25 songs about falling in love | Elite Singles (2023)

25 songs about falling in love | Elite Singles (1)

Is there anything as blissful as the first dizzying days of falling in love? You meet someone and suddenly that person is in your head and you just can't stop smiling. It's an amazing feeling that only needs one thing to make it even better - the right music. That's why we've compiled the best songs of all time about falling in love; 25 songs that perfectly capture the blissful, swoon-worthy feeling of a new crush.

There are many signs that you are falling in love., but perhaps one of the most universal — and funniest — is that moment when even the silliest love songs leave you with a big, swooning smile. You know the moment: you're so giddy and so happy in love that you want to sing at the top of your lungs (it's not just us, is it?).

If you're stuck with someone who makes you smile, this is the Spotify® playlist you need. We've selected 25 songs about falling in love that perfectly sum up the joy of new romance. Play them loud and feel free to sing and dance along - we promise we won't tell!

25 songs about falling in love

1. Something Must Be Holding Me Back - Etta James
When you've been waiting for love for a long time, it can feel overwhelming when it finally arrives. Here, the incomparable Etta James encapsulates the wonderful, slightly proud wonder that comes with falling in love and lighting up her life.
Love Lyrics: Step by step I have brand new equipment / I even look cuter when I talk

2. Be My Baby – Die Ronettes
From the iconic opening drum beats (which sound a bit like the beating heart of someone falling head over heels in love) to the perfect girl group harmonies, this song is the ideal track if you have a crush on someone and work up the courage to tell them.
I'll make you happy, baby, wait and watch / For every kiss you give me, I'll give you three

3. Reflective Light - Sam Phillips
A song beloved by Gilmore Girls fans (it's set in the scene where Luke and Lorelai dance and fall in love), this track has resonance beyond TV land. Its sweet waltz melody encapsulates those magical moments when you feel so much love that you think you must be beaming.
Text to fall in love with: And the moon never saw me / But I reflect the light

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4. Here in my arms - Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges sounds like it's straight out of the early '60s, but this is actually a surprisingly modern love song: it's taken from his 2015 albumcome back home. A song for those who want to take care of their new love, tailor-made for slow dancing.
Love lyrics: Oh baby please come where it's warm / In my arms, in my arms

5. This Is The One - The Stone Roses
A great love song has the power to dissolve any skepticism about romance and transport you back to your idealistic adolescence. Here, The Stone Roses captures the youthful feeling of meeting someone and sends an electric shock throughout your world.
Love Lyrics: Oh this is what I've been waiting for

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6. Stay with you - Meiko
One of the sweetest songs about falling in love, this song is a syrupy homage to the kind of infatuation that turns you into one big hopeless fool. It's the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you find yourself dreaming about your and your love's future together.
Text to fall in love with:You're the one I could never handle

7. There she goes – The La's
While there are multiple ways to interpret the lyrics to this song, we choose to believe that it's about falling in love with someone who makes your heart beat faster every time they pass by. We're so adamant that we even included it on our list of the greatest love songs of all time.
Love lyrics: There she goes again / Running through my brain

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8. New Love - Amos Lee
Have you ever met someone and cherished every moment? Suddenly you stay up all night talking and when you finally sleep you can't wait to wake up and see her again. Amos Leeunderstood.This is the best song for lazy mornings in bed with your new love.
Text to fall in love with:Can't wait to say good morning baby / What do you wanna do today?

9. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies
If love has hurt you in the past, falling in love with someone can be brave and like releasing a tension you didn't even realize was there. Here, The Zombies confirms it's worth it - even if you have to be single first.
Text to fall in love with:The warmth of your love / Like the warmth of the sun

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10. All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo
One of the best love ballads of 1998, this song is a sweet tribute to a potentially life-changing relationship. Add in some slow '90s R&B jams and those sweeping harmonies and you have love song perfection.
Text to fall in love with:You are my everything and for you I sing this song

11. Once in a Lifetime - Stevie Wonder
Sometimes you think you're going to be single forever - and then suddenly you meet someone who loves you back and it's all in Technicolor. Many passion songs try to illustrate this feeling, but none capture the jubilant joy of it all like Stevie Wonder.
Text to fall in love with:Someone warm like you / Would make my dreams come true

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12. Upside Down - Alanis Morissette
If you've been hurt in the past, love can be scary: you don't want to get burned again, so stay away from the fire. And then someone comes along and you melt and fall in love despite your fears. Alanis sums up the conflicted feelings perfectly.
You already got me in spite of me / & don't be alarmed if I fall head over heels

13. All I Want Is To Be Your Girl - Holly Miranda
Love can blind you when you least expect it. You live your happy single life and then boom - someone comes along and rocks you to the core. On this catchy track, Holly Miranda argues that embracing that feeling is the quickest path to joy.
Text to fall in love: I wasn't looking for love but it found me

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14. What I Like About You - The Romantics
Not every occasion needs a deep, meaningful song about falling in love. Sometimes you just want something that fits your upbeat mood.What I like about youit's the perfect song for those dance moments - there's even a solo for you to play the air harmonica!
Text to fall in love with: I never want to let you go, I know you make me feel good, yeah

15. I'm a Believer - The Monkees
Being smitten with love might make you a cynic, but here the Monkees argue that it only takes one person to tear down all your carefully constructed walls. One of the all-time classics about falling in love, this track is ideal for anyone who has ever experienced love at first sight.
Love Lyrics: Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer / No doubt in my mind

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16. Das Shoop Shoop-Lied – Cher
they love you You wanna know? According to Cher, there's a way to say it: it's all about the kiss. that melody it's an old classic, but Cher's version is definitely the most fun sing-along. Scream, hug your love tightly and find out what you want to know.
Text to fall in love with:If it's love, if it's real / It's there in his kiss

17. F.N.T. - semi-sonic
In many new relationships, there's a certain moment when you look at the person you're falling in love with and wonder if no one has caught them yet. For you, they are just wonderful and you wonder: how the hell did you get so lucky?
Love Poetry: I'm Surprised You've Never Heard/You're Lovely & Perfect

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18. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
Although best known for its inclusion in theShrek 2Soundtrack (it was even nominated for an Oscar!), this song is about falling in love when you least expect it, and not just for kids. Instead, the upbeat lyrics and catchy melody make it perfect for anyone who's in love.
Text to fall in love with: Melting under a blue sky / Radiant sun / Sparkling love

19. Summer Love – Justin Timberlake
That addictive beat. The chorus so catchy (I can't wait to fall in love with you).summer loveis the ideal song for anyone falling in love during the summer months: it's a little smoky, a little fun and you don't want it to end - like a summer romance.
Text to fall in love with:I can't wait to fall in love with you / You can't wait to fall in love with me

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20. Something So Strong - Full House
Being emotionally vulnerable can be scary, which is why sometimes you'll find plenty of excuses to explain why you'renofall in love. songs likesomething so strongthey say we should forget the excuses and just let ourselves go - it's worth it.
Lyrics to Falling in Love: Roots that reach so deep bring life to the frozen ground

21. This Shall Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalie Cole
Falling in love is an act that requires a lot of optimism, and here Natalie Cole has a bucket to spare. She starts cautiously (as most of us do when newly in love), but by the end of the track she can't contain her glee. It's inspiring.
Love Poetry: You brought me more joy than I ever dreamed / and no one can replace you

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22. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina e as ondas
If there were ever a ray of musical sunshine, it would be this '80s bop. A love song tailor-made for hairbrush karaoke sessions. This is the track to play when you finally ask the person you have a crush on - and they'll give you an emphatic yes!
Text to fall in love with:I used to think that maybe you love me now baby I'm sure

23. That Kiss - Faith Hill
It's one of the cheesiest love songs around, but that doesn't make itthat kissless pleasant. The upbeat lyrics about love winning you over blend perfectly with the uplifting melody and make it impossible not to sing along. All together now: "It's -ahhhh– subliminal!”
Text to fall in love with:It's centrifugal movement / It's eternal happiness

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24. Shut up and dance - TALK TO THE MOON
Sometimes you meet someone and start dreaming of a whole future together unfolding in front of you. Well, that's a good feeling, but as this song reminds us, it's also important not to miss the present. The future can wait: now it's just a matter of dancing together and falling in love.
Love Lyrics: This woman is my destiny / She said "Oooooh, shut up and dance with me"

25. You Can't Not Fall In Love - Elvis Presley
Is this the best song to fall in love with? Even if your feelings are new to someone, a slow dance to this track and you'll feel yourself carried away by the tide of love. Is that Elvis' singing voice? Is it the beat of dreams? Don't worry if you try to decipher it - let yourself float.
Text to fall in love with:The wise say / Only fools hurry / But I can't help but fall in love with you

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Have we added your favorite song to fall in love with? Or have we missed something big? Inform us! You can comment below or get in touchFacebookorTwitter.

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