Our 9 Favorite German Precast Companies - Blue Future Partners (2023)

Germany is a world leader in prefabricated housing, with more than 20% of all existing housing coming from factories. That number will continue to grow, as the prefab housing industry is expected to outpace the overall housing market by 3.2 percent annually over the next five years.

It is therefore no surprise that Germany has a long list of very successful precast companies. Many of today's market leaders are more than 100 years old, starting as small lumber mills or sawmills and growing into prefab housing companies during the post-war housing boom. Today, they build homes to the highest environmental standards, indistinguishable from 'normal' homes, and are often delivered in just a few weeks.

Here are our picks for our favorite German precast panel companies:

1.Wesfetty House

Founded in 1881, this family-owned precast business is the oldest on our list. Fertighaus Weiss is a typical German "small and medium-sized enterprise" and builds around 240 architect-designed houses every year. Customers can choose from different categories such as bungalow, log cabin or Bauhaus style, with around 15 models in each category. Every home can be equipped with the latest smart home technology, such as simulating someone's presence by randomly closing the curtains. Fertighaus Weiss can upgrade all homes with sustainable features such as solar panels, exterior insulation or glass, and even run a carbon-positive factory.

Our Favorite Model —Erlangen prefab houses
Beloved house price — 200,000 euros
Architectural style — modern, wooden house, bungalow, Bauhaus
 — Available in Germany
Number of models — about 120
Completion Grade — Turnkey

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(Image: White prefab house)


With an annual revenue of more than 140 million euros and around 80,000 houses built to date, Bien Zenker is one of Germany's leading precast companies. Their portfolio offers a wide range of dwellings, from simple bungalows to luxurious two-family homes, priced around €2000/sqm. On the upper level, features include solar panels, power storage by German battery company Sonnen and an electric car charging station. For those who are more budget conscious, Bien Zenker also offers high quality and many customization options, such as optional balconies, garages or different roof shapes. we especially likevirtual tour modeOn their website, you can simulate walking into one of their model homes.

Beloved House Price — From 190,000 Euros
Architectural style — modern, bungalow, brick-concrete, bungalow
Applicable to — Germany, Switzerland
Number of models — approximately 232
Finishing degree — Turnkey, finishing

(Image credit: Bien Zenker)

3.life shop

Living Haus, the sister company of Bien Zenker, specializes in so-called "Ausbauhaus" or "finished homes". Traditional prefabricated homes are usually fully assembled by the seller, while finished homes have parts of the home completed by the owner themselves. This saves money for those who are well versed in construction or have their own subcontractors, and is a common variation on prefabrication. Living Haus typically lays the foundation and provides the major pieces like walls and roof, and then it's up to the client to decide how much to do for them. There are as many homes to choose from as there are with any other prefab company, and even large multi-family homes can be done by the homeowners themselves.

OUR FAVORITE HOME —sunshine 143
Beloved House Price — From 100,000 Euros
Architectural style — modern, bungalow
 — Available in Germany
Number of models — about 130
Complete grade — Complete the house

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(Image: Life House)


WeberHaus is regularly rated as one of the highest German precast panel companies for customer satisfaction and construction quality. They create individually designed turnkey solutions as well as customer finished homes. One of their latest innovations is a partnership with Apple Homekit, allowing residents to control their devices with their voice. WeberHaus is known for its high energy efficiency standards. As the first German company to introduce low-energy building principles in its homes, customers can now choose energy-efficient options such as passive houses or energy-plus houses (which generate more energy than they use). By the way, WeberHaus even runs "Living World", Europe's first and only theme park related to architecture and life.

OUR FAVORITE HOME —Generation5.5 — Haus 200
Beloved House Price — From 250,000 Euros
Architectural style — modern, bungalow
Applicable to — Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
Number of models — about 50
Finishing degree — Turnkey, finishing

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(Image source: WeberHaus)

5.Schwoller House

Schwörer Haus has one of the largest networks of show homes in Germany that we could find, making it easy to experience their homes before buying. Ranked high on sustainability, the prebuilder offers passive houses as well as energy homes, among others. One of our favorite innovations of theirs is a relatively new line of products called "flying space", which are flexible units that come with the truck and can be easily added to or removed from each other. Flying Spaces are fixed prices and are ideal for small homes, student accommodation or holiday rentals, without foundations or basements. SchwörerHaus actually expects the product to be Generates more income than its average home.

OUR FAVORITE HOME —Sunny Isles House
Beloved House Price — From 280,000 Euros
Architectural style — modern, bungalow, wooden house, Mediterranean
Available for — Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
Number of models — about 180
Surface treatment grades — turnkey, different surface treatment grades

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(Image source: Schwörer Haus)

6.floor bending machine

Büdenbender was founded in 1946 as a timber factory and frame workshop before entering the prefabrication industry in 1962. Its leading technology is a patented wall system that works like a natural air conditioner, releasing moisture but not letting it in. The exterior of the model is mostly modern and clean, with some wood accents on the front. The overall design is fixed for each model, but customers have a great deal of freedom to customize specific features and choose the degree of finish.

Beloved House Price — From 260,000 Euros
Architectural Style — Modern, Bavarian, Bungalow
 — Available in Germany
Number of models —  about 40
Finishing degree — Turnkey, finishing

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(Image credit: Buden Bender)


Baufritz is one of the most famous precast manufacturers in Germany. FOCUS magazine named it the most sustainable German precast company in 2018 and one of the most international, with sales also in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. Baufritz is a full-service construction firm, supporting clients from property analysis to post-construction maintenance. Their house has a unique look, with warm wooden elements on the outside, and scores very high for eco-consciousness. No construction foam or toxic adhesives are used on any of the projects, and clients can choose between fully self-sufficient or net positive homes.

OUR FAVORITE HOME —Frey Passive House
Beloved House Price — From 320,000 Euros
Architectural Style — Chalet, Modern, Scandinavian, Bungalow, Mansion
Available in   Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy
Number of models —  about 90
Surface treatment grades — turnkey, different surface treatment grades

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(Image credit: Bou Fritz)


At Regnauer, customers can choose from 65 different models, divided into themes such as classic design, Scandinavian country style or natural home. Regnauer has an online configurator where clients can customize their future home by selecting style, size, number of residents and other requests for an initial quote. All Regnauer homes are finished and beautifully designed with a masterful blend of natural elements, glass and a minimalist concrete exterior. Don't be fooled though, as all homes are primarily made of wood, like all the others on this list.

Beloved House Price — From 420,000 Euros
Architectural style — cabin, modern, Scandinavian
Applicable to — Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Number of models —  about 65
Finishing degree — Turnkey, finishing

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(Image credit: Regnauer)

9.luxury residence

LUXHAUS is a family-owned business that produces around 250 prefabricated houses per year. Their flagship innovation is a patented "climate wall», jointly developed with the Fraunhofer Institute. It uses only natural materials and no chemicals, creating a very healthy indoor climate while being very energy efficient. LUXHAUS houses can be equipped with many possible alternative energy sources, such as solar panels or geothermal energy. LUXHAUS uses only reclaimed wood from German forests and recently announced a partnership with battery manufacturer Sonnen to store energy directly in the home.

OUR FAVORITE HOME —Country Cottage Roof 207
Beloved House Price — From 350,000 Euros
Architectural Style —— Chalet, Modern, Bungalow
For — Germany, Spain (Mallorca), Luxembourg
Number of models —  about 90
Finishing degree — Turnkey, finishing

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(Image source: LUXHAUS)


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