101 Basic Hindi Words for Kids - LKG and UKG Class (2023)

Hindi is a language that comes naturally to us as it is our mother tongue. We often face difficulties when we try to learn the English language. People assume it's hard because it's a foreign language. There are many words that we know in Hindi but we get confused when we have to write their meaning in English.

In some cases, it is also vice versa. Some children tend to forget the popularHindi words for kidsbut remember the meaning of these English words. To overcome this situation, let's discuss some general words and phrases that will help kids learn new Hindi words smoothly.

101 Easy to Learn Basic Hindi Words for Kids with English Meaning

Young children know many Hindi words that they hear on a daily basis. But sometimes they don't know the meaning of these words or what is the meaning of these English words. Let's learn about some of these words under a few different categories.

Hindi words for greetings

The first thing we do when we meet someone is greet them. In each language, the way to say hello is the same, but the words to say hello are different. let's learn somethingHindi greeting words for little kidsand the English meanings of these greetings as well.

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  1. Namaste (Hola) – Hola
  2. Good morning (Good morning) – Good morning
  3. Subh Ratri (Good night)
  4. Shubh kamna (best wishes) - best wishes
  5. Abhinandan (Congratulations) – Parabens
  6. Alvida (Goodbye) – Goodbye
  7. Swagath (Welcome)
  8. Shubh Sandhya – Buenas noches
  9. Anand (Anand) – Prazer
  10. Dhanyvaad (Thank you) – Thank you

Hindi words for emotions

Emotions play a very important role when we try to express something in a language. So let's learn somethingbasic Hindi words through which childrenThey are able to express their emotions and the meanings of these words in English as well.

  1. Khush (happy) - happy
  2. Udaas (Triste) – Triste
  3. Utsaahit (animado) - Animado
  4. Highly strung
  5. Hairaan (Surprised) – Surprised
  6. Chintit (Worried) – Anxious
  7. Uttejit (animated) - agitated
  8. Bechain – Nervioso
  9. Ghabrana - Scared
  10. Bhaavuk (Emotional) – Emotional

Hindi words for actions

It is always said that actions speak louder than words. So there are manybasic hindi words for kidsthat describe the actions they perform throughout the day. How actions are always the best way to explain a thing. So let's learn some Hindi words to explain actions and their meaning in English too.

  1. Chalna (Caminata) – Caminata
  2. Naachna (baile)
  3. Gaana (song) – Singing
  4. Rona (Crying) – Crying
  5. Hasna (Laughs) – Laughing
  6. Daudna (run) – Run
  7. Khelna (to play) – Playing
  8. Likhna (to write) – To write
  9. Padhna (read) – Lectura
  10. Sochna (thought) - Thought
  11. Bolna (talk) – To speak

Name of various parts of the human body in Hindi

Our human body is made up of many different parts. Each part has its own name, meaning, and role to play. We must always remember that every part of our body is important. So let's quickly learn the Hindi names of some of our body parts and also their English names.

  1. Sar (Lord) – Head
  2. Aankhe (Eyes) - Eyes
  3. Naak (nariz) – Nariz
  4. Mouth (mouth) - Mouth
  5. Gardan (neck) – Neck
  6. haath (mano)
  7. Baaju (Baju) – Brasil
  8. Ungliyaan (dedos) - Dedos
  9. Pet (Pet) – Stomach
  10. Taang (Perna) – Perna
  11. por (on)
  12. Dil (दिल) – Heart

animal names in hindi

Young children are especially drawn to animals, as they are the protagonists of most of their stories and rhymes. So whenever they see an animal around them, they tend to get excited. Animals are divided into two categories: domestic and wild.

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Sometimes children know the English names of these animals and sometimes they know basic Hindi words. Let's try to learn these two names for domestic animals first, and then for wild animals.

  1. Gaay (गाय) - Vaca
  2. Bael (बेल) – Boi
  3. Bakri (goat) - Goat
  4. Billi (Gato) – Gato
  5. Chuha (Mouse) – Mouse
  6. Bhed (Sheep) - Sheep
  7. Kutta (dog) – Dog
  8. Ghoda (horse) – Horse
  9. Gadha (Butter) – Butter
  10. Uncle (Camel) – camelo
  11. Sher (Leon) – Leon
  12. Bhaalu-Urso
  13. Baagh (tigre) – Tigre
  14. Haathi (Elefante) – Elefante
  15. City (Mono) – Mono

Hindi words for sizes and shapes

Today, each object is available in different shapes and sizes. Let us discuss the Hindi names of these shape sizes and also their English names.

  1. Bada (big) – Big
  2. Chhota (small) – Small
  3. speck (fat) – fat
  4. Patla (fine) – fine
  5. gol
  6. Chokor (Square) – Square
  7. Trikon (Triangle) – Triangle
  8. Panchkon (Pentagon) – Pentagon
  9. Lamba (other) - other
  10. Chota (small) – Short

Hindi words for clothes

We all wear and wear different types of clothing depending on the type of season. Children love to wear different types of colorful clothing. Just like all other things, different clothes are also given different names in Hindi and English. Let's learn the names of some of these clothes in these two languages.

  1. Kameez (shirt) – Shirt
  2. Patloon (trousers) – Trouser
  3. Chunni (Chunni) – Roubú
  4. Lehnga (Lehenga) – Buitre
  5. Rumaal (handkerchief) - Handkerchief
  6. Pagdi (Turbante) – Turbante
  7. Juraab (socks) – Socks
  8. Tauliya (toalla) – toalla
  9. Topi (hat) – Cap
  10. Chaadar (Hoja) – Hoja
  11. Rajai (colcha) – colcha
  12. Twins (manta) - Manta

Hindi words for food

Food plays an important role in everyone's life. We all have a long list of likes and dislikes, especially young children. They love to eat certain things, but completely dislike others. Let's try to make a list of Hindi words for kids to eat and in the process learn their English meanings as well.

(Video) Hindi VYANJAN with LIVE Examples | क से कबूतर | Hindi Vyanjan | WATRstar

  1. Chawal (Rice) – Rice
  2. Dudh (Milk) – Milk
  3. Mithai (sweets) – sweet
  4. Paani (water) – Water
  5. rotate - bread
  6. Dahlia (papilla) - papilla
  7. Shahad (Mel)
  8. Cheeni (chino) – Azúcar
  9. Daal (lentils) – pulse
  10. Dahi (curd) - curd
  11. Aaloo – Batata
  12. Butter

Hindi words for relationships.

We are all related to each other in many ways. Relationships define us and make us better people. let's make thehindi vocabulary for kidsof your relationships and also learn the meanings in English.

  1. Pitaji (Pai) - Pai
  2. Mataji (Mother) – Mother
  3. Behan (sister) - Sister
  4. Brother
  5. Dadaji (grandfather) – grandfather
  6. Dadiji (grandmother) – grandmother
  7. Chacha (uncle) - Uncle
  8. Chaachi (Aunt) – Tía
  9. Bhatija/ Bhatiji (nephew/niece) – nephew/niece

Hindi numbers and colors

Along with all those Hindi words that we have just learned, it is also important to know the Hindi words for different numbers and colors.

Numbers are the building blocks of our life. All things are calculated and analyzed based solely on numbers. They help us count and account for things. However, they have different words in different languages. So let's quickly see number names in Hindi and their meanings in English as well.

  1. Ek (Uno) - Uno
  2. Do (दो) – Two
  3. Adolescent (तीन) - Three
  4. Chaar (Character) – Four
  5. Paanch (five) – five
  6. Chhe (Chhe) - Seis
  7. Moment (सात) – Seven
  8. Aath (Eight) – Eight
  9. Nau (novel) – nove
  10. Of (ten) – Ten

Name of different colors in Hindi.

All children love to play with colors and get excited too. Colors in general light up the world. Special colors also have a special meaning for some people. They associate colors with emotions. All colors have different names in different languages. Let us also see the list of colors in Hindi and their English names.

(Video) Learn Hindi Alphabets | स्वर, व्यंजन | Swar, Vyanjan in Hindi | Learn Hindi For Kids

  1. Laal (Red) – Red
  2. Peela (Amarelo) – Amarelo
  3. Safed (Branco) – Branco
  4. Kala (Therefore) – Therefore
  5. Naarangi (laranja) – Laranja
  6. Neela (Blue) – Blue
  7. Hara (Verde) – Verde
  8. Baingani (Violeta) – Roxo
  9. Bhoora (marrom) – marrom
  10. Gulabi (pink) – pink

51 Other Popular and Most Used Hindi Words

There are many Hindi words that we use in our daily life. These words help children to express their thoughts and desires comfortably. Let's also learn about some of these words and their meanings in English.

  1. Aana (आना) – Ven
  2. Jaana (en) – is
  3. Kya (what) - What
  4. Kyun (Kyun) - ¿Por qué?
  5. Kab (कब) – When
  6. Kaun (Who) - Who
  7. Kahan (onda) – Onda
  8. Kaise (Como) – Como
  9. Aaj (Hoy) – Hoy
  10. Kal (कल) – Morning
  11. Ayer (Ayer) – Yesterday
  12. Parso (परसो) – The day after tomorrow
  13. Abhee (agora) - Agora
  14. Gallo (Sim) – Sim
  15. Nahín (No) – No
  16. Sach (सच) - Truth
  17. Jhut (mentira)
  18. Acja (bom) – Bom
  19. Bura (Bura) – Ruim
  20. Dost (friend) - friend
  21. Naya (New) – New
  22. Purana (old) - Old
  23. Akela (Solo) – Solo
  24. Saath me (together) - Together
  25. Din (diameter) – Diam.
  26. Raat (Night) – Noche
  27. Uttar (North) – North
  28. Dakshin (Sul) – Sul
  29. Purab (Learn) – Learn
  30. Paschim (West) – West
  31. Upar-up
  32. neeche (below) - below
  33. Ghar (house) – Casa/Hogar
  34. Gaadee (car) - car
  35. Food (food) – food
  36. Swadisht (saborosa) – saborosa
  37. Khelo (Tocar) – Tocar
  38. Khaao – Comer
  39. to drink
  40. Mirchi (Chile) – Picante
  41. Kam – menos
  42. Jyaada (muito) – More
  43. Khaali (Vazio) – Vazio
  44. Bharaa (preenchido) – Completo
  45. Geela (wet) – Wet
  46. Sukha (seco) – Seco
  47. Book (Libro) - Libro
  48. Bhaari (pesado) - Pesado
  49. Halka (Light) – Light
  50. Nata (Nata) – Curto
  51. Kathin (hard) – Hard

21 Simple Hindi Phrases and Phrases for Kids

Words are put together to make sentences, and when we are able to speak simple sentences, we understand the language better. Hindi is a very simple language. We have already learned many Hindi words and their English meaning in this article. Now, let's try to learn how to speak, read and write twenty one simple sentences and phrases in Hindi and their English versions as well.

  1. Kaise ho (How are you?) app – How are you?
  2. Mei thik hu (I'm fine) – I'm fine.
  3. Aap se milkar khush hui (Nice to meet you) – Nice to meet you!
  4. Aapka naam kya hai (What is your name?) – What is your name?
  5. Aap kya kar rhe ho (What are you doing?) – What are you doing?
  6. Aap kitne saal ke ho (How old are you?) – How old are you?
  7. Aap kahan rhte ho (Where do you live?) – Where do you live?
  8. Kal milte huh (see you tomorrow) – See you tomorrow!
  9. Kya ho rha hai (What's going on?) – What's going on?
  10. Kuch khaas nahi (Nothing special) – Nothing else!
  11. Aapka swagat hai (De nada) – ¡No nada!
  12. I like this
  13. I'm thirsty (estou com sede) - I'm sitting
  14. Aap sundar ho (You are beautiful) - You are beautiful.
  15. Kya aap meri madad kr skte ho (Can you help me?) – Can you help me?
  16. Meri tabiyat thik nahi hai (I don't feel well) – I don't feel well.
  17. Mujhe samaj nahi aaya (I didn't understand) – I don't understand.
  18. Kya aap Hindi bolte hai (¿Hablas hindi?) – ¿Hablas hindi?
  19. Dheere chalo (ande devagar) – ¡Ande devagar!
  20. Meri baat dhyan se suno (Listen carefully) – Listen carefully!
  21. Aapki madad ke liye dhanyawaad ​​(Gracias por tu ayuda) – ¡Gracias por tu ayuda!

Top 9 Benefits of Teaching Hindi Words to Young Children

Teaching Hindi words to your child will be very beneficial for him in the future. This will have many far reaching effects for him or her. Let us briefly study some of these effects.

  1. Help the child easily identify various things:Knowing the correct Hindi words for various things will help the child to identify them easily. You can also take the help of the words given in the article to identify certain things if you are unable to remember the names of those things.
  2. Hindi is our mother tongue:Knowing your native language is always a good influence on a person. As a child, if he learns his native language and can speak and write correctly, it creates a sense of pride in the child.
  3. Knowledge of the Hindi language can be helpful in developing careers:Knowledge of the Hindi language can act as a source of income in the form of different careers in the future, such as becoming a translator or a teacher.13 Creative Ways to Teach Hindi to Kids at Home
  4. Knowing Hindi will help people to interact with each other in a better way:Knowing Hindi will be very beneficial for a person as it will help him to better interact with the people around him. You will have more confidence and self-assurance when you do this.
  5. It gives children a moral boost to say the name of something if someone asks:It always gives a child a moral boost if he is able to name anything when asked. The words given in the article can help to improve Hindi vocabulary for kids.
  6. Hindi words will also help you learn other languages:Since many Hindi language words come from other languages ​​and vice versa, this will also help kids to learn other languages ​​and learning a new language is always a good thing. A new language is always a good stimulus for any person or child. This will also help them in their future.
  7. It will help you to read Hindi stories easily:If toddlers can read Hindi words, then they can easily prepare Hindi stories on their own. If you want to know about some good story books in Hindi, check out our articleMust Have Hindi Story Books For Kids.
  8. Knowing Hindi words will help the child to improve their vocabulary:If a child knows more and more Hindi words, it will help them to improve their Hindi vocabulary.
  9. Knowing Hindi will help you to travel in India:If you knowhindi, it will be very easy and convenient for a person to travel around India and other neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

Which Hindi words should you teach first?

When learning a language, we must first try to learn the words that are used regularly in our daily lives. Knowing these words will help us communicate in the same language. So while trying to learn Hindi, we should first try to learn some basic Hindi words which are as follows:

(Video) Kids vocabulary compilation - Words Theme collection|English educational video for kids

  1. Principal (I) – I, I
  2. Tum (You) – You
  3. Aap (आप) – You (respectful)
  4. Um (we) - We
  5. Theek Hai (Ok) – Ok
  6. Aana (आना) – Ven
  7. Jaana (en) – is
  8. Kaun (Who) - Who
  9. Jaldi (quickly) – Quick
  10. Long (Long) – Slow
  11. Thanda (cold) – Cold
  12. Garam (Warm) – Warm
  13. Khelna (tocar) – Tocar
  14. Floor (interior) – Interior
  15. Bahar (Foros)


If a child learns to speak, read or write in his mother tongue, he becomes more and more close to his country and also quite confident when talking with his friends or family. additional learningHindi words for kidsit is quite beneficial for young children as it will ensure that they excel in the field of communication, become more outgoing and confident, and talk comfortably with the people around them.

This article provides a greathindi vocabulary for kidslearn so they know the right words for everything around them and also where to use them. Relevant and commonly used phrases are also given which can work as an extra help for young children when speaking in Hindi.


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