and more

2628 Vintage Metal and Plastic Toy Cars and Trucks Collection

2629 Lots of Die Cast Tractor Trailers

2630 Lots of Star Trek memorabilia and magazines

2631 Batch Die Cast Racing

2632 Many military models, tanks, planes, ships and more

2633 Lots of vintage model cars in a box

2634 Lots of vintage action figures, toys and more

2635 A large number of die-cast racing cars, etc.

2636 Large collection of vintage metal dollhouses, furniture and more

2637 Lots of game console remotes, Pinoeer receivers, Futaba remote control systems

2638 Many console remotes, games, etc.

2639 many vintage character glasses

2640 Many model trains, engines, friction devices and more

2641 Many vintage model railroad buildings, tracks and more

2642 Many vintage model train cars, trains, engines and more

2643 Many retro character glasses

2644 Beano Books & Comics and other series

2645 Collection of vintage postcards

2646 Large selection of opalescent glass dishes, wooden bowls, Nassau water bottles and more.

2648 Lots of framed prints, Bauer fish sculptures, fishing tackle

2649 Lots of books on the Chesapeake Bay, decoys, boats, and more

2656 Lots of vintage cast iron pots, pigs, lanterns

2657 Lots of glass humanoid paperweights, Swarovski crystals, Radio κ.λπ

2658 Antique Wood Planer, Square, Shillelagh κ.λπ

2660 Vintage painted Dutch wooden shoes, dragon vases, antique stone tools and more.

2661 Lots of vintage metal tripods and more

2664 Shark Portable Steam Pocket

2665 Lots of vintage Coke bottles, Firestone tire ashtrays, hat racks and more

2666 Lots of vintage hand tools, micro screws and more

2667 Batch of Dockpro Commercial Grade Dock Boat Bumpers

2668 A large number of antique prints, Danish porcelain, oriental ginger jars, etc.

2669 Large collection of vintage cat, animal, dog, angel and santa mugs

2670 lots of vintage comics

2671 Many antique wooden children's toys

2672 Large collection of china and earthenware teapots, decanters and more.

2674 Collect flower frogs, vases, opal glass, Roswell vases and more.

2675 Lots of vintage kitchen tools, oil lamps, snack plates and more

2676 Lots of vintage enamel jars, Sinclair soaps, ladies hats, Aladdin lamps

2677 Many vintage Pyrex bowls and plates

2678 Lots of vintage wooden lazy susans with glasses, grape cookie jars, seagull figures and more.

2679 Oyster tins and French enamel oyster plates

2680 Lots of vintage chandeliers, bakelite stands, coffee tables and more

2681 many vintage bear arrows

2682 Great selection of Mac tool accessories, 12 volt tools and batteries

2683 Large selection of air tools and chargers

2689 Many retro character glasses

2690 Many retro character glasses

2691 Many retro character glasses

2692 Batch cast iron mechanical workbench, scales

2693 Lot Tashray Collection, Humidor Lids, Beer Tap Pulls

2694 Large collection of vintage Pan Am toy airplanes, ambulances, binoculars and more

2695 Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

2696 Vintage Tonka Truck + New Metal Mail Truck

2697 Modern pressed steel Tonka truck

2698 antique telephone

2699 Lots of Vintage Nylint trucks, thermoses, toys and more

2700 A large number of antique clocks, oil lamps, mirror holders

2702 Large collection of vintage hanging prism crystals

2703 Lots of vintage/antique figurines, covered cake pans, wall clocks and more

2704 Collect walking sticks, antique shortening stones, garden ornaments and more.

2705 Lots of vintage rails, Lionel engines, die-cast trucks, tonka beans κ.λπ.

2706 Numerous albums, framed Michael Jackson prints, and more

2707 Plenty of Harley Davidson Teddy Bears

2708 Large selection of antique and modern china, bowls, kitchenware and more

2709 Lots of Shore Birds, Noodle Cups, Pyrex Bowls, Coffee Grinder, and more.

2710 Large selection of antique/vintage kitchen tools, enamelled utensils, tripods and more

2711 CD with lots of music

2712 Large collection of antique enamel pots, watering cans, bowls and jugs

2713 Large collection of vintage enamel pots, bowls and colanders

2714 Large collection of vintage jugs, bowls and jugs with enamel splashes

2715 CD with lots of music

2716 Metal lot signs, deer hoof stands, stained glass chandeliers, cast iron lighthouses and more.

2717 Many nautical decorations, signs and more

2718 Lot Cuckoo Clock, Chell, Weather Station, Waterford Glasses, Barometer and more.

2719 Lots of music CDs, mugs, footstools, etc.

2720 Dolls, Clothes and Carriers, Blackamoor Plant Pot Collection, Shot Glass Collection

2721 Plenty of royal typewriters, hats, cedar boxes, etc.

2722 Many brass cartridge cases for reloading, fiddling, etc.

2724 Many vintage models in original boxes

2725 Lots of vintage tools, antique saws, welding masks

2726 2 vintage adding machines

2727 Large amount of American tourist luggage

2728 Lot of ceramic Christmas trees, busts and head art pottery

2729 Lot Corning War Vegetables, Godinger Tea Set, Bean Pot, etc.

2730 Tons of drawing tools, Tropicana hats, advertising pencils and more

2731 Lots of racing memorabilia, die-cast cars, pocket knives and more

2732 Massive Baits, Carved Ardvark Marble, Large Brass Bell

2733 Lots of advertising ice picks, standard motor jacks, fraternity paddles κ.λπ

2734 Lots of Photos of Antique Cabinets

2735 Huge Collection of Vintage Boy Scout Patches, Stamps and More

2736 Antique flower frogs, old metal letters, telephones, Pippen fruit boxes and more.

2737 Lots of cast iron toys, glass bead tubes, lamps, etc.

2738 Lots of marbles, slides, Cody Colt blaster, noise maker clicker κ.λπ.

2739 Huge collection of vintage Intellivision games, gaming systems, and more in boxes

2740 Large collection of antique photographs, cellophane, woodcuts, blackface photographs

2741 Great collection of vintage gun holsters, military insignia, folk art dolls and carved wood figures

2742 Lots of vintage cameras, stereoscopes, Polaroids and more

2743 Lots of vintage ice cream scoops, sifters, old postcards and more

2744 A collection of figure candlestick lamps, silver plates/metal discs, mirrors, pyrography boxes, etc.

2745 Many ship prints and models

2746 Large collection of vintage bird boxes and plates

2748 vintage dollhouses, furniture, framed art, porcelain dolls

2749 Lots of vintage toys, Hot Wheels boxes, Hubley tractors, cans and more.

2750 Lot Emile Henry Cook Pot, Longaberger Pie Plate, Star Wreath Porcelain Plate and more.

2751 Weksler Temperature Chart Recorders

2752 Massive Resin Gaerden Outdoor Statue, Pepsi Tray, Watercolors

2753 Large collection of Longaberger baskets, framed artwork

2754 many ducks decorative bait

2755 Lots of vintage/antique metal cutlery, Saad iron, etc.

2756 Massive Enchanted Stage Figure Mug by Alex + Porcelain Nude Lady Statue

2757 many oriental decorations

2758 many ducks decorative bait

2759 Lot Horse Haynes、Yoke、Cowbell、Firkin Bucket

2760 retro socket set

2761 Lots of vintage keys and tools

2762 Many vintage hand tools

2763 Many vintage hand tools

2764 Many vintage hand tools

2765 lots of retro rock albums

2766 many antique books

2767 Lots of vintage board games etc

2768 Large collection of antique victorian style umbrellas/umbrellas

2769 Vintage Ladies Purses, Gloves, Hand Fans and More

2770 Lots of vintage brass candle holders, antique bookcases, vases and more

2771 A large number of carved wooden animals, models and pestles, carved wooden boxes, etc.

2772 Huge collection of framed prints, clown drawings, beer signs, mirrors and more

2773 A large number of retro wooden boxes, old telephones, doll furniture, etc.

2774 Lot Decorator Style Duck and Goose Bait

2775 Lots of vintage cameras, video cameras

2776 Antique alabaster lamps, sunrise ginger vases, art glass vases and more.

2777 Batch of Baltimore Ravens bobbleheads, ruby ​​red candy discs

2778 Many Xbox360, Playstation2, etc. video games

2779 Large collection of vintage/antique hand tools

2780 Large collection of vintage Norman Rockwell figurines

2781 Lots of vintage Corelle plates, Singer sewing machine

2782 Lots of vintage hand tools, nail guns, etc.

2783 batch of vintage cameras

2784 Lot George & Martha Washington Portraits, Corning Tableware & More

2785 Large collection of vintage 45 records

2786 Many video games, Wii, Playstation2, Xbox360

2787 many video games, consoles, etc.

2788 A large number of copper lamps, footstools, angle grinders, etc.

2789 Large collection of vintage wood carving ornaments, carved figures, plates, mushrooms and more.

2790 Lots of carved wood masks, owl cookie jars, horse pottery sculptures and more.

2792 A collection of vintage/antique dolls, doll benches, etc.

2793 Lot Hobnail Salt Cellars、Burmese Glass Jar、Hen On Nest Salts 等。

2794 many faux ornaments

2795 A collection of miniature pottery figures, houses, cobalt hens in salt cellars, etc.

2796 Artistic pottery umbrella stands, iron stone soup bowls, candied portraits, etc.

2797 Batch of Barbie and wrestling action figures

2798 Many Vintage Venture magazines

2799 Lots of vintage/antique silverware/metal cutlery + chests

2800 3-Pack Vintage H Bar C Western Shirts

2801 Lots of Vintage Richie Rich Comic Books

2802 lots of jewelry

2803 lots of vintage album records

2804 A large number of retro table lamps and kettles

2807 Lots of vintage aluminum/metal dinner plates and more

2808 Lot Vintage Dolls, Jim Shore Figures, Doll Carriers

2809 Lots of vintage dolls, plush monkeys and more

2810 Lots of vintage dolls, cans, antique hanging oil lamps and more

2812 Lots of nautical decorations, plaster captains, boat wedges, fish sculptures

2813 Vintage/Antique Pressed Steel Tonka Trucks, Tractors, Clockwork Tractors and more.

2814 Large collection of vintage art pottery, McCoy, Hull κ.λπ

2815 many vintage license plates

2816 Large collection of vintage Suntone bowls, tabletop globes, Watt Apple jugs and bowls

2817 Large collection of copper pots and cookware bearing the French signature

2818 Painted plot trays, planters, cast iron frames, wall bags and more.

2819 Lot of Pfaltzgraff cream and sugar, South American doll, wooden box κ.λπ.

2820 Lots of vintage cans, wooden lamps, bird sculptures and more

2821 Lots of vintage Pyrex bowls, waterfowl glasses and more

2822 Lots of vintage wooden planes, old tools and more

2823 Large collection of ruby ​​red stemware, martini glasses, canister sets κ.λπ

2824 Lots of vintage anchors andylons, old bottles, anatomical models κ.λπ

2825 Great collection of vintage paintings and artwork

2826 Great collection of vintage paintings and artwork

2828 Great collection of vintage Pyrex bowls, antique yellow bowls, Corning items and more.

2829 Large collection of vintage silver/metal dinner plates and more

2830 Lots of vintage hand tools, screwdrivers and more

2831 Lot Lot Bohemian glass jugs and tumblers, Japanese plates, teapots and more.

2832 Lot of Vintage Stuffed Animal Monkey Lithographed Tin Mork & Mindy Lunch Box

2833 Lots of vintage record albums and 45s, CD/cassette stereo speakers κ.λπ.

2834 Lots of framed art, keychain collection

2835 Large collection of vintage record albums and 45s

2836 Lots of textile lampshades, woven baskets, candlesticks

2840 Framed prints, vintage kitchen tools, dioramas, Royce baskets and more.

2841 A large number of oriental decorations, pottery, copper bells, etc.

2844 A large number of large pendant lamps, brass fire mantle

2845 Lots with frames, pottery vases, bowls etc.

2852 Lots of Scottie Dog bookcases, Murano glass models, stone bookcases and more.

2853 A batch of baseballs, peony dolls, fruit cake tins, picture frames, etc.

2854 Lots of sunglasses, card game displays, nutcrackers and more

2855 Lots of CDs and DVDs

2856 Lots of cameras, calculators, etc.

2857 Bulk clothing Jewqelry, watches etc.

2858 Lots of children's books, vintage posters, clip art and more

2859 lots of vintage records

2860 Lots of vintage long rifle decanters, black Bull bar figurines, Budweiser logos and more.

2861 Large selection of vintage Pyrex plates, iron stone plates and more

2862 Vintage S&P Vibrator Collection

2863 Lots of vintage dog hunting glasses, biscuit figurines and more

2864 Lot of Silver/Metal Candlesticks/Candlesticks

2865 cast iron bathtub feet

2866 Antique White Rotary Sewing Machine Iron Oil Lamp Holder

2868 Large selection of angels, fairies, fairy figurines, baskets, picture frames, art glass vases and more.

2869 A large collection of antique glass sunken dishes, candle holders, pottery vases and more.

2870 Vintage Vanity Fair Spy Lot

2871 Lots of books about Italy, travel and art

2872 Large collection of resin Egyptian wall sconces/Blackamoor wall pillows, lamps, antique statues

2873 Many vintage children's toys

2874 Lots of books on art and travel etc

2875 Lots of books about historic buildings and tours etc

2876 Extensive collection of Victorian tapestries and embroidery

2877 Collection of humidors

2878 Extensive collection of Victorian tapestries and embroidery

2879 Lots of home decor, hurricane globe candle holders, duck figurines, wooden boxes and more.

2880 Many antique player piano rolls

2881 Extensive collection of Victorian tapestries and embroidery

2882 Extensive collection of Victorian tapestries and embroidery

2883 lots of vintage album records

2884 Numerous plaster busts of Ceaser, German artillery photographs, pre-WWII newspapers

2885 Lots of home decor, ceramic figurines, brass inkwells, pill boxes and more.

2886 Framed display stands for butterflies, porcelain bird motifs, oriental vases and more.

2887 Wrench Sets, Bb Rifles, Gun Cleaning Kits and more

2888 A large number of antique clocks, stained glass lamps, antique clay pots, old ink bottles, etc.

2889 Massive oyster platters, art glass paperweights, boudoir lamps κ.λπ.

2890 Lots of vintage kitchen bowls, ceramic/transfer utensils and more

2891 antique porcelain plate set

2892 Large selection of antique shaving mirrors, wine decanters, equestrian decorations, beads, scarves and more.

2893 Large selection of oriental bowls, tableware sets, aluminum bowls and more

2894 Lots of vintage horses, action figures and more

2895 Lots of antique children's plates, plastic soldiers, Wizard of Oz pictures, and more.

2896 Model boats, cast iron mermaid statues, fish tanks, sirens, and more.

2897 Yamaha Cs-100 Acoustic Guitar

2898 Lots of jewelry, watches and more

2899 CD with lots of music

2900 Lot Art Pottery Sculpture, Howard Miller Clock, Ceramic Skull, κ.λπ

2901 Painted folk art baskets, fish stands, coral, Italian art pottery baskets, etc.

2902 Large selection of Harley Davidson motorcycle models and memorabilia

2903 CD with lots of music

2905 Plenty of bait, tackle and supplies

2906 Lot of magazine racks, decorative boxes, ceramic art bowls and more

2907 Large collection of vintage/antique stoneware pots, plates, antique glass handles

2908 Large collection of vintage/antique blue transferware plates

2909 Lots of toy slots, yard darts, miniature car display cases

2910 Large collection of vintage snowshoes, duck pillows, glassware and china

2911 Lots of vintage containers and promotional boxes

2912 Massive Franciscan Cutlery Plate Set

2913 Massive Franciscan Cutlery Plate Set

2914 2 metal chandeliers adorned with floral jewels

2915 Lots of antique chandeliers/lamps and cherub lighting

2916 Large selection of antique lamps, spare parts and more

2917 antique wooden sled

2918 Large selection of vintage Mary Gregory style glassware, cookie jars, glass fruit and more.

2919 Lots of earthenware plates etc, ceramic vegetables, etched glass bowls etc.

2920 Lots of shells, seaside dishes, starfish bowls, etc.

2921 Pig Set, Herb Villa Dishes, etc.

2922 Lots of antique stoneware bed warmers wedge wood pottery roosters water coolers etc.

2923 Plenty of cast iron still banks, Fiesta glass bowls, South American S&P shakers κ.λπ.

2924 Lots of brass duck feet, hen in nest, bait, porcelain κ.λπ.

2925 Collection of rabbits, ceramics, earthenware, glass and more

2926 Lots of stained glass glitter, vintage ceramic figurines, horses, dogs and more.

2927 Πολλì cranberry glass, art glass, bohemian stained glass, cut clear decanter κ.λπ.

2928 Large selection of nautical decorations, fish dishes, crab dishes, fish knives and more

2929 many power tools

2930 Lots of decorative decoys, antique mirrors, duck lights

2931 Lot of Ruby Fostoria Stemware

2932 Large collection of oriental decorations, Chinese plates, vases, etc.

2933 many hand tools

2935 Lots of Wedgewood Bunny plates, wall sconces, copper jugs and more

2936 Polar Express Train Set, Meade Telescope

2937 ▼ Power Quick Pot Cooker Nib

2938 Lots of Macs, Xboxes, and more

2939 Lego building block series

2940 Many hand tools, jigs, etc.

2941 Lots of stereo equipment, Sony, Philips, etc.

2942 Collection of bookcases and home decor, lions, dogs and more

2943 Many antique flowing blue plates, aluminum punch bowls

2944 Batch of vintage spun fiberglass lampshades, figure clocks

2945 Lot Vintage Electronics, Yamaha 4-Track Recorder, receivers and more.

2946 Huge selection of vintage stuffed animals, Smokey The Bear, Smurfs, Hunting Fox, and more.

2947 Lots of vintage metal lampshades, lamps, galvanized trash cans

2948 Apply Vintage Toy Cars, Tonka Trucks, Racing Nos

2949 Lots of ceramic figurines, coffee tables, Newcomb Pottery and more

2950 Lots of duck baits, gun books, bait lights κ.λπ

2951 Collection of vintage postcards

2952 Lot Vintage Art Pottery, Weller, Roseville, Burley Winter, κ.λπ

2953 Large collection of vintage Kensignton plates, cutlery and chests, Fire King Pyrex κ.λπ.

2954 4 African art woodcarving

2955 Huge collection of vintage postcards, sheet music, food labels and more

2956 Great collection of vintage Folies Bergere, old books and more

2957 Lot, Fenton Cruet, Westmoreland Owl Dish, Carnival Glass κ.λπ

2958 Neon Sign Batch, Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, Untested

2959 Vintage Taxco Telescope

2960 Hans Mirror

2962 Lots of antique books, coastal birds, scrapers, crocks, lanterns κ.λπ.

2963 Lots of Vintage Playboy and Penthouse Magazines

2964 Collection of music CDs

2965 Lot Horse Statue, Cap Gun and Holster, Steer Horns κ.λπ

2966 Lots of vintage Spanish brass wall lights, antique mirrors and more

2967 Nautical ornaments, ship clocks, porthole mirrors, shell carvings, etc.

2968 Lot Andrea by Sadek Trivet, Gilbert Toolbox, Eagle Statue κ.λπ.

2969 Budweiser Lot glasses, Seltzer bottles, etched stemware crystals, and more.

2970 Lots of model railroad buildings, trains, figurines, and more

2971 Lots of Gi Joe Style Army Truck Toys, Airplane Models, Mettlach Stein As-Is

2972 lots of vintage comics

2973 Lots of vintage books, magazines, etc.

2974 Tons of Retro Military Games, Raiders of the Lost Ark Vhs Movies, Harry Potter and more

2975 Lots of Maxx racing cards, Traks 91 decks and more

2976 musician stage case, content tagged with 'flicker'

2977 Large collection of vintage record albums, CDs and more

2978 Lot of Lenox gold rim china plates, art glass vases and more

2979 Vintage pottery jugs, coronation bells, carved wood and stone animals and more.

2980 Large selection of vintage/antique china and china, Japanese tea sets and more

2981 Large collection of vintage Chinese dishes, ceramic art ashtrays, plates

2982 vintage doll furniture overturned table pot bottom rocking chair

2983 Bulk printing of block trays, carved wood figures, antique spice boxes and more.

2984 Lot of Wood Carving Horse Beer Carriage Statue Ncsu Stool

2985 Large collection of antique brass embossed plates and trays

2986 Karaoke machine + CD'S

2987 Many electronics, chargers, accessories, keyboards, etc.

2988 many vintage saddles

2990 Vintage Michelob Beer Clock, Corona Neon Bar Light

2991 Many Chinese dishes decorated with roses

2992 Large collection of vintage Bavarian porcelain plates and more

2993 stamp collection

2994 Collection of sports cards

2995 Lots of fine china, silver/metal cutlery etc

2996 Avon Cologne Bottle Series

2997 Lots of clear glass and crystal candies, bowls, preserves and more.

2998 A batch of promotional glasses, collection of coffee mugs, Starbucks, Alf and more.

2999 Lots of vintage cookware, Vision Pots, mixing bowls, cake pans with lids and more.

3000 A collection of Christmas souvenirs, tree teapots, bear music boxes, etc.

3001 Many threads, fabric, sewing concept

3002 Collection of porcelain dolls and figurines

3003 Lots of dolls, soft toys, children's books, etc.

3006 Lots of vintage samovars, kid and doll sized chairs, character mugs, planter containers and more.

3007 Lots of costume jewelry, blue onion Chinese dishes κ.λπ

3008 Large collection of vintage tin style metal plates, mugs and more

3010 Lots of birdhouses, planters, sun walls and more

3011 Many art glass bowls, vases, signature plates and more

3012 many faux ornaments

3013 Huge selection of vintage dolls, dollhouse furniture and more

3014 Saga Star Wars Collection Action Figures

3015 大量 Marvel Legends Nos W/ Chase Varients

3016 Lot Sports Action Figures Numbered W/ Chase Varients

3017 Lot 26 Newest Hot Wheels Treasure Hunting Cars

3018 Lots of vintage Christmas decorations, canes, Colt 45 watches and more

3019 Lot Bose sound system, Xbox360 console, games and more

3020 Dewalt Cordless Tool Set

3021 Many Nib Earbuds

3022 Vintage collection of sports cards on binder

3023 lots of vintage comics

3024 Lots of fabrics, crochet bedspreads, blankets and more

3025 many faux ornaments

3026 Many Noritake porcelain plates, food containers, dog bowls and more

3027 Lots of die-cast cars, model airplanes, Spitfire books, tennis rackets, and more.

3028 Amplifier Kmd

3029 Lots of rusty metal objects, padlocks, balls, animals, brass shells, etc.

3030 A collection of Vintage Beam decanters, Travelin Chef insulated grocery bags, pressure cookers, and more.

3031 Lots of vintage kitchenware, teapots, copper food cans and more.

3032 Large collection of vintage china/china teacups, Moduloa pottery and more

3033 many different goblets

3034 Brass lot, watercolor painting, antique stone jug, chewing gum machine

3035 Lot of Singer Sewing Machines, Glass Candle Holders, Budweiser Lamps and more

3036 Lots of hand tools, boxes etc

3037 Lots of Vintage Military Uniforms

3038 Tons of vintage lava lamps, hanging glass prisms, spheres, and more.

3039 many military medals

3040 Collection of vintage pins and buttons

3041 Lots of Vintage Military Uniforms

3042 Lots of vintage framed desert sand pottery art pottery bowls iron pots and more.

3043 Lots of vintage rotary phones, navy dolls, McCoy Planter κ.λπ

3044 Lots of antique bookcases, animal creams, stained glass chandeliers and more.

3045 Lots of Santa cookie jars, nutcracker ornaments, Norman Rockwell bells κ.λπ

3046 Large collection of vintage military hats and shoulder pads

3047 Bulk Fvintage Low Blue Plates, Halloween Glasses, TV Black Panther Figurines, and more.

3048 Vintage Army Cap with Badge

3049 Lots of vintage Christmas window lights, shipping boats, guns for ships and nautical books and more.

3050 Lot Thinking Man Statue Bookcase, Art Glass Vase, Yellow Bowl, Tin Can Set and more.

3051 Many tools, power tools, sanders and grinders

3052 Lot Rollei 35 S camera, wide angle lens, 19thc periscope, painted bird box and more.

3127 vintage saddle

3130 Lots of oriental decorations, remote controlled robots, lamps, brass umbrella stands

3131 Lots of vintage gas masks, spoon art, Demitasse tea sets, crowns and more

3132 Lot Transferware China, Delft Plates, Decoy S&P Shakers κ.λπ

3133 Antique door handles, casters, built-in mop jars, and more

3134 Carved wooden masks, busts of nude women, platypus heads, antique children's shoes and more.

3135 Lots of metal flower frogs, Williamsburg mugs, animal figurines and more

3136 Collect antique china/porcelain mugs, Halloween glass dishes and more.

3137 Large collection of oriental ginger jars, cast wooden baskets, food molds, etc.

3138 many desk lamps

3139 Koi fish etched glass washbasin bowl

3140 Vintage country store tai chi display

3142 Many vintage Christmas ornaments

3143 Large collection of vintage plastic royal china china plates, fish cups, kitchen tools and more.

3146 Lot of Dakin Plush Toys, Vintage Humanoid Horse Clock

3147 Lot Haviland Limoges Chinese Tea Cups, Lots of Glass and Porcelain Shoes, Fenton etc.

3148 Many Royal Doulton china tea cups etc

3150 Many oriental figures, candlesticks, vases, german walking sticks

3151 Huge collection of Barbie jets, polished gems, fossils, beach finds and more.

3152 Lot Hobnail Cream and Sugar, Shot Glass, Green Juicer κ.λπ

3153 Lots of collectible plates, pressed Cruet glasses, platters and more

3154 Collect various Fire & Police beer mugs

3155 Many collectible plates and china

3156 Lots of books, gun reels, matchboxes and Hot Wheels cars etc.

3157 There are many barbie dolls in the box

3158 There are many barbie dolls in the box

3159 Pig collections, pig biscuit jars, plates and more

3160 Many frames, beer mugs, coffee mugs etc.

3161 Ribbon boxes, household goods baskets, and more

3162 Huge collection of snowmen, dinner plates, plush toys and more

3163 Large selection of costume jewelry and watches

3164 Lots of beads and craft supplies

3165 Batch DVD movies, unused folders and more

3166 Collect roosters, figurines, murals, watering cans and more

3167 Lots of rooster figurines, framed artwork, egg cups and more

3168 Collection of Christmas decorations

3169 Lots of vintage board games etc

3170 Many Longaberger baskets and bags

3171 Many Longaberger baskets and bags

3172 Lots of vintage pipe racks and humidors, hand mirrors, Pepsi thermometers and more

3173 Huge selection of women's purses, handbags and more

3174 Many Christmas village buildings and more

3175 Many Christmas buildings and figurines

3176 Lots of Logaberger bags and baskets, candles and more

3177 many ladies purses and handbags

3178 Lot of Vintage Duck/Goose Baits, Framed Duck Stamp κ.λπ

3179 Lots of Hess trucks, signed basketball κ.λπ

3180 Lots of Pez dispensers, die-cast car nibs, intercoms, and more.

3181 Lots of vintage kids toys, Fisher Price, Beanie Babies and more

3182 130+/- Rock Lp records spanning the 70's, 80's and 90's. Some promotions, signings and mid-Atlantic bands.

3183 Milwaukee M18 Cordless Grease Gun, including battery and charger.

3184 Stihl Ms 310 pneumatic chainsaw, in working condition.

3185 Dewalt Dw703 10" Compound Miter Saw Working Condition.

3186 Large selection of drum parts and accessories.

3187 Dewalt Dwe74911 Portable Table Saw, Working Condition.

3188 I Power Model Sc200Irec Portable Generator/Inverter, new in box, untested.

3189 New York professional drum kit, set of eight.

3190 Huge collection of albums across multiple genres, including Funk, Soul, R&B, and more.

3191 Magic Chef 5 cu ft chest freezer, new in box.

3192 Vissani Model Mdcf5Wh 5 Cubic Foot Refrigerator, New with Box.

3193 Four Remo Weather King drums in three softboxes.

3194 Movin Cool Office Pro 18 Commercial Grade Portable Air Conditioner, Untested.

3195 Pair of open water fishing rods with reels as shown.

3501 3501 Miscellaneous Artwork

3502 3502 Miscellaneous Artwork

3503 3503 Miscellaneous artwork

3504 3504 Miscellaneous Artwork

3505 3505 Miscellaneous Artwork

3506 3506 Miscellaneous Artwork

3507 3507 Miscellaneous artwork

3508 3508 Miscellaneous Artwork

3509 3509 Miscellaneous Artwork

3510 3510 Miscellaneous Artwork

3512 3512 Miscellaneous artwork

3513 3513 Miscellaneous artwork

3514 3514 Miscellaneous artwork

3515 3515 Miscellaneous artwork

4000 Antique European hand-painted porcelain plate

4001 Antique European hand-painted porcelain plate

4002 MCM Studio ceramic noodle urn with lid

4003 MCM Studio ceramic noodle urn with lid

4004 Large bronze sculpture of Diana the Huntress, Lost at the base of the quiver

4005 Antique continental porcelain portrait plaque signed Wagner

4006 Antique Doristeau signed miniature portrait

4007 Antique Pressed Crystal Cigarette Case

4008 (3) Antique Brass Office Supplies

4009 Vintage Chinese Cloisonne Dragon Candlestick and Bowl

4010 Antique pressed steel train carriage

4011 Old alabaster statue of a courting child

4012 Old marble statue of mother and child, as it is

4013 (4 Volumes) Civil War Memoirs

4014 Pair of antique staffordshire terriers

4015 Zευγìρι Antique enamel glass dome brilliance, missing a prism

4016 Pair of Murano glass MCM jumbo bottles

4017 A collection of antique English pottery with damaged cream jugs

4018 English Antique Porcelain Pedestal

4019 Antique Quimper Pottery Basket, slight blemishes

4020 set of victorian glass

4021 Meissen porcelain blue onion preserves and chargers

4022 Pair of MCM Italian pottery busts

4023 Antique Majolica ceramic fish tank and teapot, as is

4024 (2) Iittala Finnish Art Glass Birds

4025 Antique Bloor Derby china platter and plate, original condition

4026 Antique Industrial Automotive Corp. Lantern

4027 Carlier Antique Cast Bronze Statue

4028 Print

4029 key box

4030 Bronze sculpture

4031 Large collection of vintage items

4032 (36) Firth stainless steel knife with fake bone handle

4033 (2) Antique Staffordshire Terrier Spaniels

4034 Pair of antique nails with silver plated bases

4035 Semi Antique Oriental Prayer Rug

4036 Copper and Bronze Griffon Lamp

4037 Collection of vintage postcards with animals

4038 Collectors group including Watford

4039 Antique Carved Alabaster Lamp

4040 Pair of neoclassical gilt-wrapped sconces, slight loss

4041 Seth Thomas Marine Watch

4042 A set of brass bells on a ship

4043 japanese prints

4044 asian temple bell

4045 Davis Rhodes NJ Tern Bait Display

4046 vintage pond boat

4047 vintage pond boat

4048 Vintage Gene Autry Guitar

4049 Retro Coca-Cola bottle with holder

4050 vintage westinghouse fan

4051 Vintage Fire Horn from Hartly Delaware

4052 Manfred Scheel Folk Art Robin Bird Tree

4053 Pair of Antique Brass Ship Lights

4054 Vintage Griswold Lamb form with original box

4055 Antique stone brick

4056 John Graham Charlestown MD Bluebilled Duck Bait

4057 Shangwan black duck bait

4058 Antique blue decorative stoneware, chips and bristles

4059 Antique Baltimore MD Ceramic Advertising Jug

4060 Antique blue decorative stoneware, shards and cracks

4061 Antique Peter Herrmann Baltimore MD blue decorative stoneware urn, as is

4062 Antique Haynes Baltimore MD blue decorative stoneware

4063 Fulper Art Pottery Pitcher

4064 Old blue painted plywood basket in old east coast, loss

4065 Antique Baltimore MD 5 Gallon Blue Trim Oval Cap with some notches and string

4066 Art Deco Spelter Nudes Lamp with Plateau Mirror Base with Art Glass Shade

4067 Antique Refined Watch Top

4068 Antique Refined Watch Top

4069 Antique Bronze Hunting Sculpture with Swift Boar

4070 Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler

4071 Native American Acoma Handled Jars

4072 Mettlach 1809 Beer Glass

4073 Theodore Alexander retail bronze sculpture with marble base

4074 Ancient Roman Soldier Sculpture

4075 Vintage Alva Studio Sculpture

4076 (13) 2 本书 PA Game Laws、Hunting and Fishing Licenses、Nra Pin 等。

4077 Vintage Barr clock under a glass dome

4078 Japy Freres Antique French Cape Watch

4079 MCM Blenko Art Glass Handle Vase

4080 A batch of betel nut biscuits, advertising straight knife, bottle opener, etc.

4081 Humanoid Beast Handled - Electric Antique Oil Lamp

4082 Antique Engraved Mantle Clock

4083 Hollywood Regency Engraved and Painted Wall Mirror

4084 Japanese Antique Mantle Clock

4085 Moroccan carved brass tray

4086 Antique Spelter Warrior On Horse Sculpture

4087 Antique Ansonia Mantle Clock with Bronze Cast Hat

4088 Antique Ingraham Oak Wall Mount Regulator Clock

4089 2 vintage canvas water bags

4090 (7) Under the old banner 2 volumes, R.E. Lee 4 Volumes, The Monitor and The Merrimac

4091 Antique Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar

4092 Antique Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar

4093 Vintage Waltham Clock Advertising Case

4094 Gem Utility Lamp

4095 Many antique doll parts as they are

4096 Vintage US Navy Lionel Binnacle with Drigo Compass

4097 Antique Art Deco Coca Cola Advertising Tin Thermometer

4098 Antique wmf zeppelin copper plate

4099 steve bear

4100 modernist bronze statue

4101 Official Michael Jackson Portfolio

4102 Original Plywood Oak Basket

4103 Original Plywood Oak Basket

4104 large bronze horse sculpture

4105 2 Lithographs by Suzanne Parmley

4106 (3) Asian Porcelain

4107 Joe Reinhardt & Ben Allman NC Art Pottery Double Sided Water Jug

4108 Antique Conference Clock

4109 (8) Georg Jensen Stainless Steel Knife, Bakelite Handled Carving Set, etc.

4110 Antique Kids Steam Cabinet with Tray

4111 Antique original wooden board butter mixer

4112 Lamberton Scammell Old Bay Line 瓷盘

4113 Antique cast stone jug

4114 Raw wooden wall display of kitchen utensils

4115 Vintage Folk Art Canvas Back Bait w/ Balsa Body

4116 sailing model

4117 4 Vintage Venetian Scene Oil On Canvas - Signed

4118 Native American Yellow Carpet

4119 coin copy

4120 Many military and related badges, plaques and buckles

4121 Bronze ballerina sculpture - signed

4122 duck bait

4123 many sports medals

4124 6 taxidermy antler game logos

4125 9 pieces of antique Chinese porcelain

4126 (14) Antique English Painted Porcelain Dessert Set

4127 Antique Japanese Satsuma Tea Set

4128 Rosenthal Foruna Art Glass Vase

4129 Schneider Le Verre Francais Cameo Art Deco Glass Vase

4130 Art Nouveau iridescent glass art vase

4131 Panama Canal Pilotage Documents

4132 Vintage Art Glass Lit Perfume Count Display Signed

4133 Geode Amethyst Crystal Sculpture

4134 Carl Wagner Bronze Big Horn Clock Sculpture

4135 Ethnographic Ceramic Tahini Bowl

4136 Persian inscription brass vase

4137 Fulper Antique Ceramic Art Vase

4138 Pastel Chinese Porcelain Vase

4139 8 pocket knives

4140 Antique Diorama with Card

4141 Lladro porcelain figurines

4142 Antique Limoges chocolate porcelain pot

4143 Adam Henderson Modernist Mixed Media Sculptures

4144 Adam Henderson Modernist Mixed Media Sculptures

4145 Vintage still life oil painting sign

4146 (2) Antique bentwood cutlery boxes and cord winders

4147 Antique Carolina Stoneware

4148 Ethnographic Sculpture of Praying

4149 Vintage Universal Electric Desk Fan

4150 Vintage modernist acrobat bronze sculpture

4151 *NO SHIPPING* Antique William Watkins Mahogany Stick Barometer

4152 4 mineral crystal specimens

4153 4 mineral crystal specimens

4154 Vintage Buddy L Texaco Tank Truck

4155 Vintage Tonka Bean Auto Transport Car Movers

4156 12 mineral crystal specimens

4157 Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture Lamp - As Is

4158 2 Antique oil paintings on canvas signed R. Gills

4159 African bronze sculpture

4160 Plaid Bubble Art Glass Vase

4161 Chinese Ceramic Soldier Sculpture

4162 Chinese Ceramic Sculpture

4163 Folk Art Reverse Painted Ship Figure

4164 Cast Iron Hound Door

4165 modernist metal ring sculpture

4166 antique map

4167 Antique Haviland Limoges tea set

4168 original wood carving angel

4169 antique map

4170 Vintage Silver Platter Lazy Susan Server

4171 (2) Tonka Serv-I-Car and Die-Cast Tractor Toys

4172 Antique Powdered Brass Bottle

4173 Vintage Structo Ready Mixed Concrete Truck

4174 Ethnographic Woven Basket with Lid

4175 2 Vintage Still Life Oil Paintings

4176 Antique Victor Victrola model Vv-Vi

4177 Antique European school oil painting Portrait of a Woman with slight loss of frame

4178 Contemporary Interior Portraiture

4179 Betty Wittwe garden oil on canvas

4180 MCM Harbor Scene Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower left

4181 Contemporary Venetian Canal Landscapes

4182 Ferruccio Vitale Oil on Canvas "Man Tasting Wine"

4183 (3) Mainland architectural prints

4184 Betty Wittwe Italian coast oil on canvas

4185 (2) Mainland architectural prints

4186 Antique watercolor harbor scene signed lower right

4187 Manners of Francis Luis Mora, The Knight, oil on canvas

4188 John E. Harris oil on canvas

4189 Russian oil on canvas entitled "Latest News", signed Kucherov

4190 Russian oil on canvas signed and dated 1992

4191 Vintage oil painting society portrait on canvas

4192 F. Rockwell Maine Harbor Scene Painting

4193 Russian oil on canvas signed Filippov

4194 Russian oil painting, as is

4195 Vintage New England Oil Canvas Painting of a Boat Harbor Scene

4196 Russian religious painting signed Polganova

4197 Antique stained glass transom

4198 Retro Melody after Sir Joshua Reynolds

4199 Alexander Whishaw Artist Proof, Toned

4200 Nude on Russian oil signed Myznikov

4201 Antique impressionist landscape painting

4202 Vintage impressionist still life signed Louise

4203 Vintage oil painting on Paris street scene oil painting

4204 Shinichiro Adachi Japanese urban painting

4205 fruit of the loom advertising concept mimeograph

4206 Tom and Jerry Animation Art

4207 Victorian oil on canvas with flowers, damaged

4208 Russian oil painting on board

4209 Christening gown with antique frame

4210 new hope modernist painting

4211 vintage still life

4212 Paul Mcgehee Old Baltimore Harbor Print

4213 Rockwell (Fritz?) Oil Painting Still Life

4214 F.C. Schlensing Cypress Point California Painting

4215 Naomi Lorne New York Modernist Abstract Paintings

4216 victorian prints

4217 (2) Printouts

4218 Quackenbush signature watercolor of the house

4219 Old German terrain signed Unger, Munchen

4220 pair of vintage prints

4221 MCM cityscape signed lower left

4222 Pair of Vintage Still Lifes

4223 (2) Kenneth Williams oil painting

4224 Laura Lee Impressionist Landscape Oil on Canvas, Old Lining

4225 Antique oil on canvas boat portrait signed Lemerre As Is

4226 Antique Hudson River oil on canvas landscape, old lining

4227 Old oriental painting signed "Edstroem" on lower left and "Oriental Life" on Verso

4228 (4) 3 Art Glass Vases and Wood Stands

4229 Art Deco Consolidated Nudes Glass Vase

4230 Original Antique Silver Sewing Bench Box

4231 Lots of small pool balls, lead soldiers, scales and slides

4232 Antique lock box with potion bottles

4233 Handicraft sterling in a copper vase

4234 Antique English King William IV and Queen Adelaide Transferware Jug

4235 Antique cast iron door stop stem

4236 Aged Chesapeake Bay Oysters Shady Side, MD Canned Oysters

4237 11 mineral crystal specimens

4238 Box full of microscope slides

4239 Japanese Antique Lacquer Cabinet

4240 4 mineral crystal specimens

4241 5 Bisque Piano Babies - 4 German, 1 Japanese

4242 Antique W. Lewis Milburn earthenware overflow urn

4243 4 mineral crystal specimens

4244 Antique BC Milburn Alexa Pottery Crock Pot

4245 Antique BC Millburn Double Stamped Stoneware Cylinder

4246 Antique BC Milburn Alexa Pottery Crock Pot

4247 Mineral Crystal Specimens

4248 Antique Milburn Alexa BC. Petroplaka Kanata As Is

4249 Antique E.J. Miller Alexandria VA blue decorative stoneware urn

4250 5 mineral crystal specimens

4251 (3) Antique ship shadow, watercolor, oil painting

4252 (3) Antique Staffordshire Figures

4253 Mineral Crystal Specimens

4254 Antique Gilbert Porcelain Clock

4255 antique jewelry box clock

4256 Many vintage Lionel trains

4257 Approximately 95 antique engravings

4258 Lamberton Scammel sculpture by Geza DE Vegh

4259 3 handmade dolls

4260 3 vintage Steiff stuffed animals

4261 Elephant skin carving

4262 Maryland Law of 1824 - William Kilty

4263 lots of fun little things

4264 Antique Music Display Dome

4265 MCM Carl Aubock Bottle Opener

4266 vintage military periscope

4267 Antique 1906 Calendar Ad Die Cut

4268 ancient folk art horse racing

4269 japanese prints

4270 Native American Pottery

4271 Goebel Hummel Porcelain Lamp

4272 Frank's English Steamship Watercolors

4273 Italian gouache painting of a scene from the Amalfi coast

4274 6 Native American sculptures and dolls

4275 Etching after James McNeill Whistler

4276 2 paintings signed Morris

4277 3 MCM Nautical Driftwood Sculpture

4278 Old portrait oil painting on canvas

4279 Silver Plated Headset

4280 Snow Watercolor Painting - Signed

4281 Vintage Coastal Watercolor Signs

4282 Asian copper bell

4283 Antique enamel on copper painted signature

4284 Antique Watson & Sons brass microscope with case

4285 Miller Art Deco Brass Table Lamp

4286 2 antique photos

4287 Alfred Birdsey Watercolors

4288 Ron Dembosky Duck Drawing

4289 Eleanor Morehouse oil painting

4290 Antique Watercolor Still Life in a Molded Cross Frame

4291 Katy Shark Diorama στο Shadowbox

4292 2 tin beer mugs

4293 antique map

4294 Antique Corlicelli oak scroll cabinet

4295 Seth Thomas Antique Wall Clock

4296 Antique copper and brass fire extinguisher

4297 Vintage Holden Brass Trumpet

4298 Antique Tiffany & Co. crystal regulating clock

4299 Vintage Gübelin Enamel Bronze Clock

4300 Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

4301 Antique Mantle Clock

4302 antique kitchen clock

4303 antique kitchen clock

4304 antique kitchen clock

4305 antique kitchen clock

4306 Vintage New Haven Banjo Clock

4307 Vintage Northwest Products Board Game

4308 vintage ship portrait oil painting

4309 Vintage padlock and watch key set

4310 Antique Southern Railroad Long Island Stock Certificate

4311 Yayang fur hat

4312 Vintage Wild Bird Seagull Bait

4313 Pair of Antique Cast Iron Mask Holders

4314 Vintage Dodo Bat Railroad Lantern

4315 antique lace tablecloth

4316 3 Antique Brass Flashlights

4317 Antique Engraved Mantle Clock

4318 Antique Calendar Dial Regulator Clock

4319 Antique victorian art enamel glass chandelier

4320 Roseville Art Pottery Pedestal

4321 antique victorian chandelier

4322 Antique Roseville Art Pottery Jardiniere

4323 Antique hobo art box with hinged lid

4324 Antique O.L. & Co, New York Tin Rat Cage

4325 Terry Sylvia's Nantucket Baskets

4326 Antique Cast Iron Iris Door Stop

4327 Modernist Carved Children's Sculpture - Signed

4328 2 antique composite dolls

4329 Bradley & Hubbard Slag Antique Glass Table Lamp

4330 Peter Mayer Impressionist oil painting

4331 Pair of Vintage Sommerso Murano Art Glass Bird Sculptures

4332 Antique Lead Shade Table Lamp

4333 Antique porcelain dolls and parts

4334 Antique Slag Glass Table Lamp

4335 (2) Porcelain Figurines-Rosenthal & Lladro

4336 Antique Mettlach 1191 beer mug

4337 Antique Slag Glass Vanity Lamp

4338 (2) Antique Dominoes

4339 Vintage Kla-Tra-So Deer Handle Flatware Set

4340 Antique Antique Table Lamp

4341 (3) Brass and copper jewelry boxes, combination trays, religious trays

4342 L. Frank Baum's 15-Book Oz Series

4343 Antique Bradley & Hubbard Oil Lamp with Iris Enamel Shade

4344 Pair of Antique Bronze Bookcases

4345 Antique Bradley & Hubbard pair of cast iron monkey books

4346 Antique Ansonia Figure Spelling Clock

4347 Antique Slag Glass Table Lamp

4348 weather station Jean Roulet Le Locle clock

4349 Antique Shaved Ice Shade Adjustable Banker's Lamp

4350 Cartel Antique Bagues & Fils Dore 手表

4351 Antique Dore Bronze Cherub Mermaid Inlaid Marble Evers

4352 Asian celadon vase with lamp

4353 Antique Viennese Cathedral Allegory Painted Porcelain Plate

4354 Antique Royal Viennese Style Porcelain Portrait Plate

4355 Antique Royal Viennese Queen Louise Porcelain Portrait Plate

4356 Antique Viennese Cathedral Allegory Painted Porcelain Plate

4357 Antique Newcomb College Pottery Vase

4358 Bronze Austrian Hagenauer Cabinet Statue

4360 Antique flintlock pistol with bayonet

4361 antique flintlock pistol

4362 Swiss Masonic Ball Clock

4363 Antique domino miniature set with box lid

4364 Vintage schuco radio 4012 car toy with box

4365 Civil War Era Remington Pistol

4366 Vintage Spanish Silver Engraved Poodle

4367 Jean Roulet Le Locle World Time Watch

4368 Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Passport Fishing Rod

4369 John R. Good Boat Modernist Harbor Scene Oil Painting

4370 Artist signature Pierre Henry

4371 Artist Signature Modernist Print

4372 Muriel B. Harris "Mirror on the Wall" pastel painting

4373 Owen Amen Nude Artist Receipt Form

4374 Sign Modernist Artists

4375 Vintage impressionist winter landscape, monogram lower right

4376 Vintage oil on canvas, signed lower right

4377 Albert Bros. Jr. New Jersey Landscape Paintings

4378 H.B. Wilson oil on canvas landscape

4379 Vintage drawing on paper signed in lower center

4380 MCM Cityscape painting signed lower right

4381 Print

4382 Alfred Wetterstrom Pastel/Watercolor Landscape

4383 Lillian Schwartz Modernist Paintings

4384 George K. Ralph Watercolor Interior Scene

4385 Cityscape print signed by the artist

4386 MCM Oil On Board Barn Scene, signed lower right

4387 Vintage Pastoral Watercolor Signed Summerhouse

4388 Vintage women's accessories with frames with holes

4389 Vintage dresser with frame and holes in the frame

4390 Pastel Rock and Ocean Paintings by Harry Niblock

4391 Libby Signature Watercolor Coastal Scene

4392 Betty Fischer Canada Geese painted on the shutter

4393 contemporary air topography

4394 Floral Watercolor Paintings by Madelaine Jealous

4395 Antique Japanese Wooden Triptych

4396 Contemporary oil painting in the style of Antoine Pesne

4397 Williamsburg print

4398 Williamsburg print

4399 Zettie Jones 1995 Canada Goose Painting

4400 vintage equestrian print

4401 high quality printing

4402 Antique Shepherd's Tent

4403 Erma Wenger print

4404 Antique Maxfield Parrish Print

4405 high quality printing

4406 Harbor Watercolor Landscape Signed by Gu Bin

4407 Large oil on canvas Harbor scene signed Tapscott

4408 Terrain Signature Belfort

4409 Print

4410 dog painting

4411 Antique oil on canvas Impressionist winter scene electrified

4412 Victorian matrix with frame

4413 Japanese art print

4414 Signed illustration of an 18th-century Englishman

4415 Ludwig Fischer oil on canvas landscape painting

4416 Antique Continental School Oil on Canvas Landscape Scattered on φορεία

4417 J. Claiton Maritime Painting, Oil on Canvas, As Is Framed

4418 Frederic Dufaux Peasant oil painting, laid on magnesium stone

4419 Henri Gouttin Paris Landscapes

4420 vintage equestrian print

4421 jungle cat drawing

4422 Worden Bethell California Screen Printing

4423 Zami Steinowitz

4424 contemporary painting

4425 No. Long Field Geaner Chromatography Press, Frame Damaged

4426 Pablo Neruda Poster

4427 Risque Cartoons by Philadelphia Gazette Artists

4428 Pair of antique engravings imitating old masters

4429 vintage still life

4430 Colorful hand engraving with luminous text

4431 antique photo

4432 modern logo

4433 modern logo

4434 Watercolor Lylia Forero Carr

4435 mary charlotte painting

4436 Howard Bradford 1968 screen printing

4437 Serene Linen MCM Cityscape Watercolor Painting

4438 Leroy Neiman signed and numbered print

4439 MCM watercolor signature bottom right

4440 Cooper tire metal billboard

4441 Atlas Seasonaire billboard

4442 R-Pep Metal Advertising Signboard

4443 Antique Landscape Oil on Canvas, Restoration

4444 MCM Abstract Painting

4445 chagall poster

4446 oil on canvas

4447 Pair of vintage carved wood eagle wall lamps with lampshades

4448 Antique McCaskey account registration

4449 Vintage Philips bi-amp radio

4450 J.P. White Wood Duck Bait

4451 2 cans of Vintage Huitres oysters

4452 Vintage Oscar Schmidt Style B American Mandolin Harp with case

4453 Antique Jas. H. Smith & Company Global Enamellers

4454 19 vintage belt buckles

4455 Many vintage photos and ephemera

4456 Antique Aladdin B Model Oil Lamp - Electric

4457 2 vintage Asian paintings

4458 Chinese Porcelain Fairy Figure

4459 Chinese Porcelain Fairy Figure

4460 Pastel Chinese Porcelain Vase

4461 stock photo album

4462 Copper and Brass Ethnographic Box

4463 Asian Brass Plant Stand

4464 Carved architectural fragment of an angel

4465 Antique cast iron ship door

4466 (3) Monk carvings, Asian carvings and ethnographic masks

4467 Antique Brass Hardware and Skeleton Key

4468 Folk Art Carved and Painted Santa Claus

4469 Antique inlaid accordion with mother of pearl keys

4470 (3) Forged copper tubes and 2 carved meerschaum tubes

4471 3 Vintage Clockwork Santa Toys

4472 Vintage Victor Vending Corp Baby Grand Gum Dispenser with Card Vendor

4473 Monkey god Hanuman Asian ink painting

4474 Vintage Swift 23k Gold Leaf with Box

4475 Antique Tiger Chew Jar

4476 U.S. Marine Corps WWII Era Watercolor Paintings

4477 Many Chinese carved hard stone rings, discs and bracelets

4478 3 Vintage Clockwork Santa Toys

4479 Old Orthodox Icon Painting

4480 Vintage Marx Honeymoon Express Tin Wind-Up Toy

4481 Antique Russian icon painting

4482 Vintage Chinese Mahjong Set

4483 Ansonia Antique Porcelain Mantle Clock

4484 Retro Chein Tin Clockwork Roller Coaster Game

4485 Old Russian Orthodox icon painting

4486 Many glass marbles in a basket and vase

4487 brutalist iron sculpture

4488 Francis Seymour Fulham upon Thames Harden Etching

4489 2 cannon models

4490 Set of 5 straight razors, cigar cutter, mirror and tin mug

4491 Japanese watercolor painting of goose

4492 lots of stamps

4493 W.M. Large Tiger Maple Flintlock Rifle

4494 Tiger Maple Flintlock Rifle

4495 Antique Edge Malkin & Co. Transferware Deep Well Tray

4496 2 Antique Porcelain Apothecary Jars

4497 Signed Southern Art Pottery Miniature Noodle Jar

4498 Antique R. Lalique frosted crystal cherub box

4499 Royal Doulton The Squire movies

4500 studio art glass vase signed

4501 Roswell Tourmaline Ceramic Art Vase

4502 Seth Thomas Antique Regulator Clock

4503 Seth Thomas Antique Regulator Clock

4504 Large Bronze Woman Sculpture

4505 Large bronze nude sculpture

4506 Porcelain plate

4507 15 Pieces Carved Drupe Brass Bowls

4508 Large Antique Japanese Porcelain Vase

4509 12 Kugels, Chandeliers and Glass Christmas Ornaments

4510 Vintage Putnam Dye Advertising Cabinet

4511 Antique tin display case with Everready ad

4512 Oil on canvas portrait of an old gentleman

4513 Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

4514 Vintage Accutron sale and service advertising sign

4515 Helen Stotsbury oil painting

4516 Antique Diamond Stain Oak and Tin Advertising Cabinet

4517 Vintage oil painting of a sailing ship - signed on reverse

4518 Antique Gately Organ

4519 Antique carved and inlaid violin

4520 greek orthodox icon

4521 Vintage Asian Carved Stone Lamp

4522 Thomas Golding South American Coastal Landscape Oil Painting - Signed

4523 3 Vintage Firefighter Helmets

4524 Original Painted Slide Box

4525 Antika E.V. Taylor Richmond VA Blue Decorative Stoneware As Is

4526 Antique Anglo American Mosaic Regulator Clock

4527 Antique Bausch & Lomb microscope with case

4528 Antique shop regulating clock with advertisement

4529 Αντικ Coleman's Wasabi Ad Clate

4530 Vintage Defiance No. 0 Lantern

4531 Emil Picot bronze sculpture

4532 Vintage Little Giant Railroad Lantern

4533 Antique floating lamp - electrified

4534 Vintage Native American Navajo Woven Rug

4535 Antique Sponge Stoneware Mixing Bowl

4536 weight. H. Horstmann Company Philadelphia Sword

4537 Scrimshaw Powder Horn

4538 Old Fashioned Working Duck Baits

4539 Old Fashioned Working Duck Baits

4540 J.H. Whitney Duck Bait

4541 Antique John Wedderburn Company Washington DC Porcelain Jug

4542 Antique Newark NJ. blue decorated stone jug

4543 Information The Triaca Co. Baltimore MD Pictures

4544 Firemark cast iron plaque

4545 Antique Dutch Brothers stoneware pot in Paterson, NJ

4546 Antique Blue Decorative Stone Services

4547 MCM Gambone Italian Art Pottery Tray

4548 fish tank paperweight

4549 Moser Intaglio Cut Flowers Water Bottle

4550 Moorcroft Pomegranate Porcelain Art Bowl

4551 Pair of Moorcroft Pomegranate Art Pottery Candle Holders

4552 Antique Oak Tantalus with Crystal Decanter

4553 Vintage Lance Biscuit Advertisement Jar

4554 Antique French crystal slider clock for sale by Bailey Banks & Biddle

4555 Grace Fitzgerald oil painting

4556 Dionne Quintuplets Doll Set

4557 Thomas Roy Markusen Forged Copper Bowl

4558 Corrsin Nantes Antique Cartel Gold Watch

4559 waterbury steamship clock

4560 Vintage Cox Shrike Tethered Car

4561 canada goose bait

4562 Vintage oil painting of sheep in shadow frame

4563 Modernist Knockout Cutting Board

4564 Vintage Japanese lacquer box, interior decoration

4565 1920 Joseph Conrad Limited Edition signed 20-volume set

4566 2 Signed Baltimore Graffiti Art Photo Prints

4567 Old German Santa Claus with a box

4568 Retro Bakelite Mahjong Set

4569 2 german stoneware chargers

4570 2 antique clown dolls

4571 Decorative Engraved Mallard Decoy Signed Elkton Md

4572 Antique cast iron door

4573 Antique cast iron soap dish

4574 Antique cast iron door

4575 Cast Iron Notebook Case with Coca-Cola Pencils

4576 Antique cast iron sled toy

4577 Vintage unique wind-up tin toy

4578 Sideboard with antique oak legs

4579 3 Duck Bait Signatures

4580 Ethnographically carved and inlaid shields

4581 Dutch Woman Vintage Oil Painting

4582 Antique Dutch Watercolor Scene

4583 persian painting

4584 (5) Silverware - open salt, pipe racks, etc.

4585 Brass hilted short sword

4586 2 Iznik Tiles

4587 Signed Green Wing Yellow Pencil Color Print

4588 Pair of domed gilt wall planters

4589 Oil painting on Julia Sweda "Zuni" tile

4590 Crystal Baccarat Watch with Box

4591 4 Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurines

4592 Original antique porcelain doll

4593 (3) A piece of Russian porcelain - including Gzhel

4594 Asian Modernist Inlaid Luggage

4595 Asian Modernist Inlaid Luggage

4596 Asian Modernist Inlaid Luggage

4597 Antique Limoges ceramic fish platter and sauce boat

4598 5 Antique Spode porcelain gilt cup and saucer

4599 Antique Enterprise Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

4600 vintage piano accordion

4601 Antique Country Cash Register

4602 Vintage Windsor Clarinet with Case

4603 Fender Pro Primary Amplifier

4604 Acoustic 125D Amplifier Cage

4605 Takamine Acoustic Guitar Model Gs330S with Θήκη Gator

4606 Vintage Harmony Acoustic Electric Guitar with Case

4607 master electric guitar

4608 Gemeinhardt flute in case

4609 Merano flute with box

4610 Vintage Bach Stradivarius Model 7-59 Small with box

4611 Vintage H.N White The King Trombone with Case

4612 Holton Collegiate Trombone with Case

4613 Antique ceramic art with tiles

4614 3 Antique Carriage Miniature Clock

4615 6 pieces of carved alabaster

4616 lots of old flat lead soldiers

4617 Antique Pond Sailor Boat

4618 5 vintage dolls in Asian poses

4619 10 Vintage Ginny Dolls

4620 3 silver plated trays

4621 Matt Burton Folk Art Carved and Painted Woodman Sculptures

4622 4 Vintage Miniature Cuckoo Clocks

4623 Timothy Cole Pencil Print

4624 5 Vintage Steiff Stuffed Animals

4625 Sign painted by Duncan Hines

4626 Engraved sailboat diorama

4627 Vintage Monarch Junior Label Maker

4628 Original Painted Ballot Box

4629 George D. Aber Jr Engraved Penguin Walking Stick

4630 10 Richard Ellis Tiger Shark Pencil Drawings

4631 10 Pencil Prints of Stanley Meltzoff Seashells

4632 10 Richard Ellis Pencil Drawings

4633 Hadley Stoneware Drinking Fountain

4634 Hadley Stoneware Drinking Fountain

4635 Antique R.L. Utley Co. Roman New York Ceramic Jug

4636 10 Pencil Drawings of Stanley Meltzoff Bluefin & Pufferfish

4637 Antique J.E. Livernois Quebec Stoneware Jug

4638 Antique Casey Brothers Scranton PA Ceramic Jug

4639 10 William Hollywood Pintail Ducks Pencil Signed Prints

4640 Japanese porcelain vase

4641 Japanese Antique Imari Porcelain Bowl

4642 10 Pencil Drawings of Scott Woolever's Canada Goose

4643 Antique RV Stevenson Manhattan Black Transferware Platter

4644 retro billboard

4645 Painted Office Folk Art Arrow Signs

4646 Vintage watercolor sign

4647 vintage still life oil painting

4648 oil painting - signature

4649 3 Width Suzanne Parmly Prints

4650 Partridge Shooting Print

4651 Philadelphia map in floating frame

4652 Vintage Rainy Day Scene Oil Painting on Canvas

4653 Vintage Le Barge Sly Mirror with Moving Image

4654 1939 Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sandburg, 4 volumes

4655 plaster frame portrait print

4656 Antique oil on canvas signed

4657 Many retro advertising matchboxes

4658 Lots of vintage girls promotion pin book

4659 Many retro advertising matchboxes

4660 3 Vintage Folk Painted Toy Wheels

4661 Vintage Ideal Crystal Starlight Car Toy with Box

4662 Mixed Media Wall Sculpture - Signature

4663 Antique Ward's Orange Syrup Dispenser

4664 5 Stevengraph antique wallpapers in frames

4665 Vintage Sunkist Juicit Emerald Juicer

4666 Original folk art painted game wheel

4667 Vintage leather jacket with Maryland Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation badge and patch

4668 Antique broad ax with stamped decoration

4669 Lundberg Studios 1991 World of Art Glass Sculpture

4670 Old fashioned cocktail shaker with bell

4671 Shangwan Canvas Duck Bait

4672 MCM table lamp in the style of Gino Sarfatti

4673 Naked Frosted Crystal Vase

4674 Vintage Belgian Oversized Carved Wooden Tsokama

4675 2 Antique Brass Jugs

4676 Antique Blue Decorative Stone Services

4677 Terracotta plate with green glass

4678 Terracotta plate with green glass

4679 Terracotta plate with green glass

4680 Vintage Leather Belt with Jewels and Studs

4681 Antique blue decorative oval stoneware

4682 Antique blue decorative oval stoneware

4683 Modernist cast stone bust

4684 Antique Enterprise No. 7 Coffee Grinder

4685 ancient chinese tapestry painting

4686 Lindsey Morris Sterling Synthetic Board

4687 James "Jim" Joyner, MD, Baltimore. Paintings on the theme of Don Quixote

4688 James "Jim" Joyner, MD, Baltimore. Paintings on the theme of Don Quixote

6000 Silver Spoon 0.6 oz.

6001 Stieff Sterling Silver Medicine Spoon 0.8 oz.

6002 Antique Silver Bottle 6.1 oz

6003 6 - Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers 5.6 oz.

6004 Silver Platter/Platter 10.2 oz.

6005 Sterling Silver Lot 13.7 oz.

6006 silver handle

6007 2 silver mirror frames

6008 Plenty of discs with heavy silver

6009 2 silver handle sec.

6010 21 - Mother of Pearl Silver Belt Knife

6011 24 English Silver Dessert Set (Insignia)

6012 22 English Silverware Set/Fish Service

6013 Lots of silverware, including perfume bottles and matches

6014 Silver Spoon 1.9 oz.

6015 Silver lot, includes Stieff Spoon 2.5 oz.

6016 Lots of Sterling and .900 Silver Artifacts

6017 Tiffany Wave Edge Sterling Silver Fish Server, 4.8 oz

6018 Tiffany Raspberry Vines Pattern Sterling Silver Dinnerware, 3.2 oz

6019 Silver Atlantic Berry Spoon, 2.3 oz

6020 Asian .900 Sterling Silver Salt/Pepper + Enamel Small Coffee Spoon, 4.3 oz

6021 silver desk calendar

6022 Sterling Silver Includes Tiffany Ladle, 5.5 oz

6023 Lily of the Valley Silver Olive Fork and Spoon, 1.6 oz

6024 Sterling Silver and .800 Silver, including Tiffany and Buccellati, 5.7 oz

6025 Set of sterling silver flatware, 5.9 oz

6026 (7) Silver handle cutlery

6027 (2) Silver Coin Shell Spoons, 3.3 oz

6028 (3) Kirk & Son Repousse Sterling Silver Berry Spoons, 8 oz

6029 Set of sterling silver, 6.3 oz

6030 Set of sterling silver, 5.8 oz

6031 Silver & Silver Mini Tea Set

6250 PR. 12.3 oz sterling silver candle holder.

6251 Silver frame 11 1/2 in. X 9 inches.

6252 Silver Oval Frame 12 1/2 in. X 10 1/4 inches

6253 66 mother of pearl silver belt cutlery set

6254 Silver Filigree Batch (with Badge)

6255 PR. heavy silver candlestick

6256 Silver 8 X 10 Frame (Logo)

6257 heavy silver candlestick

6258 weighed silver candlesticks

6259 Pair of English heavy marked silver candlesticks

6260 Camusso Silver Box, 37 oz, Lined

6261 Silver Box, 16.2 oz

6262 .800 Silver Ornate Bandage Mirror, 42 oz, Mirror and Lining Removed

6263 Korean .990 Sterling Silver Half Circle Enamel Set, 7 oz

6264 Gorham silver flatware set of 47 61 oz

6265 S. Kirk & Son 49-Piece Silver Flatware, 55.4 oz

6266 Cohr Modernist Sterling Silver Sauce Boat, 5.2 oz

6267 Silver multi-tool, only one thimble glass, total weight 2 oz

6268 A set of standard items to place and weigh

6269 Standard Nut Bowl and Weigh Set, 1.8 oz

6270 22 τεμ. Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Flatware, 24 oz

6271 Bulk Sterling Serving, 31.4 oz

6500 Lots of Vintage Gold Jewelry

6501 lots of silver jewelry

6502 Antiqued Fire Opal Post Earrings in 9 Carat Yellow Gold 1.6G

6503 14K Yellow Gold Green Spinel and 4.4G Ruby Ring

6504 14k Gold Diamond Necklace 2.7g

6505 10 Carat Necklace with 2.0 Gram Round Diamonds

6506 3 Judith Ripka Silver Jewelry

6507 14k Silver and Gold Ring/Diamond Ring

6508 14K 1.9g Tri-Color Ring/Ring

6509 14K Gold Post 0.9G Shell Earrings

6510 14k Gold Textured Earrings 3.6g

6511 14k Gold Hoop/Round Drop Earrings 2.7g

6512 14K Gold Engraved Brooch/Pendant 6.1 Gtw

6513 Filigree Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold 8.3G

6514 Antique Onyx and Diamond Ring in 4.4G 10K Gold

6515 2.1g Diamond Earrings in 14k Gold

6516 10K Gold Coral Ring 1.7g

6517 14k Gold 2.6G Earrings and Pendant

6518 14k Gold and Pearl Necklace, Earrings and Pendant

6519 Elgin self-winding 27J. watch with box

6520 Omega Automatic watch (demo).

6521 14k Gold Coral and Leather Buckle Necklace

6522 14 Carat Double Button Pearl Necklace

6523 Lots of Silver Jewelry Silver & Coin

6524 Lot of Danish Enamel Brooch Silver Jewelry

6525 Green Yellow Citrine Ring in 14k Gold (Marked 18k but Authenticated 14k) 7.2g

6526 14K 3.2G Coral Sunburst Pendant in Yellow Gold

6527 Oval Ring in 10K Gold 5.1g

6528 Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 10K Gold 2.1g

6529 14K Gold Vintage Enamel 3.9G

6530 Antique Gold Enamel Amethyst 10Kt 2.8G (Back Stitch Curved)

6531 14k Gold Calla Lily 3.4G Pearl Earrings

6532 14K Gold Evil Eye 0.8G Pendant / Charm

6533 By Jh (John Hardy) 14k Silver and Gold Pendant

6534 18k Silver & Gold Ring/Ring

6535 2 professors. 14K 4.3G Gold Earrings

6536 Kabana Silver Onyx Ring + Silver Enamel Coral Ring

6537 Silver and Diamond Bracelet + Stainless Steel and Diamond Cross Pendant

6538 lots of silver jewelry

6539 lots of silver jewelry

6540 lots of silver jewelry

6541 lots of silver jewelry

6542 Lots of vintage silver jewelry (some glazed)

6543 Lot of 800 pieces of silver and silver jewelry including the Charles Albert pendant

6544 Lots of Silver and Turquoise Jewelry

6545 lots of silver jewelry

6546 10Kt Yellow Gold Vintage Engraved Cameo Brooch/Pendant 10.1Gtw

6547 10ct Yellow Gold Antiqued Carnelian Carnelian Bracelet/Pendant Watch 3.5 total weight

6548 14K Hard Rock Necklace with 1.5 Gtw Diamonds

6549 Kabana Enamel Fish Earrings Silver Jewelry Lot

6550 Sterling Silver Southwestern Rabbit Charm Box 1.5 oz.

6551 Amethyst Bracelet in 18K Gold 14.0g

6552 Emerald Bee Brooch 14Kt Gold 5.7G

6553 Engraved Cameo Ring in 14k Gold 8.8g

6554 14K 4.3G Round Diamond Necklace

6555 14k Gold Opal and Diamond Flip Flop Pendant 1.7G

6556 14k Gold Diamond Pillar 5.9G Earrings

6557 14k Gold Hoop Earrings 3.7g

6558 Omega Back earrings in 14k gold 6.5g

6559 Pendant 2 - 14ct Yellow Gold 1.8g

6560 Sapphire Bracelet in 10K Gold 6.7g

6561 Hans Hansen Danish Silver Heart Bracelet

6562 14 Carat 4.5 Gram Diamond Cocktail Ring

6563 Silver Ankle Bracelet 2.4 oz. (12 inches long)

6564 Lot of Silver Jewelry, includes 84 Russian Silver Spoons 0.8 oz.

6565 10K Gold Vintage Cufflinks with Box 2.5G

6566 3 Antiqued 10K Gold Bar Pins 2.8g

6567 Antique Engraved Cameo Ring in 10k Rose Gold 10.0g

6568 14k Diamond Ring 0.25ct 2.4g

6569 14K Gold Ruby Ring 2.4g

6570 18k Diamond Ring 0.65ct 3.8g

6571 Engraved Cameo Ring in 10K Gold 4.7g

6572 14K Gold Multi Bead Ring 3.0g

6573 14k Gold Sapphire and 2.7g Diamond Ring

6574 14k Diamond Ring 0.25ct 2.2g

6575 9 Carat Rolex 16.4Gtw Yellow Gold Pendant Watch

6576 Android Ad464 Hydraulic Watch with Box

6577 Ring Grade 10 Kt (1956) 8.8 G

6578 Three Gold Green Spinel Ring in 10K Gold 4.2G

6579 Topaz Ring/Ring in 14K Gold 4.1G

6580 18k Gold Egyptian Ankh Ring 4.0G

6581 Cameo Ring in Antique Gold 10k 5.7g

6582 14K (1/3 ct) 3.1G Diamond Ring (White and Rose Gold)

6583 18k Gold Stone 30". Necklace 17.7Gtw

6584 14Kt 3.4G Hard Rock Gold Ring

6585 10k Brown Gold and White Stone Ring 6.6g

6586 14K Gold Diamond Cocktail Ring (3/4Ctw) ​​4.0G

6587 14K Gold Hard Rock and Seed Pearl 15.5G Pin

6588 Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold (0.40 tw.) 3.0g

6589 14K 6.4G Diamond Cocktail Ring (1.00 ct, Center 0.40 ct)

6590 Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Buckle

6591 2 - Sterling Silver Mexican Bracelet 1.7 oz.

6592 14k Gold Pearl and Amethyst Necklace

6593 Cat Earrings 10ct Yellow Gold 2.8g

6594 14k Gold Onyx Necklace and Earrings

6595 Gem-encrusted bracelet in 0.7 oz sterling silver.

6596 2 - Citizen Navihawk Blue Angel Watch

6597 Emerald Hoop Earrings in 10K Gold 2.1g

6598 Victorian Etruscan Brooch in 14k Yellow Gold 9.8G (Displayed 1939)

6599 silver diamond ring

6600 5 Contemporary Style Silver Rings

6601 6 fancy silver rings

6602 4 pressure. 14k Gold Pearl Earrings 6.3G

6603 Rectangular Heart Pendant in 14k Gold 2.4g

6604 14K Gold Greek Key Omega Back Earrings 9.2G

6605 10 carat amethyst ring 6.0 grams

6606 Emerald Eye Crab Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold 14.3g

6607 14k (7mm) Double Button Pearl Bracelet

6608 Rectangular and Round Omega Back Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold 11.7g.

6609 0.20ct Cushion Cut Diamond Flower in 18K Gold 1.6g

6610 Silver Noy Li & 14K Gold Belt/Ring

6611 Peter Bram 14ct Gold Lapis Lapis and Mother of Pearl Post Earrings 2.8g

6612 2 - Top Gold Coin Pin

6613 14K Gold 2.5G Diamond Pendant

6614 Onyx Ring in 10k Yellow Gold with 2.5 Grams of Diamonds

6615 10ct Gold Carat Angel Shin Coral Cameo Brooch 2.0G

6616 10k Gold Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Earrings 1.1g

6617 Abdominal Ring 14 Kt W/Cz 1.4G

6618 14K Gold Mechanical Charm/Pendant 4.4G

6619 14K 3.0G Squirrel Enamel Charm/Pendant

6620 Jewelry/Knife, Spoon & Fork 14K Gold 1.3G

6621 14k Yellow Gold Moeris Swiss Band is Not Gold

6622 14k Diamond Ring 0.25ct 6.1g

6623 Engraved Cameo Brooch/Pendant in 10K Gold 4.9g

6624 10K Gold Garnet Diamond Ring 6.4g

6625 10 Carat (0.26 ct) Diamond Ring 5.3 g

6626 Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 10K Gold 7.8g

6627 Silver Onyx and Citrine Necklace 2.9 oz. Tw.

6628 Carolyn Pollack Texas Western & Tina Native American Silver Watch

6629 2 - Mixed Metal and Gemstone Bracelet

6630 Dtr - Jay King Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry Sets and More

6631 Taxco silver wide bracelet

6632 Algerian Arabic Calligraphy Bracelet with Badge in 800 Silver

6633 Silver Baby Rattles and Whistles

6634 2 - Large Mexican silver pendant/pin

6635 Blue and White Topaz Ring in 14K Gold 3.8g

6636 3 - 10Kt 8.4G Gold Ring (1 Diamond)

6637 14K Gold Lot 5.7G

6638 Cameo Necklace in 10k Gold 4.0g

6639 Lot of 14k Gold Pearl and Stone Buckle Jewelry

6640 Tiffany & Co. Wallet Keychain

6641 David Yurman 14ct gold and silver bracelet

6642 David Yurman 14ct gold and silver bracelet

6643 David Yurman silver agate and diamond bracelet with box

6644 Thomas Singer Navajo Silver Bracelet, 2.0 oz.

6645 Silver Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 1.9 oz.

6646 Silver Onyx Bracelet 1.3 oz.

6647 Silver Cable Style Cuff Bracelet with White Stones 0.7 oz

6648 Accutron Bulova Swiss Watch #214-H (Scratched Crystal)

6649 Vintage Gold and Teether Jewelry Set

6650 Gruen Veri-Thin Precision Pocket Watch

6651 Bucherer Swiss watch with watch box

6652 2 800 vintage silver pocket watch

6653 Lot of 800 pieces and sterling silver Contessina cufflinks

6654 Bucherer enamel silver watch with metal chain

6655 2 Stowe 17J. German ball watch winding

6656 Boxed Nupoint Silver Pen + Vintage Round Lighter

6657 silver bracelet with hinge

6658 Raymond Weil Geneve Toccata Watch

6659 3 silver bracelets 3.2 oz.

6660 3 silver bracelets + 1 gold bracelet

6661 14K 3.3G Gold Ruby Ring (Stud Restoration)

6662 14k Gold Cubic Zirconia 5.3G Ring

6663 10ct Gold Onyx Inception Ring with Diamonds 5.7G

6664 2.2G 14K gold ring (requires slim fit)

6665 Cat Necklace 14ct Yellow Gold 7.1g

6666 Garnet Diamond Ring in 14K Gold 1.4g

6667 14K 2.4G Gold Ring/Ring

6668 14k rose gold hoop earrings 2.7g

6669 2Prs. 14k Gold Earrings 1.6g

6670 Krementz 14ct Gold Pillar Opal Earrings

6671 Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K Gold 3.7g One Stone Missing

6672 10.9g Bracelet in 14K Antiqued Gold (Slightly Dimpled and Engraved Inside)

6673 14k Gold Design Bracelet 19.6g

6674 Amethyst Ring in 14k Gold 4.3G (Stone Scratched)

6675 Antiqued 14k Gold Initial Ring 2.1G

6676 14K 9.6G Yellow Gold Textured Ring/Ring

6677 14K Gold Earring Lot 7.5G (Curved & Boneless)

6678 14k gold 1 in. 2.1G Textured Hoop Earrings

6679 Omega Diamond Earrings in 14K Gold 4.9g

6680 Oval Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold 8.7g

6681 14k Gold Mother-of-Pearl Heart Pendant

6682 Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Buckle

6683 Hoop Earrings 14k Gold 1/2 1.7g

6684 2Prs. 14k Gold Post 3.4G Earrings

6685 Gold Vintage Lot 14K 4.4Gtw Jewelry

6686 2 - 14K Gold Vintage 1.7G Bar Clips

6687 18K Emerald Ring/Ring 2.2g

6688 18K 3.3G Golden Eagle Camera Ring

6689 Vintage 10ct Pearl Cufflinks 4.3g

6690 Ring 10 Carat Gold Grade 6.0 G

6691 10Kt/14Kt and gold infill plot 7,7Gtw.

6692 10ct Yellow Gold Antiqued Amethyst and Ravellier Pearl/Pendant 0.9G

6693 10 carat gold lot 2.2 grams

6694 Rollis 14k Gold Watch (band is not gold)

6695 14K Gold Lions Charm/Pendant 5.2G

6696 14K gold batch 5.4G

6697 14K Gold Heart Pendant/3.1g Pendant

6698 14K Gold Diamond and Pearl Brooch/Pendant 3.3G

6699 Chain/Necklace 14k Gold 1.5G

6700 4.3G Scarab Stud Earrings in 14k Gold

6701 14 silver rings

6702 5 silver diamond ring

6703 Silver Cross Necklace with Diamonds

6704 Effie silver ring

6705 Silver Bracelet 2.1 oz.

6706 14k Spinel Ring 4.3g

6707 Garnet Ring in 14K Gold 2.2g

6708 14K 4.3G Blue Spinel Gold Ring

6709 14k Gold Tanzanite Ring 3.6g

6710 14K 3.0G Gold Quartz and Diamond Ring

6711 10K 1.5G Gold Chain/Necklace

7000 lots of gold jewelry

7001 lots of silver jewelry

7002 lots of silver jewelry

7003 lots of silver jewelry

7004 Lot of Beau Sterling Silver Jewelry

7005 Helbros & Benrus Watch Lot Plate

7006 A tray of several jewelry boxes, including some antiques

7007 Lots of Mixed Metal Turquoise Jewelry

7008 Extensive Gold and Mixed Metal Jewelry

7009 lots of silver jewelry

7010 lots of silver jewelry

7011 5 sterling silver bracelets 1.4 oz.

7012 14 silver rings

7013 lots of silver jewelry

7014 lots of silver jewelry

7015 6 Silver Bracelets

7016 5 Love Life Silver and Mixed Metal Bracelet

7017 6 Silver Bracelets

7018 5 silver chains/necklaces

7019 9 silver necklaces

7020 Lots of jewelry with silver buckles and pearls

7021 Lots of Pearl and Hematite Jewelry

7022 Lots of silver jewelry with lockets

7023 Silver jewelry with pearls, beads and stones

7024 Lots of Silver and Stone Jewelry

7025 Extensive mixed metal jewelry, including cat earrings and Hamilton watches

7026 Whole Lot Stieff Horseshoe Brooch Silver Jewelry

7027 Extensive Gold and Mixed Metal Jewelry

7028 Whole Lot of Tiger Eye Jewelry on Tray

7029 Lots of silver jewelry with 6 silver rings

7030 Matisse Tulip Necklace and Earrings Set

7031 lots of silver jewelry

7032 Vintage Tokens Disk Batch

7033 Large collection of watch, movement and case trays

7034 lots of silver jewelry

7035 Lots of Vintage Silver Jewelry

7036 lots of silver jewelry

7037 Mixed Metal Vintage Jewelry

7038 13 silver rings

7039 16 Years Old Silver Earrings (88.0G)

7040 2 trays of silver, vintage and costume jewelry

7041 5 Contemporary Style Silver Rings

7042 14 silver rings

7043 14 silver rings

7044 5 Vintage Bulova Watches

7045 5 Vintage Bulova Watches

7046 5 Vintage Bulova Watches

7047 Large collection of vintage watch discs

7048 5 Silver Bracelets 3.4 oz.

7049 plate with gold jewelry

7050 16 years old silver earrings

7051 Whole Lot Stieff Spoon Brooch Silver Jewelry

7052 Large collection of amber jewelry discs

7053 Large amount of silver jewelry containing marcasite

7054 lots of silver jewelry

7055 lots of silver jewelry

7056 Lots of silver and pearl jewelry

7057 Many disc watches, including the Invicta

7058 1 Signed Schiaparelli Bracelet Costume Jewelry CD

7059 Lots of Mma jewelry

7060 lots of gold jewelry

7061 Lots of Mixed Metal Jewelry

7062 6 silver rings

7063 lots of silver jewelry

7064 19 silver rings

7065 silver buckle necklace

7066 Lots of Silver and Mixed Metal Jewelry

7067 lots of silver jewelry

7068 Discs for many watches, including the Zodiac

7069 A plate of costume jewelry, including Miriam Haskell

7070 Silver jewelry and miscellaneous. pieces. Includes vintage mesh wallet

7071 Gold and mixed metal jewelry and miscellaneous. pieces. (mostly retro)

7072 lots of silver jewelry

7073 Variety of enamel and mixed metal cufflinks

7074 4 smart watch

7075 2 Swatch watches

7076 2 Invicta Watches

7077 Watch Appraisal

7078 Δίσκος Large collection of religious rosaries, crucifixes, etc.

7079 Tray for many watches and cufflinks, including Bucherer watches

7080 Extensive Gold and Mixed Metal Jewelry

7081 lots of silver jewelry

7082 lots of silver jewelry

7083 lots of silver jewelry

7084 lots of silver jewelry

7085 3 Willys Fashion Watches

7086 Many vintage character clocks - including Disney, Peanuts and more

7087 Many ladies watches and Accutron movements

7088 Many vintage ladies watches

7089 8-Pack Men's Quartz Watches - Casio, Citizen, Fossil, Stauer and Seiko

7090 Lot of 7pcs Vintage Ladies Mechanical Watches

7091 Many pocket watch dials, movements, cases and parts

7500 4 plate assorted set

7501 Jewelry 5 Pieces Assorted Set

7502 Jewelry 6 Pieces Assorted Set

7503 2 trays of miscellaneous watches/parts

7504 Jewelry 6 Pieces Assorted Set

7505 Jewelry 5 Pieces Assorted Set

7506 2 trays of assorted signed costume jewelry, including Stella & Dot, original by Robert & Trifari

7507 2-disc assortment of iconic costume jewelry including Joan Rivers, Jennybird and Trifari

7508 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7509 Various sets of jewelry rings 1 plate

7510 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7511 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7512 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7513 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7514 4 plate assorted set

7515 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7516 1 dish of various clothing

7517 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7518 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7519 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7520 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7521 4 plate assorted set

7522 1 plate of assorted clothing

7523 2 trays of assorted costume jewelry (mostly signed)

7524 2 trays of assorted clocks

7525 2 trays of assorted costume jewelry, including turquoise

7526 2 trays of assorted costume jewelry pins (some vintage)

7527 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7528 2 small discs various jewelry shoe and dress clips

7529 2 assorted Hadley straps

7530 2 Trays Assorted Set Jewelry Rings

7531 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7532 4 plate assorted set

7533 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7534 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7535 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7536 1 tray assorted costume rhinestone jewelry

7537 2 trays of assorted mostly iconic costume jewelry

7538 2 trays of assorted iconic jewels

7539 2 dishes of assorted clothing

7540 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7541 3 dishes of assorted clothing

7542 3 Discs Miscellaneous Costume Jewelry (1 Disc Fully Signed)

8000 Lot of 80+ WWII World Bank Notes

8001 Lot of 40+ Brazilian World Bank banknotes

8002 Lots of Appx. 50 French and German World Bank notes

8003 Lots of Appx. 140 World Bank banknotes from different countries

8004 Lots of Appx. 170 World Bank banknotes from different countries

8005 Lot of 275+ British 20thc world coins

8006 Lots of Appx. 140 coins of the Greek world, including silver coins

8007 Lots of Appx. 125 Guatemala, Guyana, Hungary and other world coins

8008 Lot of 140+ Spanish World Coins

8009 Lot of 50+ swedish world coins

8010 Lots of Appx. 45 Chinese World Bank Notes

8011 Lot of 550+ Great Britain World Coins

8012 Lot of 380+ world mexican coins

8013 10 oz .999 Silver Bar

8014 Batch foreign banknotes

8015 A large collection of discs with tokens and foreign currencies

8016 A large collection of discs with tokens and foreign currencies

8017 3 dollar silver dollar and 3 foreign coins

8018 Extensive collection of mostly U.S. and some foreign coins

8250 Collect albums for 65 nickels and 97 pennies

8251 Lot of 25 90% US Silver Dimes

8252 Lots of 12 cents big cents

8253 1800 big cents

8254 1803 half cent

8255 A Set of 90 Percent U.S. Mercury Point Coins

8256 22 Standing Liberty and Barber Half Dollars 1899 έως 1943

8257 Pre-1865 Set of Indian Cents and Flying Eagles

8258 Morgan Silver $12 Group

8259 2 Morgan silver coins and 70 cents 90% silver

8260 $2.90 Face Value 90% U.S. Silver Coin, Includes 1 Morgan Silver Dollar

8261 $13.00 40% Silver Half Dollar, $3.25 90% Silver US Coin

8262 Collection of various U.S. silver coins and 2 sets of U.S. certificates

8263 Lot of 20 90% US Silver Barbers Quarters

8264 Lot of 25 US Peace Silver Dollars

8265 Lot of 25 US Peace Silver Dollars

8266 Lot of 25 US Peace Silver Dollars

8267 Lot of 25 US Peace Silver Dollars

8268 Lot of $25 Morgan Silver Coins

8269 Lot of 24 Silver Morgan Dollars

8270 Lot of $25 Morgan Silver Coins

8271 Various US collector's denominations at a face value of $29

8272 $6.30 90% U.S. Silver Coin and $1.50 40%

8273 Various American collectible coins including 18 dollar and 12 cent coins and more

8274 Σετ 7 US proof and mint

8275 4 American Silver American Eagles and 3 United States Mint Sets

8276 Set of $70 American Collector's Notes

8277 $10 Uncirculated 90% Roosevelt Silver Dime

8278 $58 Obverse USA Collectible 16 Red $2 Bills and 24 Silver $1 Gift Certificates

8279 $1 Black Hawk Silver Coupon

8280 3 $10 Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Philadelphia

8281 Lot of 7 US Fractional Coins

8282 Lot of 10 collectible US coins, mostly silver

8283 1892 $1 $60 US Morgan Silver Dollar

8284 1882 cc US Morgan Silver Dollar

8285 2 dollar silver dollar 1 turn pin

8500 US 1997 $5 Gold Coin 1/10 oz Gold

auction listOffered by Although the information posted here has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, expressly disclaims any responsibility for errors, omissions or changes to any information provided for this auction. Potential buyers are encouraged to verify the date, time and contents of the auction directly through the auctioneer's website or by contacting the auctioneer directly. The terms and conditions of the auction may or may not be posted on this listing. All terms and conditions and other notices issued on the day of the auction are binding and take precedence over any information provided here.


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